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Hello again guys! ~

After reviewing the index (thanks Mods for that!), i have actually done another review of a classic town, and re-released Legend Set 10037 in 2002, the Breezeway cafe! Hope it's ok to post two reviews of the same set... :tongue:

1. LEGO Set No/Name

6376/ 10037 - Breezeway Cafe, 6376 released in 1990 with 183 pieces, and a re-release as a legend set 10037 in 2002:


A nice place for our minifigs to have their lunch/ dinner in a cozy, calm and serene restaurant! Now i know why it got re-released as a legend set! A quick look at the picture brings smiles and calm to your face as immediately, the quiet, serene, romantic ambience kicks in~~~

2. Where you got/bought it from

3. Offical Retail Price

Erm... That's another tough one, but according to Peeron, the RSP is US$23.00 back then

4. No of Minifigs (if any), name them if you know the names

A total of 5 minifigs were included in this set:


A Chef in white legs and classic town chef torso with red bow tie, A waiter in black suit and legs, three civilian customer minifigs, one with blue suit, grey legs and cowboy hat (loved that hat!), one in black suit and legs and a lady with white necklace torso, red legs and red hair. Nice! But i guess one more waiter would be good, if not the poor guy gotta run up and down the upper and lower stories of the restaurant...

5. List of parts (if possible), especially the interesting or rare parts, please highlight them


A green 32x16 studs baseplate! Nice for forest and parks~

Two MASSIVE glass panels with the decals 'Ristorante' on them, i guess it means restaurant in France or Italian? These glass panels are SUPER huge and would be very useful if u are building a huge glass office building!

Two smaller glass panels that form an arch when built together, making a nice glass entry point for any building~

Two kitchen utensils, the more common black frying wok, and the i believe super rare in City but usually found in castle sets part number 4529 minifig saucepan! Now we can have soup and stew!

A huge 24x6 studs white baseplate for the 2nd storey slab!

Two huge arches that are 3 bricks high!

Quite alot of rare pieces in a small piece count set! Nice~~

6. Your "building" experience - which you can do a step by step to show it with photos

Ok, here we go!!


It helps to have 5 minifigs to build the restaurant! More manpower, fast speed and easier job! Strength in numbers! Seen here helping out to fix the columns for the foundations of the restaurant...


Everyone does their part to help, with the lady fixing up the flowers and plant, chef builds up the kitchen stove and the rest continue on with the structure... Nice!


With that many people to help, the restaurant quickly took shape! One thing to note though, the bottom level is kinda empty, only filled up with one-piece columns and panels.... I simply love that glass archway for the entrance! Very Classy and nice! Thumbs up!! :-/


A little help to fix up the high archs of the top level. The higher the ceiling, the more class it makes the whole place looks... That is way normally hotels have super high ceilings at their main lobbies... :)


I love the smaller arch! Shown here, the lights are fixed onto the bottom of the piece, susposing to act as maybe christmas lightings or just deco lights for the night! Very sweet!! ;)


Everyone is working hard, especially the waiter, risking his life to climb all the way to the roof to secure the massive glass panel... Now now, what is that lady doing? :hmpf_bad:


Building up the exterior of the restaurant, fixing up the red fences and the restaurant front entrance welcome light posts... while our chef start whipping up some good food with his brand new kitchen stove to serve our exhausted minifigs later...


Viola! It is completed! Quite a short build given it's piece count, but the overall look of the restaurant is simply amazing dont u agree? I feel that this restaurant looks even better than the newer one featured in City Corner 7641! Let's take more view point looks to judge better:


Angled right view.


Rear view of restaurant


Angled Left View

Sweet looking restaurant, dont u agree?

8. Your overall rating based on fun, playable, value for $$$, part, minifigs, etc (on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is SUPER-DUPER-SET!)

HHmm... I'll give this set a 8 point bah. Let's go further into the Pros and Cons:


Firstly, the overall look of the restaurant is truely amazing! it certainly gives one a feel of tranquility, serene, romantic, quiet, classy type of restaurant feeling that is just so nice in these stressful times...

Secondly, the amount of minifigs given (5) was simply generous! Three diners and two employees. Sweet!

