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~ The Mafia Games Index ~

Welcome to the Mafia Games Index, where you can find everything you want to know about past, current and future Mafia games here on Eurobricks. Ever since their introduction to the site, a large group of EB members have enjoyed the fun and excitement that comes from playing these community-based games. Mafia, while ultimately about strategy, survival and tactics, also promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and community interaction. Playing in these games is a great way to get to know other members more, and to further enhance and challenge your creative thinking skills. As well as this, you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable time, with all sorts of hilarious situations arising.

If you are interested in playing a Mafia game, then simply read through some of the past games, familiarise yourself with the rules, and sign up for the next Mafia School game. You will need to pass a Mafia School game before you can sign up for the more advanced games. While you won't always get in the first time, the best way to get in is to be a positive and well-spoken individual, to respect our fellow players and game hosts, to post maturely in all parts of the board and to be seen as reliable. Remember that playing in these games is a privilege, not a right. It is also important to remember that playing a Mafia game requires a time commitment for at least a month to two months, varying between games. If you are not willing to commit the time to playing, then these games are not for you.

If you are interested in hosting a Mafia game, then you will need to contact the Games Moderator (Dragonator) privately. Hosting a Mafia game is a big responsibility, and permission to host will not be granted lightly. If you want to seriously be considered as a future game host, you need to have displayed your competence at Mafia game playing in several games (at least 3 full games), have a clear understanding of the rules and the role a host plays in the game, and to have demonstrated your ability to show deep thinking and imagination in crafting a fun and exciting game to play. You then need to provide a game summary to the Games Moderator, outlining your idea in such a way that it does not give away any crucial plot details or prevents anyone who reads it from playing the game. You will also need to provide a banner for the game, the rules you intend to use and let me know your Mafia experience as well as why you think you would make a good host. You will be required to invest a lot of time and effort into creating character roles and building scenery and sets for the game. Lastly, the game will need to be produced in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner. It must be carefully planned and well executed to make the game enjoyable for the players.

If you take a hosting slot and aren't ready when your time comes around you will be moved to the end of the list after discussion with the Games Moderator.

To comment on or discuss this index, as well as all games in general, please visit the Games Discussion Thread.

~ Table of Contents ~

Post 1 - Explanation of the Index and Table of Contents

Post 2 - Future and Current Mafia Games List, Mafia Survivors List, Appreciation Tag

Past Mafia Games (Oldest to Newest)

