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REVIEW: 5969 Squidman Escape

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Squidman: the vile graffiti artist has escaped again! Can the Space Police catch him, or will their speeder fall out from under them? Does Squidman himself live up to his name? And is he really squidlike? That's your choice.


Name: Squidman Escape

Set Number: 5969

Theme: Space Police III

Year: 2009 (summer)

Pieces: 42

Minifigures: 2

Price: USD 5.99, GBP 4.89, EUR 5,99





This set, for an impulse, has one major BUY ME! factor: Squidman. If you don't have him, go get at least two. Right now. He's worth it. Or else.

The Box



A fairly small box, but it is the third-smallest set in the Space Police line, after all. We have the typical dome-thing in the background, some nice shiny effects on the speeder's lights, and a prominent display of Squidman. Essentially a typical impulse box, but you're not buying for the box, are you?



Once again, a pretty typical impulse box. The two minifigures are once again placed prominently, and it makes it pretty obvious that you're getting a 100-bill, too. Also there is the punch-flap, which I never actually use, in favor of a knife.

Overall, the box stands out enough to be noticed-- especially the gleeful Squidman.

Box Contents


So you dump out the box and get two polybags, a small dreadful sticker sheet, an instruction booklet, and a free LEGO club membership. We'll look at these part by part.

The Instructions



Pretty standard instructions, with the same image as the front of the box on them.

Random Page


No piece call-outs, but the print is quite clear and easy-to-read.

Space Police Ad


In the back of the instructions, we have a line-up of all of the criminals and the various SPIII sets.

Parts List


Not very many parts, but 33 of 42 are unique, so that's pretty good...

The Sticker Sheet

The Sheet


A relatively small DSS, but some of these are kind of tricky to put on-- namely the long ones with the flame-like things on them. Nothing so difficult as the Thunder Driller, though.

The Parts and Build, And Extra Pieces Too

The Parts


A nice variety of parts is present, some large, some small. Interesting are Squidman's cape (in a new, flatter type of cape-box), the 100-bill, and some of the big slope parts. And, of course, the minifigures.

The Build

The build of the speeder is quite quick-- it almost takes more time to build the minifigures. Of course, that's to be expected-- it is an impulse set, after all. There are some nice SNOT connections and an interesting use of a flag piece, but nothing really stunning. You're probably not going to buy this for the speeder, though: the minifigures, I suspect, will be of the most interest to AFOLs.

Extra Pieces


Only a few extra pieces, but extra cheese are always welcome and a visor is handy to have around too.

The Minifigures

The Policeman


A typical Space Policeman, with leg- and back-printing. His head is double-sided and he probably has a very good use of that scared expression: his helmet isn't airtight and he hasn't got any air tanks.



The crown jewel of this set: Squidman. He is the reason I bought this set-- two of this set-- and probably will buy more. He's front- and back-printed and has a cool cape (although it covers his back-printing). He has a bugeyed head with a neat green pattern on top. He's the cutest minifigure I've ever seen. You need one. Now.

More Squidman


You can see the beautiful head here, with that wonderful top-printing and those bugeyes. It's amazing how well the head integrates with the body-- it seems like it could be clumsy, but it's perfect instead.

Two Squidmen


Two Squidmen are better than one!

The Set

The Speeder


The speeder isn't really anything special, but it serves its purpose. All of the stickers in the set go onto it, but I built my second one without any stickers and it looks fine without them as well.

The Speeder, Front


The speeder is quite sleek, and has two blasters on the front. The flag is quite cleverly used here to approximate the front slope.

The Speeder, Side


The bend is achieved by a click-joint, so it can be positioned however you like. A minifigure can fit on it in most configurations.

The Speeder, Back


The minifigure grabs onto the handle, and then their legs rest on the bent part. The plates with bars act mostly as greebles, though one might attach something more there. An engine, perhaps?

The Speeder with Minifigure


As you can see, a minifigure sits comfortably on the speeder, and can therefore zoom in pursuit of Squidman.

Final Thoughts & Ratings


The Ratings

Playability/Swooshability: 8/10 The speeder is quite swooshable, and the Space Police can catch Squidman hundreds of times, but it is an impulse set, and so its playability is rather limited (but goes up to a 10 when combined with another set).

Design: 10/10 The bike isn't about to fall apart and can take some pretty serious impacts.

Price: 9/10 A little on the expensive side, but Squidman makes up for that. I bought my two on sale for USD 5.00, so it's not too bad, but it's worth even the regular price.

Minifigures: 10/10 Sure, the policeman doesn't have any airtanks, but SQUIDMAN! makes up for him. It should be a law that everyone has to have a Squidman. The world would be a better place.

Overall: 9.5/10 The stickers aren't too bad, the minifigures are great, and the speeder isn't half-bad.

I'm happy with this set. It's relatively cheap, it has SQUIDMAN!, a decent speeder, and nicely balances out the Space Police III line. My thoughts? Get two if you see them. I'd be even glad to buy another.



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This is a reeally good review! Nice job on presentation and adding a bit of humor to it!

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'In which men are squidlike'

:laugh: Great line!

Great review too, very funny! :sweet: It would definitely convince me to buy it, except I already have. :grin:

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My Squidmans escape came without the 100 dollar bill :cry_sad:

Well, for one piece missing i won't bother calling Lego.

Unless if they would be generous and sent me 10 of those... :tongue:

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I love the Squidman and that is the same reason I got this set! :grin: He is one of my fav Lego minifigs. I thought my niece would like him too but she doesn't like the bad guys lol. I tried to make him rob her (she uses the Lego Indy blond princess) car in front of her pink Lego bricks house and she made Squidman stop doing bad things and share his 100 dollar bill and have tea. :blush:


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