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REVIEW : 4489 Mini AT-AT

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I was browsing through the Eurobricks review section recently and discovered with some surprise that nobody had reviewed this set yet.

Since I bought the set off eBay a few weeks ago and built it recently, taking a few photos for my own collection along the way, I thought I'd therefore share the pics and my thoughts with you all.

So here we go.

Name: Mini AT-AT

Theme: Star Wars

Number: 4489

Year: 2003

Pieces: 98

Minifigs: None

Price: £6.99 when released; I paid £12.40 + postage for a complete & boxed set (although not MISB) from eBay

A word on the price; many of the mini sets can be bought extremely cheaply, even MISB. For example, I bought set 4491 Mini MTT (4491) MISB for £3.99 + postage last week on eBay. A couple of the mini sets do however command higher prices - the mini AT-AT and the Mini Millenium Falcon (4488).

OK. Here's a picture of the front of the box plus the completed model :


And here's the back of the box :


The back of the box contains a nice shot of the other 3 minis which were released at the same time, including set 4491 (Mini MTT) which I mentioned above.

Rather than photograph a page of the instructions, I've linked to a PDF of the official instructions on the Lego website below. Don't try to access unless you have a reasonably fast internet connection (or a lot of time....), but once downloaded you can try to build your own !

Instructions for 4489 Mini AT-AT (PDF)

As you'd expect from a mini, it's a quick and simple build. I've attached some photos of the finished article below.

Front oblique view :


You can see that the head can be angled, and the guns (which consist of 4 control levers + bases) can also be moved. There is also an OldGray flap on either side which can be lifted, although there isn't anything very interesting underneath. The legs can also be adjusted via a total of 3 hinges on each leg.

Rear oblique view :


Front close up :


Not a sight that any sensible rebel would relish......!

It's a strange mini, this one. You can't deny that it's an AT-AT, but it reminds me of a baby animal ! Certainly not very fearsome, but cute I guess if you like that kind of thing.....

Conclusions :

Design: 7/10 (Not bad, but not great - the proportions aren't perfect, but it's a good effort by TLG)

Price: 5/10 (Expensive to buy now, particularly MISB, considering the original retail price)

Minifigures: N/A

Playability: 8/10 (The legs move, the head moves, the guns move, the sides lift up - what more could you want ?!)

Overall: 7/10 (an iconic vehicle brought to life in mini scale)

Cheers from the UK and happy building !

Dr. D.

Edited by KimT

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Nice job DR.D :thumbup:

I like this little Mini, and agree it is kinda cute! :laugh:

Oh dear! Wedge must have got to it before you could take pics, just look at that kneck! :oh3::laugh:

Good job on the review and nice pics!


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Nice review drdavewatford.

I dont really get the appeal of minis but usually one feature about on minis does appeal to me. On this mini it has to be the AT AT feet. Its a good use of a cog piece.

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Thanks for the kind comments, guys - much appreciated !

I'm with you, Roncanator - I'm definitely not a massive fan of minis, although as a Lego SW completist I just gotta collect them all ! I am however often impressed with some of the building techniques used (and I'm very grateful to legostein for sharing some of the techniques with us in his fabulous mini MOCs) and I do have a few favourites such as the unreleased 6968 Tank Droid (My 6968 Tank Droid Review Here) and also the mini Tantive IV Blockade runner that comes with the UCS Star Destroyer 10030.

Kim, if you're reading this, could I ask you to please add a poll ? Thanks !

Dr. D.

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