Post 3 - Western Mafia By TinyPiesRUs

Post 4 - Roman Mafia By Tanotrooper

Post 5 - Mystery Castle By Dragonator

Post 6 - The Baritones By Hinckley

Post 7 - Witch Hunt Mafia By TinyPiesRUs

Post 8 - The Baritones 2 By Hinckley

Post 9 - Galactic Paranoia By JlBlue and Shadows

Post 10 - Noir Mafia By TinyPiesRUs

Post 11 - Mystical Castle By Dragonator

Post 12 - Infection By Quarryman

Post 13 - Prohibition Mafia By Bob the Construction Man and Darth_Legois

Post 14 - Imperial Soldier's Mafia By ImperialScouts

Post 15 - Dystopia Mafia By Ricecracker and Jimbutcher

Post 16 - Hogwarts Mafia By Sandy

Post 17 - Eurodina By Zepher

Post 18 - Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum By def

Post 19 - Werewolf Mafia By JimButcher

Post 20 - The Forest By Hinckley

Post 21 - Mafia School: Escape from Isla Paradisa By Sandy

Post 22 - Mafia School: Fabuland Housewives By Hinckley

Post 23 - Belville Mafia By Quarryman

Post 24 - The Baritones 3 By Hinckley

Post 25 - Fraulein Bloodbrick By def

Post 26 - Mafia School: Cirque du Freak By Badboytje88

Post 27 - Prison Riot By Hinckley

Post 29 - Mafia School: The Witchbreed By def

Post 30 - The Curse of IMHOTEP By Pandora and Rufus

Post 31 - Yakuza Family By badboytje88

Post 32 - Mafia School: A Bedtime Story By Sandy

Post 33 - Steampunk Mafia By Hinckley

Post 34 - Jedi Temple Mafia By Masked Builder

Post 35 - Excalibur Mafia By Bob

Post 36 - The Forest 2 By Hinckley

Post 37 - Mafia School: Police Infiltration By Pandora and Rick

Post 38 - Ragnarök Now By TinyPiesRUs

Post 39 - Heartlake Heartbreak By Darkdragon

Post 40 - Eurobricks Mafia By def

Post 41 - The Pearl By Bob

Post 42 - Mafia School: Aperture Academy By Darkdragon and Shadows

Post 43 - Eurobricks Mafia II By def

Post 44 - Harriet Slutter and the Philosopher's Balls By Hinckley

Post 45 - Mafia Mafia By Zepher

Post 46 - Silver City Mafia By Tamamono


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Current Mafia Game

Scooby-Doo Mafia: All Fired Up!

Future Mafia Games

The Official Standardised Rules of EB Mafia

1. Each player will be given a character to play, who will be aligned with either the Town or the Mafia. To win the game, the Town must kill off all the Mafia, while the Mafia needs to outnumber the Town. Third-Party (neutral) characters have their own win conditions as outlined in their roles.

2. Each day you will be able to vote to lynch a player. Voting should be done in the following format; Vote: Character (Player). Similarly, unvoting is to be done in the format; Unvote: Character (Player). No other format will be accepted. A majority vote is required to lynch a player.

3. A game day will last a maximum of 72 hours. You may not vote in the first 24 hours. The day will end when a majority vote has been reached. After the day has concluded, a night stage will commence, which will last a maximum of 48 hours. Night actions must be sent to the host in the first 24 hours of the night stage.

4. The alignment of lynched players, as well as those that died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the following day.

5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to or from you in PM with the game host. This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage.

6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread; you must always play the role given to you. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game.

7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on.

8. You may not edit your posts.

9. You must post in every day thread.

10. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact the host via PM.

11. Violation of the above rules will result in a vote penalty of half the required majority against you on your first offence, and the death of your character on your second offence. Violation of rule 7 will have a heavier penalty, including suspension, made at the discretion of the Games Moderator.

Additional Mafia School Rules

12. Students will be assessed on a pass/fail grade by the game host at the conclusion of the game. A passing grade will enable the student to sign up for any standard Mafia game. A failing grade will require the student to play another Mafia School game.

13. A dead student may apply to recieve their grade before the conclusion of the game only if there is a standard Mafia game starting which overlaps the end of the Mafia School game which he or she wishes to participate in and it is clear that they are likely to receive a passing grade at the conclusion of the game regardless.

To Create a Writeboard: http://123.writeboard.com/new

Mafia Appreciation Tag maf1.png (Previously maf.gif)

The Mafia Appreciation tag is a prestigious award given to a member who has demonstrated quality participation over the course of at least 4 EB Mafia Games to a notably high degree of excellence, whether playing or hosting. Tags will be awarded between games and announced in the General Discussion thread. Tags are awarded at the discretion of an informal select panel of Games staff, headed by the Games Moderator.

Mafia appreciation tag recipients: Alice, Bob the Construction Man, Cornelius Murdock, Darkdragon, def, Dragonator, Escape the Fate, Fugazi, Hinckley, JimButcher, Lord Arjay, Pandora, Professor Flitwick, Quarryman, Rick, Rufus, Sandy, Scouts, Shadows, Sir Dillon, stash2sixx, TheBrickster, TinyPiesRUs, Trexxen, WhiteFang, Zepher


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Name: Western Mafia

Host: TinyPiesRUs

Date: January - March 2008

Survivors: ImperialScouts and Trexxen (Scum)

Game Information

Gold City is a place where bandits roam freely, and take what they please from the good people of the town. Although the Sherriff and his deputy can sometimes bring law to the lawless folk, the gangs of bandits are far too numerous to be completely destroyed. The Mayor has agreed that something needs to be done. He has announced that every day, the towns-people will vote on who will be lynched. Finally, order can be restored in Gold City.