Thirdly, the coconut tree and bird adds on the the sweet tranquality feeling, away from city bustling strssful times... A MUST go place for all minifigs with friends and loved ones for a nice sweet time-out from the city with good food and drinks...


The price... Quite a hefty price to pay for quite a small piece count set... But the design kinda makes up for it a little.. but overall still kinda costly...

Some juniorism here, mainly due to the huge glass panels and the wall panels and columns. I'm not really complaining, but i believe those into MOCs and parts wouldnt find this set containing quite some more useful parts...

Lastly, i cannot understand why the coconut tree is on the 2nd storey behind the outdoor table... But that problem is easily solved..

Hoped you guys enjoyed this brief review of one of the most classic and sought-after classic town set, the Breezeway Cafe! Now, this restuarant is making me hungry for some supper... Hehe~

Cheers! C & C most welcomed! ;)

9. Your name as the reviewer:

Sammy Oh

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You create some stunning reviews. This set brings me back, I used to have it but I thinkit got left at my Granparents place. I love the idea of taking the picture of the figs on the book page with the figs on it. Brilliant.

I really like the wide variety of fig's that are in this set as well. It's rare you get so many different people in a smaller set like this.

Great review!

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Gee the chef and the customers must build their own restaurant !

Thanks 'Legofan' on reviewing one of my favorite sets which I do not own, but would like to.

I don't consider panels and 1/2/3 wide 5 high bricks juniorizing Lego (heck TownJr was OMG why ?!) they are very handy bricks etc., to use - mainly for roof supports etc.,.

A nice little selection of minifigs including the guy from Texas !

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What a *fun* review! Makes me feel like I am right there with the MiniFigs ~ the way you present them constructing the set :tongue:

This set eluded me, so I do wish LEGO would make more with that type of logo printing on large windows -- I like the design. Although I do realized that would minimize the use of the windows for re-creating other themed MOCs.

Thanks for the reminder of this set by reviewing it; maybe TLG will see it and decide to re-release it as a Legend :classic:

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I got this set at Christmas one year. Quite surprised, as it wasn't available in stores in the US, only catalogue. It's a great set, one of the few classic town sets that isn't either a house or some more action-y theme (gas station, harbor, race track, etc). It fits in well in most settings, even a busy city would have a big restaurant near downtown. A bit expensive when you consider the piece/price ratio, but you get a lot of attention to detail that most other sets don't have. The ferns in the roof of the upper story, the glass entrance instead of a door, etc. The lights in the arch I believe are the only examples of this in an official set. A great review of a great set.

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What a nice little cafe :thumbup: pretty un-detailed comparing this to a current corner cafe :tongue: but it's the lack of details that makes it classic :wink: Great review nonetheless! I like how you included those minifigs building the set as well!

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This is one of the best reviews I have ever seen. Bravo!

Set is nice and appealing. I like white color and big transparent pieces!

Vegetation is fitted very well!

Thanks again for truly nice review!

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A real classic set for sure. Also a set I wanted badly but never got.

Thanks for bringing it back to us so we once again can enjoy it in this review.

I remember building several restaurants with this as a inspiration.

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Thank you so much people for all the wonderful comments!

Feel so honoured to have my review indexed ~~ :tongue:

Indeed, i do love this sweet little set too, one of the lovely little restaurants that TLG town always have a lack of..

Glad you guys like my humble review~~ :cry_happy:

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One of my favorite Lego sets. It had given as a X-mas gift to my sister many years before, we had such a great fun with it I remember...

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Great set!

I think that this was one of the last sets I bought before entering the dark ages (early '90s) and I can still remember how happy I was. :sweet:

Simple, classic design with great minifigs and with some very interesting pieces. Too bad I'm missing the two big curved glass panels and the waiter minifig... :cry_sad:

At least I still have the saucepan, a piece that impressed me the most back then. :sweet:

Overall, an excellent addition to any layout (if you check some LEGO catalogues layouts you'll get the picture :wink: ), and an all-time favorite of mine!

Thanks for the very nice review and the memories. :classic:

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Great review. I guess those mini-figs have to work for their dinner. :classic:

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