2010 Community Build

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Buff up your bricks ye scally-waggs, for today we are here to announce our very first Classic-Pirates.com Community Build!

For all of you who don't know what a community build is:

A community build is a building challenge open to all EB members. Basically, The staff/volunteers make a list of different buildings that would be in a town back in the late 1700's. Then, each person chooses a building that they would like to build.

To sum it up, You will be building a pirate era town out of LEGO.

This is the entry thread. Feel like participating? Sign up here!

The Rules

1. The build will officially begin on January 4th and ends on the 15th of March.

2. The staff/judges reserve the right to revoke any entry that does not apply to the rules.

3. If you take a spot, tell us, (so you don't get annoyed when somebody else builds the same thing first).

4. Images no larger than 800 x 600 please, and a maximum of 7 per MOC unless you post smaller images.

5. Registration is open to any member, regardless of number of posts , etc.

6. Try to keep the violence to a minimum.

7. You must enjoy making MOCs (though this is a given) and be able to give, as well as take constructive criticism.

8. No LDD entries are allowed. All entries MUST be built with real bricks.

9. Spaces 1, 3 and 4 are 32 x 32 studs, spaces 2 and 5 are 16 x 32 studs and the others are 16 x 16 studs.

10. Registration will take place in this thread.

11. Post your entries in the entry thread AND in a new thread inside the Pirate MOC forum (this one is for comments and feedback). The description of your thread should be "EB Community Build".

(*) When taking pictures, please take at least one picture from above your MOC, so that we can try to put them all together at the end. also, please take them on a white background if possible.

- This thread is only for posting your entries, not for comments and feedback! Please make a separate thread inside the Pirates MOC forum for comments and feedback -

Don't hesitate to ask questions !!!

The Golden Rule of this Community Build: Have fun

Commonly asked questions....

Q: Am I allowed to use clone brands, such as megaBlocks, blocko, ect?

A: Not at all. This is a Lego only build.

Q: Am I allowed to use custom weapons, tools, ect. from store like Bickarms and Brickforge?

A: Yes, you can if you want too.

Q: Can I cut/modify bricks?

A: You can if you wish.

Q: Do the buildings have to be closed in or can they have open walls?

A: All buildings (Like houses, Doctors Office, Taverns must be walled in.)

Q: Which skin color minifigs will we be using, flesh or yellow?

A: We'll be using both.

Q: Are we allowed to use custom string/sail?

A: Yes you can.

Q: The base-plate, should it be completely covered with the building or could you add some empty land/beach/water/foliage/rocks?

A: You don't have to cover the whole base-plate with the building, you can cover the leftover are with trees, rocks, flowers ect.

Q: Does it matter what color the base-plate is?

A: Not t all, we don't want to restrict someones building limits with a color code.

The map.


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31. Fortune Teller


Oh, yes... I see your future...




Close up of the fortune teller in a skirt


Top view

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Here's an overall view:


And an above view for the final photoediting:


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I had a go with the Shipyard Master's Office.

And here it is, if you need a ship, just hop by and the Shipyard Master will see what he can do. :pir-classic:


Overall view.


Another view.


The storage room.


The actual office.


The Shipyard Master's comfortable living space.


A close up of the Anchor sign.


The other side, a little bit dark though.

The picture from birds eye will be here later. ;-)

Thanks for watching!

More pictures at Flickr

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Here is mine, the River Bridge! :pir-classic:


The Governer's Daughter just got back from the Doctor! They need to cross the bridge in order to get bacck the their fort, with two escorts, of course! :pir-laugh:

View the rest HERE

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My contribution to the build: The torture chamber! A room in the secret underground tunnels.


An overview. It is in this room where Pirates and other enemy's are tortured to get info.




The Stretcher, a classic.


Boiling, gets them to talk quickly.


Whipping gets the job done nicely.


A soldier play's a game of "Pop up Armadiez" :pir-wink:


A soldiers transports a canon to the battlefield.

That's it. I hope you like it. And I pm'd ratshot to ask if I was allowed to make it open, due to the fact it's more like a room than a building, and he said it was okay!

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My entry for the 2010 Community Build:

Government House

An overall photo of the entry. It was quite a challenge constructing a building that would usually take up 16 x 32 minimum on a 16 x 16 baseplate.


A photo of the front of the building:


Also, not to be outdone by Cap'n Blackmoor, I built an interior. Not highly detailed, but it included a desk of drawers with the jumperplate drawer technique (something I've never been able to do before).


And as stated in the rules, I have included an arial photograph:


Good luck to everyone, keep these great MOCs rolling! :)

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22 Orphanage

Good day to you all!

I picked the orphanage because it is something I would normally have never thought off. Whenever I make a creation I always start with putting together the figs I want to use. I dont know why, maybe because LEGO does this too in their instructions or something, but the figs are always the start of a MOC for me. Without further ado I would like to welcome you to Orphanage Siblings Ofthe Sea. Father McBrickbeard is in charge of the Orphanage. Of course he gets help from his nuns. Together they try to find a new home for the children who have been saved from the sea, pillaged villages other nasty places. At least that is what Father McBrickbeard told me.

First we start with a front view of the Orphanage


As you can see some of the naughty ungratefull kids try to run away from the orphanage. Luckly the Nuns know just the way to get them back inside.



We continue with a back view of the Orphanage


Here you can see Father McBrickbeards office where he counts his money, due to lack of space his office also functions as kitchen.


These two kids were locked upstairs for trying to run away, looks like they'll get some company soon.


