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Hey there. Greetings from switzerland! I’m finally returned to Lego after some years in darkness. As a child I started with my favorite themes: castle, pirates and space. My room was always a little Legoland. Now I' m 26 years old and got back with the spectacular Star Wars UCS models. (Yes, they got me also with this franchise)

Creativity is a big part in my life, so I work as grafik designer, at my freetime I take care about the stage design of a drama group in my neighborhood, I like drawing and photographing - and Lego ist just another way to express myself...

I always try to get the best out of each model so I started to MOD the TLC-models, the biggest project so far was to create a movie accurate interior for the UCS millennium falcon, with lights and every thing you can imagine, I'm still on the way. :look:

After I read an article in a culture magazine about MOCs and AFOLs and a research in the internet. I was just blown away of the fantastic creations of you guys!

So I decide to start my old hobby and collect parts and colours just to create new worlds, that no one seen before. Thats my credo :sweet:

I started for a competition, on classic pirates, one of my loved Lego themes, and so I sined up here. I'm really pleased to be a part of this community. Cheers!

Hannes, Marshal Banana

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I hope you have found out about the ins and outs of this site, otherwise you can always ask.

And I hope you are going to create some nice MOC's ofcourse :classic:

cheers :pirate:

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Welcome to the forums, you are right that the creations here are second to none.

plus our reviews rock too!

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