Characters and Players

Local Indian played by Tanotrooper

Molly Brown, Bar Maid played by TheBrickster

Black Bart played by Trexxen

Bandit Usurper played by Piranha

Stagecoach Driver played by lukeiamyourfather

The Sheriff played by Quarryman/Hinckley

Flatfoot Thomsen played by Captain Ka-Boom/ImperialScouts

Cavalry Officer played by Capn Kirk 911/casewindu

Old Gold Miner played by wouwie13

The Deputy played by Ricecracker

Mysterious Stranger played by Username_Taken

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2 - Another Day of Lynching Madness

Day 3 - Third Time Lucky..

Day 4 - The Sun Rises Again in Gold City

Day 5

Day 6 - Gold City is on the brink of ruin


Other Threads



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Name: Roman Mafia

Host: Tanotrooper

Date: April - May 2008

Status: Unfinished, paused indefinitely

Game Information

The year is 79 AD. After the death of emperor Nero, a certain general Vespasian took the power of Rome, after the very successful siege of Jerusalem in which the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed. The people loved him, as he has built the Colosseum with the treasures stolen from Jerusalem.

But two of the seven hills of Rome, the Palatine and Aventine hills, keep fighting each other, threatening all of Rome and the Roman Empire itself. Emperor Vespasian has sent some of his finest troops to both hills, as they need to break down the rebellion and put Rome back on its feet.




Lt. Veers









Atoll Dweller








Game Threads

Day I

Day II


Day IV

Day V

Other Threads

Rules and Confirmation

Paused Message



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Name: Mystery Castle

Host: Dragonator

Date: June - September 2008

Survivors: I Scream Clone, Hinckley, Commanderbly42, Trexxen, TheBrickster, Quarryman (Town)

Game Information

The castle of Dragons Keep has for years been ruled by King Dracus, a wizened old man, slightly cuckoo, who really is not up to ruling the castle, let alone the kingdom. Last night, the king was murdered in his bed by a group of activists who want to take control of the keep for themselves. Lord Dragonator, fearing for the lives of the people of the kingdom, wants the traitors found and executed as quickly as possible. As an act of quick thinking he has locked down the castle so nobody can enter or leave until either the traitors are found and executed or the loyalists are outnumbered and defeated. He has decided that as nobody can trust anyone else, voting will occur to try and find who is guilty. The future of the kingdom is in your hands!

Characters and Players

Lord Dragonator (non player)

Majiko the Wizard (non player)

Rotrigous (King's Advisor) played by Shadows

Lord Ash played by TinyPiesRUs

Lady Suzanne played by AgentRick57

General Marcus played by Batbrick

Mary (a maid) played by Zepher (replaced Inertia in Day 4)

Lieutenant Byron played by Cpt. Pegleg Blockbeard (replaced Lt. Veers in Day 3)

Lord Martin played by Pencoin

Lord Gary played by I Scream Clone

Mike (a servant) played by Stash2Sixx

General Spencer played by iamded

Michael (a soldier in the royal guard) played by Quarryman

Lord Savril played by Hinckley

Paul (the cellar keeper) played by commanderbly42

Daniel (a young squire) played by Flatfoot Thompson

Grim (head of the bodyguard) played by WhiteFang

Kyle (the castle torture/executioner) played by Trexxen

Friar Brown played by TheBrickster

Damien (a doctor and herbalist) played by Dovchenko (formerly called sdpirate)

Ernest the Chef played by Hyphos

Fred (a soldier in the royal guard) played by Adam (replaced KurttKrueger in Day 4)

Calvin (a local fisherman) played by Atoll Dweller

Game Threads

Day 1 - The game begins!

Day 2 - Hanging by a thread.

Day 3 - Crushed by potatoes...