All the inhabitants of Siblings Ofthe Sea, some weren't in previous pictures due to the fact that they were locked up in the basement.


Last but not least, the birds eye view shot.


Thanks for viewing my MOC, please be so kind and post some feedback.


Link to the Siblings of the Sea Orphanage topic

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Number 15. The Bakery (and I made it a croissanterie)

Here are the pictures, First a frontal view:


A view from above:


The cellar, where the croissants are being made:


The cellar, from the opposite direction:


The ground floor, this is the actual shop:


The ground floor from the opposite direction, with a rather strange customer.


And finally, an overall view:


Thanks for viewing!

Admiral Croissant

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Here it is. My community build entry! *Insert choir here*

You have to admit, it's pretty good for someone who only used what he had on hand. I ordered no extra parts.

The Golden Touch Trading Company is one of the biggest trading companies in the Carribbean. They have a shop in almost every major port in the world.

(Note: My camera is awful.)

The one we will be examining is run by Capt. Gordon, a well-known captain in these waters. He is on the far right. The other employee is Jack, a not-so-bright but very strong worker. He is in the middle. The other man is just shipping some hay, shown on the left.


Here is the mighty tavern itself!


That was literally the only way I could have made a roof. I had almost no slopes that matched the color scheme.

The interior.


The wall of goods. (Jack is clearly not the best organizer ...)


Gordon, signing some papers by his oil lamp.


Bird's eye view.


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55. The Commons

by Pellaeon

The Commons is where townsfolk, sailors, and the occasional redcoat come for a cheap meal. The typical fare is a "mystery stew", and the vendors are strictly BYOB -- bring your own bowl.


Too poor to afford even the stew? Well, bring any dead animal you find to this old timer, and he'll grill it up for you -- for free, if you let him have a bite or two. Yum, dead parrot!

(it is an ex-parrot, it has ceased to be!) :pir-laugh:


Here's the kitchen staff. The chef is stirring his suspicious stew of unsavory things, while his assistant carves some fresh meat -- the fate of any rat caught in the Commons.


If you bring your own mug, cheap booze is also available. There are also some tables and chairs around, in case you'd like to "dine in".


Here's another shot of the queue for the stew.


A few close-ups. Clockwise from the upper-left: a clumsy redcoat spills his gruel, the chef works his magic, and another (dis)satisfied customer.


Top-down shot, as requested. This is a 16x16 entry.


I hope you enjoyed it! Comments are welcome in the separate post.

Edited by Pellaeon

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24. Community Hall








(was fun to build! :pir-blush: First CB entry ever.)

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Here's my Tavern, Noodles Lounge (Don't make fun of me, I know that the name is really stupid :imperialguard_commander1: ...but I like it :pir-wub: )








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Building 9: Tavern

Yarr me harties! This is my entry for the Eurobricks Pirate Community Build, Building 9: Tavern, but I like to call it The Drunken Fish Tavern! It was a huge fun project! :pir-classic:

Close to the sea, The Drunken Fish Tavern sells fresh(ish) food and alcohol. However, thanks to being far from the heart of the Imperial-Officer Infested town, it is also a secret meeting place for pirates on the run! The tavern will often host special discounted food parties for great pirate captains and their loyal crewmates! :pir-classic:




(The top view, as requested)




Brickbeard is having a special food party with his loyal crewmates and pirate captain buddies! :pir-grin:

There is a bobbing-for-fish tub, a gold treasure-chest of cooked crabs, plus tables of cooked turkey and lobster! YUMMM! :pir-sweet:


I hope you enjoy it! :pir-classic:

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Constables Office:

Top view:


View of all the "parts":


Bottom floor:


Upper floor:





Sorry for not posting it in this thread earlier, thought I had but now I saw that I hadn´t.


Admiral Red-Hair

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12. House of Ill Repute

Here is my 100% historically accurate House of Ill Repute for the community build:


A bouncer and a monkey stand guard to make sure that only the classiest of fellows enter the brothel:



On the roof, they have a stripper pole, a girl bathing, and a big sign to advertise what they do:



Hey, who's that creepy guy...?:


And here's the birds-eye view:


I would have taken pictures of the interior, but the unspeakable things going on in there would probably get my banned from this site.

If you want to comment, please do so here.

House of Ill Repute Brickshelf


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To start I would like to thank ratshot for organizing this because now you will see me around here more often. Next I would like to apologize for the pics. My camera is like sick or something but I'm fixing it. So without further ado...


Next is a shot of the first floor interior


Next is a birds eye view of the second floor interior. Here we see the stock.(and the beer making guy.)


Next is a birds eye shot of the roof


And a shot of the entrance. Well we all know what happens next. :pir-oh::cannon:


C&C welcome please be (somewhat) gentle as this is my first pirate moc.

Leg godt,


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Here's my entry to the Eurobricks Pirate Community Build, #19 Cannon Foundry. :cannon:

Here it is:




A merchant captain purchasing a twelve-pounder to defend his ship from bloodthirsty pirates: :jollyroger:


The not-so-spacious interior:


And finally, a view from directly above:


Thanks for looking!


Edited by exotrator

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#6- The Market

So for the market I went with what I felt would be a market back in the pirate days,as there really wasnt much to go from.


Creativity struck when I looked over at my Bionicle Vorox container and saw the lid was perfect for a neat roof for the market.




A sleeping quarters and..whats beneath?



Roof attatchemnet

I know it's not my best work, but when you get sick for a month it really takes a lot out of you. In any case, theres my contributuon to the community build.

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