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Review: 8968 River Heist (Agents 2.0)

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EDIT I named this post wrong. Mods feel free to fix. I meant it to be named like other reviews like this: Review: 8968 Agents 2.0 River Heist

Lego Agents 2.0 8968 River Heist

Welcome to my first Lego review! This set was put under the Christmas Tree by me & my 6yrs old niece along with 8967 Gold Tooth's Getaway.

THEME: LEGO Agents / AGES: 7-14 / PIECES: 203 / PRICE U.S. $15 on sale at S@H (But we got it for 50% off at Sears during a mysterious morning sale...)

Minifigs: 3 = Agent Fuse, Dollar Bill, & Dyna-Mite

SPECIAL FEATURES:> # Agent Waterjet is equipped with 2 flick fire missiles! You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!!

SPECIAL FEATURES:> # Super Airboat propeller spins when the boat moves! (I didn't even know about this till we built the gear system)

SPECIAL FEATURES:> # Super Airboat measures 6" x 4" inches wide! That's what she said!'m usually the one who hates it when people say that after everything!


^The box cover comic strip clues you in on what's just occurred. The bad and girl, are pulling a bank heist! They proceed to blow the safe door open to find a ton of cash! But just like Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, they put too much dynamite & blow up most of the money! So they decided to rob the safe too! I mean literally! They steal the entire physical safe! Those things are expensive ya know. They quickly made haste while remembering to bend at the knees & lift with the legs as to avoid bad back issues. You can see by the big picture that they are in Paris France with a "Super Airboat" AKA the Hovercraft, in the canal as the getaway vehicle. Most of the unburnt safe money was blown away but they manage to save three crisp one-hundred dollar An agent nearby hearing the bank alarm, took off to make chase in his blue jet-ski armed with "flick' fire missiles" that hurt your fingers. But not to worry because the bad guy & girl have 30 second time bombs to blow up that sharply dressed in Navy blue, agent.


:devil: -


^Introductions beginning from the left to right: In this compilation picture of pictures, you'll find front & rear views of those featured in this action packed adventure. Also note, the left over parts pic squeezed in. :grin:

Dollar Bill He is well dressed with his suave green hair on his head & gold gun in hand. This stylish suite N' tie evil grinning guy, with a diamond sparkling eye, is still described as debonair by the ladies. Check the dollar signs!

Dyna-Mite And don't forget it! With her flaming manic panic red dominatrix hair style, this fire cracker kicks but & looks good doin it! Her jacket proudly display her gang affiliate logo with no apologies! Dollar Bill may be top dollar but without her pyrotechnic skills for the big money jobs, he'd be behind on mortgage payments. Check the shades! And last but not least, though may as well be, batting for the good guys is...

Agent Fuse Dressed in the usual Navy Blue Agents outfit, this guy has a nickname that could only be gotten by working for the Agents ATF bomb unit division. But judging by facial expression, you might as well call him, General peepee pants go cry home to ya momma! :tongue:


^Now let's get to work here! We got 2 big bags & 2 small bags. The little munchkin can't wait to start building. I had to take a picture quick before the bags were torn open!


^After building figures as per the instructions, we build the safe. Ignore the black 2x4 studded plate there, we fixed it later. This is one of those instances where it's tough to tell whether the instructions cal for dark gray, dark blue gray, or black.


^Next is the Jet Ski, Water Ski, or Ski-doo, whatever you wanna call it. An agents sticker is put on and the build is quick.


^Last page page of Jetski build shows a rough example of how to operate flick fire missiles. Lego, knowing of our litigious society, never forgetting to cover ones buttocks, included the "do not shoot at eyes" warning symbol. For some reason though, in America at least, this often causes kids to do the opposite and begin to aim at their brother's eyes. Darn it, does that mean I can't sue the Lego company now and claim no responsibility? Moving on...


^Now onto the Super Airboat. We Americans call it a Hovercraft but some southern states rednecks on the Bayou sometimes call it a gatorboat. :classic: Often used in swamps. It is half regular Legos and half technic. The rubber wheels are on a geared horizontal axle which turns when the vehicle is pushed. This causes a vertical shaft to rotate along with gears that spin the fan blade propeller.


^The bottom of the boat holds together by a nice one piece rectangular technic brick. You can also notice that Agent Fuse is lying down on the job.


^Here is the building of the gears. You can also see 2 flaming skull bad guy logo stickers.


^The boat bottom has 2 wheels which push the gears which will rotate the fan blade. Which falls off a lot. Ignore the misplaced antenna.


^As you can see the safe has a little pallet area on the boat that will hold the safe. Conveniently, Agent Fuse has a stud on his armor that makes volunteering to load it on for them, an easy task! Agent Fuse, lift with the legs! With the legs Fuse! Not the back! Ahhh, well forget it, I'm sure his government has good health care to recommend the best chiropractor.


^LAST THOUGHTS & OPINIONS We had fun building this set. Well my niece built most, I gathered the parts list, and helped with the technic elements. I really liked the minifigs in this set! They are way kool! I never had minifigs like this as a kid. Some people love the old stuff, I can't seem to take apart all this new stuff we build. Great designs. The 2 bad guys might have to join the Dwarves, Werewolf, & Brickbeard for some of my fav minifigs. The girl's hair is especially awesome. Look at the back to see how it is detailed so take a close look at it. I have a couple goth friends who have the same hairstyle color and all. EXAMPLE: A and B.

VEHICLE PROS: The boat is really neat how it has the gears. Good future use at least for me since I have a power functions kit. The color scheme is great. Nice Spongebob bright orange mixed with black and grays. The Jetski thing is alright. The safe is neat with the platform holding it on the boat. Boat is pretty neat! Nice bomb holding areas. For $15 on sale currently at S@H I think it's a good deal. Has that re hairstyle ever been used before? What's that style called anyway?

VEHICLE CONS: Fan blade is held on by a single stud and falls off. I don't understand why it wasn't connected using an axle with a bushing on the end to prevent it from coming off. During play, the antenna also falls off but no biggie, we threw it aside. The Jet ski flick fire missile holders turn and rotate in random directions which makes it difficult to flick where you're aiming, or to flick it at all. It would have been better if they stayed forward. I personally thought the jet ski looked better before we put those things on it.


Thank you for reading. Comments appreciated.

- :classic: -

NOTES: This review took me a long time to put together. Especially since the power went out just before I hit post. I luckily had backed up most of it in txt file. Also, I did a search for review and set number but didn't see it done yet a few days ago. Then today I see a post that lists reviews which has this set in there along with multiple reviews on some sets. So I'm going to post it and hope that is okay. I've been trying to do a review but seems as everything is taken and surprisingly, the U.S. is not getting sets as fast as you Euros.

Edited by SmurfFangy
Indexed, poll added and update title

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Great review! Although the pics could use some work, the text sure makes up for it :thumbup:

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Awesome review. The review was very original, and the text-introductions to the characters were charming.

I got this set for Christmas,and I'll say, I really like the set. Three epic-win minifigs, a sleek looking jetski, and a very good hovercraft for the bad guys.

I have to agree that the flick-fires on the jetski make it hard to actually "flick", since they move, but it doesn't really matter.

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