Day 4 - Celebration and Despair.

Day 5 - A Grim Night...

Day 6 - A deadly mistake...

Day 7 - Weird Statues Indeed...

Day 8 - A leap of faith...

Day 9 - Ragnir as prosecutor...

Day 10 - A need for action...

Day 11 - Anew face... or not.

Day 12 - Locked In...

Day 13 - Dragon Lord in Storage

The Conclusion - All good things must come to an end...

Other Threads

General Discussion, Sign-Up and Index

Introduction and Confirmation

Behind the Scenes

Building Challenge

Discussion Thread

Entries Thread

Voting Thread

Caption Challenge

Entries Thread


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Name: The Baritones

Host: Hinckley

Date: September - October 2008

Survivors: Shadows, Dragonator, WhiteFang, Quarryman (Town)

Game Information

The mafia family The Baritones have taken over the little town of Moonlight. Law enforcement officials have fled in fear of their lives and the local politicians are all seemingly corrupt, except for the mayor who has vowed to clean up the town. The citizens of Moonlight are fed up with living in fear and lawlessness and have taken matters into their own hands. The once peaceful community has formed a vigilante group to rid their town of the dreaded Baritones family. Unfortunately for Moonlight, the Baritones are a clever bunch and have infiltrated the ranks of the vigilantes. It is now up to the citizens of the town to determine who among them is friend and who is foe.

Characters and players

Al, Personal Trainer played by Adam

Betty, Accountant played by Bob the Construction Man

The Bikers - Patty, Flint and Tom played by randomparrot, professor flitwick and Thomas B.

Carter, Retired Newspaper Editor played by Skinny Boy

The Construction Workers - Trekk, Steve and Dillon played by Trexxen, Quarryman and Sir Dillon

Darlene, Lawyer played by Dragonator

Iris, Cosmetics Saleswoman played by IScreamClone

Lee, Sales Manager played by lego12

The Local News Crew - Neal and Veronica played by Norrington and ~VBBN~

Mayor of Moonlight played by ptdapen

Pete, Garbage Man played by Pencoin

Restaurant Owners - Ivan and Florence played by Shadows and DJ Force

Rhonda, Aerobics Instructor played by Agent Rick57

Sky, Artist played by WhiteFang

Stan, Warehouse Manager played by Stash2Sixx

Game Threads

Prologue - Introduction and Confirmation

Day 1

Day 2 - A Town Terrorized

Day 3 - The Citizens Strike Back!

Day 4 - A Good Man Slain...

Day 5 - An End to the Spectral Help

Day 6 - Endgame Begins

Day 7 - Grave Mistakes

Day 8 - Ding Dong, Dillon is Dead

The Conclusion

Other Threads

General Discussion and Sign-Up


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Name: Witch Hunt Mafia

Host: TinyPiesRUs

Dates: October - December 2008

Survivors: lego12, Quarryman, ImperialScouts, Atoll Dweller, Darth_Legois, Shadows, Dragonator, Pickerel, darthperson, Adam, Norrington, WhiteFang, Zepher, pr0visorak (Town)

Game Information

Across the countryside rode Fernandez, his red cloak dancing in the wind.

Inquisitor Fernandez had been sent to Azufre, following accounts that all manner of witchcraft and heresy had been spotted in this once good town. A veteran of witch hunting, Fernandez knew what must be done. The citizens of Azufre would root out the ones they suspected of heresy and execute them. It would be a grim and bloody ordeal, but he knew that if God was willing, the town will triumph, and the ever-growing tide of evil would at last be quelled. Fernandez's horse halted. Lifting the brim of his weathered hat above his eyes, he looked out into the distance. It was there that the town of Azufre lay.

"Soon, soon this town will be free from Satan's grasp."

