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REVIEW: 4796 Ogel Mutant Squid

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The Alpha Team got their new mission: Mission Deep Sea. Defeat evil Ogel. But watch out! Ogel has some fierce and evil looking mutants as his servants. They come in pretty handy when he's at the bottom of the sea, doing evil stuff.

This set was released in 2002 under subtheme Mission Deep Sea, the second subtheme of Alpha Team. This time Alpha Team has to go to the bottom of the sea to prevent Ogel from doing evil stuff. The set contains about 62 pieces, including one minifigure. The set had a price tag of around 10 euro at that time.

Let's start with the figure, evil old Ogel. The interesting parts include his trans-red hook and his evil looking face, the same head used in the Castle 2007 sets for the evil wizard. Maybe he would have been more interesting with some matching weapons, like trans-green sword or something.


On to the squid. Ah, doesn't he look fiersome? The mutant squid has some awesome tentacles, very hand to build... other squids. The colorsheme works very well, the trans-green gems go well for his eyes. The claws can go open to suggest his jaw. When opened his weapon is exposed, a trans-green spear.





The head of the mutant squid can come off. Ogel sits in the head of the mutant squid with a control panel. Doesn't that make it a robotical squid? It would sure makes more sense to me. It's probably a biorobotic creature.



That's it! I think the 4796 Ogel Mutant Squid is a decent set. Especially for it's price that time, 10 euro for a pretty big creature. But it has become a very cheap set on Bricklink. If it would be brought out this year, it probably have costed the double. There are some awesome parts like the trans-red windshields and the huge tentacles. The 4796 is also a sturdy set, so it's very playable.

Thanks for reading!

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Another excellent review Matn! Your pictures are spot on, as always (and you have the same camera as me, I think: Canon SX110 IS). I never liked the old Alpha team much, though I got several of the sets. Of the underwater line, I think the only good sets were the bad guy ones, since they at least had nice trans-red cockpits and some other good pieces. Those yellow good guy subs though, blech… to me anyway.

I remember picking up the Drone's claw sub, or whatever it was called, for quite a discount at a KB toys. The set itself was pretty lame, but the pieces and Minifigures were great.

You should consider joining the Reviewers' Academy. I know you'd do great, and your pictures wouldn't need any work at all. But it's up to you.

Great job, and I hope to see more reviews from you!

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Thank you very much. We have indeed the same camera. I have a new set-up to take pictures: just a big white piece of thick paper and the lights of my new LEGO attic. Those two, big lights spread the light around, so I don't have to use other lights or stuff to diffuse the light. But now I realise the pictures can be a little bit lighter. I have also taken pictures of the Mutant Whale (but as it just has been reviewed, I'll post it later) and I hope to review the submarine you've talked about on Wednesday .


And I had registrated me for the Reviewers' Academy, but I forgot it a bit... So I have been kicked out. :blush: Maybe I'll rejoin, but it also works like this.

Edited by Matn

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Nice review, good pics too! I was wondering where those tentacle pieces come from! So that's where this guy got them from! :classic:

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