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I'm compiling a list of KEY Lego Technic websites that help a "newbie" become a "whiz". Below are some popular websites (besides Eurobricks.com) that are very useful to gain knowledge and skill -- feel free to add additonal websites by replying to this thread and copying/pasting the URLs (hyperlinks). I know I'm missing a lot of useful sites....

Unofficial Lego Marketplace: Bricklink.com .

Set Inventories and Building Instructions: Peeron.com .

Lego Customer Service Building Instructions: http://us.service.lego.com/en-US/BuildingI...ns/default.aspx .

Lego.com Technic Building Instructions (to see the alternate "B-Model" instructions not printed in modern sets): http://technic.lego.com/en-US/buildinginst...1%20of%204.aspx .

Blakbird's Technicopedia: http://www.ericalbrecht.com/technic/ .

Sariel's creations (see the links to other great builders): http://sariel.pl/

TechnicBRICKs Blogspot: http://www.technicbricks.blogspot.com/ .

"Pimped" 8297 Off-Roader (motorized with Power Functions): http://www.bouwvoorbeelden.nl/home_eng.htm .

MOCPages [My Own Creations]: http://mocpages.com/ .

Brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/ .

Hard Truck Contest (Trial Trucks): http://www.doublebrick.com/htc .

"Lego Technic for Adults + Technic": http://www.e-klocki.com/category/theme/technic/ .

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I have these in my bookmarks, among others already mentioned:

The Brickfactory :: Catalogs and Instructions scans.

Brickset :: Set reference guide. As Peeron, Brickset helps keep track of your collection.

LoTek Bricks :: Blog, mostly focused on Technic.

LUGNET :: LEGO Community. Don't really use it much, but seems very popular.

Technica :: Technic set reference and history. Hasn't been updated since 2005, though.

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