Characters and Players

Sergio played by lego12

Cassandra played by Bob the Construction Man

Hernan played by stash2sixx

Charles played by Hinckley

Miguel played by Quarryman

Bernard played by Trexxen

Elisa played by ImperialScouts (replaced Wilhelm Screamer)

Pablo played by Atoll Dweller

John played by Darth_Legois

Isabella played by kill will

Alexander played by ImperialShadows

Mustafa played by Dragonator

Martinus played by Pickerel

Henry played by darthperson

Fernando played by ptdapen

Sabrina played by Lt. Col. Thok (replaced alexrider7 and I Scream Clone)

Philip played by Adam

Gustavus played by Norrington (replaced wouwie13)

Christopher played by WhiteFang

Joan played by Zepher

Roberto played by pr0visorak

Game Threads

Day 1 - An Inquisitor Arrives in Azufre...

Day 2 - A Rough Night...

Day 3 - Uneventful...

Day 4 - Four in a Bed...

Day 5 - Sunday in Azufre...

Day 6 - Fuego and Azufre - and a Nobbled Noble...

Day 7 - The Pain in Spain falls Mainly to... Azufre.


Other Threads

General Discussion and Sign-Up

Rules and Confirmation

The Sets


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Name: The Baritones 2

Host: Hinckley

Date: January - March 2009

Survivor: Shadows (Scum)

Game Information

Despite winning the first round, the good people of Moonlight find themselves quickly outnumbered by mafia goons. Crime rises again and the townspeople live in fear. The mafia returned to Moonlight with a vengeance, as if they had something to prove from being run out of town in the first place. The innocent townspeople only have one chance to survive and turn their town back into the peaceful 'burb it was meant to be: the FBI.

After a string of busts and seizures the Baritones are at their wit's end. The FBI and local police seem to be one step ahead of that at every turn. They must face the ugly truth: there must be rats among them...

Characters and Players

The Made Men

Dragonatieri played by Dragonator

Tony played by Atoll Dweller

Richie played by ricecracker

Johnny Blue played by Jlblue

Quarrioni played by Quarryman

Trexxisanti played by Trexxen

The Wives

Alicia played by Alice

Adalaide played by Adam

LeAnn played by lego12

Pavarti played by ptdapen

Zabrina played by Zepher

Wynona played by wouwie13

The Captains

Perry Blockioli played by Cpt. Pegleg Blockbeard

Piav Blockioli played by TinyPiesRUs

Willie Fangolie played by WhiteFang

Dickie played by Sir Dillon

Inertiatieri played by Inertia

The "Fronts"

Stanton played by stash2sixx

Boyd played by Bob the Construction Man

Ian played by Shadows

Pedro played by Pencoin

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10


Other Threads

General Discussion, Introduction and Confirmation



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Name: Galactic Paranoia

Host: JlBlue (Days 1-3) and Shadows (Day 4 - Conclusion)

Date: April - July 2009

Survivor: Escape the Fate (Double Agent)

Game Information

It is a time of war, yet peace looms on the horizon. Two groups, one Imperial, one Rebel, gather together to build an alliance and finally put an end to the fighting. Unfortunately, their efforts are hampered by traitors within their own ranks, traitors they need to catch before all is lost. Can they overcome the traitors, and their own prejudices, to get the job done?

Characters and Players

Non-Player Characters

Rebel Commander Jeklan Blazer

Luke Skywalker (the portrait of)

Admiral Julius Blaire

Grand Admiral Volrik



Sgt. Tong Pincer played by TinyPiesRUs

Pvt. Razak Crade played by Ricecracker

Pvt. Hincklina Ross played by Hinckley

Pvt. Al Iztad played by Alice

Pvt. Darek Dasner played by Da Death Star

Pvt. Quincy J. Mann played by Quarryman

Pvt. Ivy Shadowspark played by Shadows

Edner "Eddie" Flak played by Escape the Fate

Dayton Stern played by Sir Dillon

Adley "Newbie" Ahm played by Adam

Widanko "Wiseguy" Fenk played by Whitefang


Sarge played by Stash2Sixx

Pvt. Zariah Phervik played by Zepher

Pvt. Signicious Drumthwack played by Silent-Sigfig

Pvt. Nester Brand played by Natman8000

Pvt. Drake Knator played by Dragonator

Pvt.Wedge Durnkist played by Wouwie

Pvt. Terris "Toupée" Bentman played by Tim Bit

Pvt. Trent "Madman" Maverick played by Trexxen

Pvt. Danko "Whatshisname" Legovski played by Darth_Legois

Pvt. Pepper Fletchman played by Professor Flitwick

Pvt. Boden Constrek played by Bob the Construction Man

Game Threads

Day 1: Imperials - Up by the Chains...

