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No Photo Review: Racers 7971 Bad

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Very briefly (like a day before christmas) the local Target and Walmarts got some 2010 lego sets in stock. (and have yet to get more shipped in since then)

So I got myself the one Racer left on the shelf, 7971 'Bad'. Yes, that is its name, they have simple names this year: Fast, Hero, Strong, Bad.

As typical for racers, it looks nothing like any real car, but seeing as how I only wanted it for the parts, as well as to get a look at the new 'air blast' system this is not important.

Parts of interest:

4 white 'teeth' plates

large curved half windshields

pair of orange jet engines

Anyway, the Air Blast system:

The pump is made of 3 parts, a dome shaped base, the red air bellows, and a nozzle.

Packaged in the same plastic baggie as the pump was the 'engine' for the car, which connects to the pump nozzle.

These parts seem to be of a softer plastic than regular LEGO and feel tough and hard to tear/crack; this makes sense given that youre supposed to stomp on the pump. The color is a good match for normal mdstone.

The Engine fits very tightly onto the pump nozzle, in fact I had to squeeze extremely hard with both hands on the pump to make it pop off. This is key to operation however, the bellows are low volume yet since the seal is so tight incredible pressure and force is built up to launch the car forward.

Warning: Do not attempt launching the 'engine' by itself from the pump. I did this experimentally and it flew 20ft across the room and hit the wall, this is perhaps the most powerful 'shooter' mechanism ever seen from TLC. I have to wonder how long lived the new system is considering the dangers...

Anyhow, if you do things properly and use the pump when the engine is properly weighted down by the full car body, the car travels about as far across carpet as the old style pull-back ones do. However it seems to me that it gets there a little bit faster.

I happen to like the fact that the car's engine is a simple tube now, its less obtrusive than the old spring motors, and allows you to vroom vroom the car around by hand without interference when driving backwards. I'm also thinking about the possiblity of using it as a spaceship rocket engine... though its fairly plain looking so this use might be limited. A 2*2 cylinder brick can fit snugly inside the engine opening; however do not try this as you will not be able to remove it.

One issue I have with the entire pump system is the idea that kids are supposed to stomp on it. Being an afol I opted instead to use hand pressure less I risk squashing things.... it seems to me, that trying to stomp on such a small target, with your racer right next to it, is prone to risk.

Well, in the end... I suppose it chalks up pretty similar to the old racers. If I buy more, it'll be primarially for parts, not to race. In one case you get stuck with a big motor block, in these you get stuck with an extra pump each time.

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Nice write-up but without pictures I'm not sure you can count this as much of a review.

I'm sorry but for someone who doesn't have the set it's had for me to visualize some of the pieces you are talking about :sceptic: Sorry.

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Some people cannot afford/don't have a camera, and they want to share their thoughts with the community which is perfectly fine. Eurobricks is a community to let members express there opinion on lego, and this is a fine example. It may be a bit better if put in an official topic for Racers 2010, however.

In anycase, nice summary, But a very strange name for a race vehicle. You really can't tell if it means bad set, Bad boy, badass, or what. :laugh:

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