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REVIEW: 6799 Showdown Canyon

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Since I just finished a review of an Indians set, I thought I would review one of the Western theme sets.

Showdown Canyon is a fun set that lets you be the good or the bad guys in your Old West shootouts. The set includes two individual sets packaged in a single box. The individual set boxes aren't even marked with a number! I hope you like the review.

Name: Showdown Canyon

Theme: LEGO System / Western

Year: 1997

Pieces: 57

Minifigs: 4

Price: N/A

Resources: Brickset, Peeron

Here's the original box that contains the two sets. Notice the background on the box. It looks like you're riding in the Old West!


Here's the first box with the two bandits. Again, notice that there is no set number on this box.


...and the instruction booklet.


Here are the two great minifig bandits. I love the facial expressions on these bad guys. You can tell life isn't easy for them. Also, some great detail on their torsos.


Here are all the assorted pieces that came with this first set. You don't get a whole lot but you do get a nice assortment of firearms and the dynamite printed tile.


And here's the finished product with the Gatling gun. Can you imagine riding out of Fort Legoredo and seeing one of these in your path??!? :oh3:


Okay. On to the next part of this review...the second set! It's sort of horse-drawn stagecoach/trailer/carriage. Check out the box.


Here's the instruction sheet.


Here are the pieces for this set. You get a better selection than the bandit's set. Notice the brown horse, wheels and hinged pieces.


The minifigs for this set aren't bad but I like the bandits better. You get the sheriff and his deputy/cowboy. There is some nice detail on their torsos.


Here is the finished stagecoach with the sheriff in front and the cowboy riding shotgun...sort of. The strongbox is in the back and contains the printed money tiles. The whip is pretty cool too.


...and the final picture with both sets. The background diorama adds some nice playability.


I really like this set. Even though there aren't that many pieces, there's enough to have a lot of fun. Especially since you have the good guys and the bad guys that can fight each other. If you get the chance, I recommend picking up this set if you can.

Summary review

Playability: 9/10 (Good guys fighting bad guys in the Wild West. What more could you want?)

Design: 7/10 (Not bad but the stagecoach could have been better.)

Price: N/A (I don't remember what the price was...sorry)

Overall: 8/10 (A nice little set with a lot of playability.)

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Spectacular review, LEGO really needs to bring back the wild west theme!!

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Spectacular review, LEGO really needs to bring back the wild west theme!!

I know. Even though they put out quite a few sets, it seems like this is a theme they could have continued.

Happy New Year!


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