Day 1: Rebels - Without a Trace...

Day 2: Imperials - Puddle of Blood...

Day 2: Rebels

Day 3: Imperials - Meet Your Sergeant

Day 3: Rebels - Blown Apart...

Day 4: Imperials - Shadows of the Empire

Day 4: Rebels - The Return of a Jedi

Day 5: Imperials - Shafted!

Day 5: Rebels - Boys, Boys, Boys!

Day 6 - Black Sun Rising

Day 7 - Suffer Not the Witch to Live!

Day 8 - I Hear the Secrets That You Keep

Day 9 - Falling Death

Day 10 - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

Conclusion - All Good Things ...

Other Threads

General Discussion

Introduction and Sign-Up

Game Index

Replacements Topic

EB News Presents Galactic Paranoia: An Expose


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Name: Noir Mafia

Host: TinyPiesRUs

Date: July - August 2009

Survivors: Shadows, Striker, Hinckley (Scum)

Game Information

The mayor of Guilder City - dead. But how could it have happened? Well, it all started a few weeks ago - the rather aptly named "Day 1" to be precise. It started out just like any other day. The sun rose from behind the towering bland buildings, and loomed above the cold streets of Guilder City. But it was to be far from an ordinary day.

Characters and Players

Henry played by Hinckley

Eugene played by Escape the Fate

Vincent Forman played by YG-49

Donald Sirna played by Sir Dillon

Aida Sirna played by Alice

Samual Stevens played by Stash2Sixx

Dr. Julius Agon played by Dragonator

Michelle played by Millacol88

Shawn Imperante played by Shadows

Christopher played by NewRight (Replaced Keetong)

Joey Quinn played by Quarryman

Father Walters played by WhiteFang

Jerry Buscemi played by JimButcher

Donna played by Darth_Legois

Gus Staines played by AwesomeStar

Robert Concini played by Bob the Construction Man

Rose played by Ricecracker

Stephen played by Zepher

Artie Sanders played by Sandy

Carlo Ferguson played by Commander Flash

Sal played by Striker

Lorraine played by Lego12

Zita played by Zapper Brick

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Other Threads

General Discussion, Confirmation and Index

Introduction and Sign-Up


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Name: Mystical Castle

Host: Dragonator

Dates: September - October 2009

Survivors: Darth_Legois, Striker, professor flitwick, JimButcher, WhiteFang (Town)

Game Information

Since the disappearance of the last Dragon King almost 20 years ago, civil war has run through the once mighty Kingdom of the Dragon Knights like a plague runs through a city. The land has seen much blood, much war, and much mayhem, with the rise and fall of dozens of new nations. Much has changed from the old ways, and it is only those who are strong of will and have the desire for survival that have been successful in their bids for power and influence in such an unstable time. No dragons have been sighted in the land since the ransacking of the capital, Dratos, and the looting of Dragons Keep, not many months after civil unrest broke out. The city has long since been abandoned, leaving the once mighty citadel that was the center of the kingdom to the vultures. Although the Kingdom no longer survives, a number of new territories have since sprung up throughout the once unified land. The largest of these are based around the three largest surviving cities in the land; the People's Republic of Hamenweir in the north, the City State of Dromindur in the far South, and the Kingdom of Matidoer towards the East. Although all small, with hardly any real control beyond the walls of their own cities, these three new nations have been successful in keeping a foothold in the new unstable world the people are now forced to live in. But they will not survive much longer if war continues to ravage the land, with many various armies contending for dominance over the sacred ground that was the Dragon Knights Kingdom. In the hope of peace, and future survival, King Charles Stafford of Matidoer has called a meeting of the Three Nations, to discuss a very important matter...

