Jasper Joppe Geers

MOC: Elladora's Sweetshop

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Well here we go.

It took me some time to collect the bricks together, but most

of them have finally reached me, so i begin. I've mentioned

in my street thread that i would take some pics more through

the proces of building, giving you an idea of what i'm up to.

First of all, the bottom layer will mostly be done in dark purple

color. Therefore, the range of different bricks is limited and

i have to be creative sometimes. No matter, that shouldn't

spoil the fun!

I've started to lay down some pavement, and the spots for

the street lanterns. As this is a corner building, i could add

loads of features on the pavement, but not now.

Have a look:


You'll notice that i've done 5 ornaments with the cheese slopes.

The spot beside the entrance on the right is left open for

a genuine gumball machine to be added later.

I've ordered some bricks from Chromebricks.com, and i'd like

to be careful with them before i add them to it. As i don't

know exactly how to do this gumball machine, i leave it for

later stage.

I've added some pics how i did those ornaments for those who

are interested. At first i had them straight on the pavement, but

it looks better to me when lifted a plate by placing them on a

1 x 2 tile.

Have a look:



Then i'd like to show you the basic idea for the entrance.

It took me some searching and patience, but i managed to get

my hands on a few of those ski plates. I needed 4 of them, to work

out some ideas. So far only 2 are used. I'll discuss the way of using

them later.

First this: There are a few ways of creating a diagonal face to

a corner building. You can use a turntable like in Cafe Corner,

you can use some hingeplates, or you can use some jumpers

as shown in the pic below:


The diagonal distance between those studs are 4 studs, so

a 1 x 6 or 1 x 8 plate could be used here to cover them.

In this i've used two 2 x 2 corner plates:


A 2x4 plate added between them and covered with a 1 x 8 tile,

and there we are. Behind the 1 x 8 tile is some space left, and

that is where i could fit the ski plates. I hope i can work them

out nicely.

The pics are not the best really as i've taken them tonight,

so bad lightning there. I'll promise to do better next time.

I hope you'll enjoy this moc with me while building it!

See ya soon.



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The diamond shapes made out of cheese slopes are really nice. They fit the purple color scheme really nicely. The door technique is pretty clever too. Looking forward to how it will turn out.

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I really like what you have done so far, love the purple, love the wall trim and love the door way. :thumbup::sweet:

Question, how high is the building going to be ?

Anyway, good luck 'Jasper' and keep bricking ! :grin:

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So, back again!

Let me first wish you all a very Legotastic 2010, before i forget.

Now, on with the sweetshop. I should say that once again the

quality of my picture-taking-skills is not what it should be, but

better will come, promise!

(I think it has much to do with winter time here. The room appears

to be much darker than spring or summertime...)


As you can see i've added some arches and detail around the

windows and most noticable: a genuine gumball machine.


I can hear some of you say that the construction could be done

much easier when see and read the explanation, but all comes

down to the color of tiles. I insisted on bright light orange ones,

and i could only find them in 2 x 2.


I should mention Chromebricks here, as i found there some bricks

that stand out excellent here! I've added a metallic silver Mech. Claw.

Next couple of pics should give you an idea how i did this one. If

you have any questions, please let me know as i did not take the best

pics here.







And voila! one might question the size of this gumball machine,

but i like it the way it is now. I'm not sure if this is the final place on the

side of the building yet, but for now it'll do. I could position it under a

window as well, not blocking the pavement this much.

I also did my flooring on the inside, and determined the place to

place the stairs to the next level later.


The floor is done in Tan and dark Tan tiles, with dark red on the sides.

I might not need the whole floor done in tiles, but it gives me freedom

in placing a desk, display stands etc. Maybe a second gumball?...

See ya next time!



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Looks great JJ. The gumball machine looks nice with those shinny chromed bricks. Are you using skis next to the entrance? Wonder how that will look when finished.

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Wonderful! Great techniques like in design for the entrance and that impressive vending machine :thumbup: Look forward for more updates of this interesting project :wink:

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I love the idea of a purple building! :wub:

This looks like it's going to be very impressive. I can't wait for the final product! :sweet:

By the way, great use of cheese cubes for the decoration on the wall of the building!

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The yellow gumball machine is a wonderful detail, and it's only a small intimation of the details that will be found inside the candy shop. :classic:

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Wow, this is going to be bright on your street. I would be surprised if it is not going to be the eye-grabber of the block. That is a LOT of purple bricks. This will continue to be fun to watch coming together. Thanks for going into so much depth with how you do your designs. Fun to watch and learn.

