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REVIEW: 4938 Fire 4x4

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Well, I've seen fire, and I've seen rain - I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end (Badlands - Fire and rain)

Set data:

4938: Fire 4x4

Year: 2007

Theme: City

Subtheme: Fire

Pieces: 28 (plus 1 extra piece)

Price: N/A

Building time: less than 5 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron - Bricklink

Notes: Available from Quick fast food restaurants in continental Europe, Sept. 2007. Set also given away free with the Daily Mirror newspaper (UK), October 2008. Promotion also in Ireland. (credits: Brickset)

Official description: N/A

Polybag front: Standard European bag; no set name.


Polybag rear: "Please keep this Lego address..." "Choking hazard...", we've seen them before.


Polybag content: Pieces and instructions.


Instructions: Side A of the included sheet; Lego code number provided for every piece (Did you know? That doesn't happen with Tiny Turbos).


Promo poster: Side B. A focus on the (then new) 2007 Fire line.


Minifigure: One of four twins (you can find his siblings in sets 5613 Firefighter, 20002 Brickmaster 4x4 Fire truck and 7724 2008 City Advent calendar)


4x4: Car body is made of carbon fiber ABS plastic.


4x4: Clockwise, starting from the left: Extra 1x1 trans round plate, windshield, right tyres and rims, rollbar, fireman, left tyres and steering wheel, front lights.


Complete set: Building is over, we're off to fire patrol!


Complete set: A view from the other side.


Comparison shot: Regular set and promo set.



As bad as my memory is, I kind of remember that my first set with a modern minifig was 602 (as a promo with Ovomaltina here in Italy). Fire cars have come back many times throughout the years, including some awesome peaks (6643) to awful juniorizations (6407)

What we have here is a simple car, with driver (4914 was lacking him!) but no accessories. We've later seen a few of the minifig, but in not-so-popular sets, so that's no big deal. The car itself looks good; a bit shorter and lower than the "official model" (7241), with a windshield so low that it can hardly protect your stomach, surely not your face. Panels in trans smoke are not rare, but the higher number you can find in a single set is 2, and this has to be the littlest one. I'm happy with most color choices, except for the steering wheel base; yet it looks like Lego most of the times (over the last decade) chose a "totally out of the scheme" color for this piece (just like "Hinge Control Stick Base"). The roll-bar and windhields are lower than the seated minifig and that would mean serious danger for the driver, but we all know how strong and sturdy minifigs are (just as much as their houses and vehicles!)

An off-roader with few chances of alternate models, it looks like a good addition to a town / (fire) collection, but doesn't seem so great as a stand-alone. As always, it looks a bit better if you were given it for free, which could have happened in some European countries (and that obviously doesn't include Italy).


Color scheme: 5/5. Classic Red for firemen!

Minifigs and accessories: 3/5. A slightly overused minifig and no accessories. That's not good.

Pieces: 4/5. Most everything that needs to be there is actually there. 5x4 mudguard will always be welcomed by classic town fans. No stickers and no printed pieces.

Playability: 3/5. A fireman on a car; Likley to prevent, unlikely to protect.

Design: 4/5. Good for a small and free set, not bad if you had to pay few for it.

Overall rating: 3,5/5. Slightly above average, good if you actually got it for free.

The final words: Me... want... free... Lego... in... Italy... too...

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Excellent review as usual The Cobra. :thumbup:

I think that it's an OK set for a promo. Nothing too fancy or innovative but a vehicle (of any kind) is always welcomed in a collection.

These kind of vehicles (not "closed", lack of doors and details) were something usual back in the '80s and it was OK.

I have bought two copies of the 7241 and if you ask me, it's a very good impulse set taking into consideration the price and the fact that it's an impulse set. It has a better design and some better parts but the again as The Cobra mentioned, it's the regular/official set.

So, even if I had seen the promo set being sold as an impulse, I would have bought a copy of it.

Thanks for the review! :classic:

( a promo with Ovomaltina here in Italy).


You just brought back memories from my childhood!

Ovomaltini.... :blush: (that was the way we were pronouncing it here in Greece.)

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Given the amount of parts it definitely looks decent! Getting these for free is great, because it gives you a nice selection of car-building parts and those two trans-panels are always welcome, but I wouldn't go out to buy one of these.

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Thanks for the review 'The Cobra'. :sweet:

It's a just an okay set, but it's the fact there are no tools, not even a radio !?! :oh3:

The red 5x4 base is handy for classic vehicles or modern ATV's. :grin:

I voted 'average', Lego could have done just that little bit more. :look:

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Thanks for sharing another promotional review with us. This appears to be like a very small version of the Fire Car, compared to the 7241. Then again, this is a promotional set, and the red car base appears to be useful as well. It's a good to have promotinal set, and I am glad I own it.

This review has been featured in

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