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And my huge apology for being away all this time. it took mainly so long just to get the correct bricks

together to build this thing exactly the way i wanted to.

it was finished about a week ago, but you'll notice i've spend some time on photography as well.

Then again i should say that no minifgs are included yet, and the pics of this moc in my street

have yet to be taken. But no matter, the main building is finished so far so here we go.


Let's start with the sweetshop on the whole. It's once again a corner building, with a disney style

and loads of detail. I've tried to do some work on the pavement like the couch and waste bin.

I could add some flowers on the other side as well now i think of it... Hmm.



The first floor has the interior of the candy store inside, and frankly, that was a hell of a job.

I had to make a decision about the candy. Thing is, if you build everything on such scale, then this

is the big chance to fit in as much detail as you can. Therefore i took some lengths of hoses like

the pneumatics among us use them, and a knife. To cut these hoses to the length you want is

something that is legal in Lego building terms, so don't nag me about this ok? Thanks!



The first use of these tubes (or hoses, whatever you like to name them) are clearly visible on the

outside of the building's front. I thought it was a neat idea to twirl them around and fit them into

a pair of technic bricks on each side. It took a few attempts to get them the way i wanted, and to

make sure they didn't come out. Practice is all...


Then, I spend a good afternoon doing this cutting, and so creating all the candy. Then i build the

first cabinets to fit them in and so the interior started to come alive. Some detailed thingy's here

and there, and here we are.

I should also say that some of these Chromebricks were great to use! Especially the copper ones,

and some silver parts i had. Not to much of it as it would take both the effect and my money away.

I could not take a picture from it apart with the cabinets, but in the interior there's a green gumball

machine added as well.

Here's the second floor:


The second floor might not be this interesting when it comes to interior, only a table with an antique

radio on it, and a cabinet with books. let me tell you that the cabinet is there for a reason. A reason

why you should take a look at the next pictures.





it is another idea i had for some time now, to add one of those vintage wall advertisements in the wall.

the trick is to stack the nescessary bricks so to create some sort of picture, and use the book cabinet

on the other side as a back wall.

The radio on the table was quite another puzzle i should say, but i won't explain how i did this. Just

leave it to your imagination. I used a combination of medium blue, and Maersk blue plates and tiles

here, perhaps that should help?

Third floor..



Ok, up to the attick. This is actually not finished yet, as a pair of stairs still has to be fitted to it.

It has to be one of those stairs you can take down from the ceiling. Don't know the exact term for this.

Anyway. here we can find Elladora's old piano, clock, and the heating system that still needs to be

connected, one way or another.




I've taken some extra pics of the piano for you. I hope it shows clearly enough what work there's

been done to get the pieces in the proper way to make them look like keys. I found many pics of piano's

done by other people of course, but i thought it a good thing to come up with one of my own.

It wouldn't otherwise be a challenge, and that is exactly the great fun to me.



On top of the roof there's an old clock tower, without the clock. I don't know why it's there, but in my mind

i simply saw this thing here, so i created it.


And here we are! Elladora's Sweet Shop! I had great joy creating this one, although i suffered from many

other ideas that came in between and slowed down the process. And liek i said before, the dark purple

color was great fun, but bricks were hard to find.

And now it's up to you! I see you looking at your screen, all puzzled right? Thing is: i've managed to find

some minifigs here and there to have some kids in the sweet shop, but foremost: Elladora herself!

I've looked many times around to find her, but i could not discover the grand old lady you should find

behind the counter. I leave it up to you to come up with a good suggestion. Anyone?


Jasper Joppe

Edited by Jasper Joppe Geers

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Fantastic! Beautiful techniques in every section and really colorful and wonderful designs :cry_happy: BRAVO! :wink::thumbup:

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Excellent! I loved all the details... And the unusual color scheme is one of my favourite things about this moc! ;)

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This turned out great! I love all the attention to details, every piece of furniture in the interior is excellent. The whole architecture of the building is absolutely beautiful, too, so congrats on making such a fine piece!

The only thing I don't like is the fact that the first floor doesn't mesh with the colors of the two upper floors. The purple wall with red and lime and orange details is beautiful, but it also makes the grey and white and blue walls look very drab in contrast and feel like they belong in two different buildings. So the color palette is not cohesive, but as individual floors, each of them is perfect.

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