Characters and Players

King Charles Stafford (non player)

Queen Mary Stafford (non player)

Ambassador Ralf Simnel played by Quarryman

Duchess Juliana Dufay played by Alice

Hugh (Servant) played by WhiteFang

Simon (Librarian) played by I Scream Clone

Ambassador Sirion Vipont played by Shadows

Countess Margaret Durville played by TinyPiesRUs

Peter (Servant) played by Darth_Legois

Lieutenant Victor played by Bob the Construction Man

Lady Rohesia Papelion played by Sandy

Lady Beatrice Harcourt played by Zepher

Admiral Thomas Mallory played by Sir Dillon

Lord William Harcourt played by Hinckley

Richard (Guard) played by Ricecracker

Agnes (Maid) played by Striker

Nicholas (Guard) played by professor flitwick

Francis the Friar played by Svelte

Captain Geoffrey played by Escape the Fate

Lord Edward Griffin played by Stash2sixx

Ethel (Maid) played by Adam

Gilbert (Guard) played by General Armendariz

Chef Walter played by JimButcher

Game Threads

Prologue: The Alliance - Introduction and Sign Up

Day 1 - Dragon's Fire

Day 2 - Magic Masters

Day 3 - Fiery Revenge

Day 4 - Things that go Splat in the Night

Day 5 - Useless Protection

Day 6 - Feeding the Roses

Day 7 - Greasy Friar

Day 8 - Grilled 'n' Skewered

Day 9 - Heads Up!

Conclusion - Dragon's Revenge

Other Threads

General Discussion, Confirmation and Index

EB News Presents: Walrus Keeper - Filmed at this Location


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Name: Infection

Host: Quarryman

Dates: November - December 2009

Survivors: Dragonator, Inertia, Darth_Legois, Sandy, Mr. Mandalorian (Scum)

Game Information

The year is 2258. The Tellus Union Kosmosfahrer Gagarin, tasked with exploring potential new worlds for colonization has arrived in the Ver-Ziji system. Aboard the Ship are beings from many races, humanoid and non-humanoid, all working together in harmony, despite earlier conflicts and differences. Well, mostly in harmony. As the planet Ver-Ziji 4 seemed very promising on the long-range scans, it was decided to send down a scout team to further investigate. On the planet's surface the scout team had several interesting discoveries such as magnificent crystal formations, weird plants, and some strange, red, worm-like aliens that showed signs of being sentient...

Characters and Players

Lt. Cmdr. Susan Antares played by Shadows

Lt. Varax Fraa, navigator played by Inertia

2nd Lt. Eituze, pilot played by WhiteFang

Specialist Niwrad Selrac, communications played by Black Rabbit

Security chief Michael Sheridan played by Hinckley

Security guard Sarah Ohce played by Sir Dillon

Security guard Barney Vance played by Svelte

Leonard "Leo" Nyer, chief engineer played by Ricecracker

Fassin Trevlac, mechanic played by YG-49

La'h'Rok, reactor chief played by I Scream Clone

Jad Suur, maintenance guy played by Darkness Falls

Engofi Cheipo, hydroponics engineer played by Eskallon

Android S/N: 'AHY6CEF3' (aka DAVE) played by Mr. Mandalorian

Khrum, "the strong guy" played by Stash2Sixx

Wicwa, alien cook played by Sandy

Ivan "the terrible", human cook played by Darth_Legois

Florentzia Lizar, head of research staff played by JimButcher

Ada Bergsndot, computer specialist played by Zepher

Ernev Seluj, language specialist played by Dragonator

Dr. Ben Elegnem, head of medical staff played by simonjedi

Nurse Edna Hylris played by pedro

Game Threads

Day 1 - and so it begins

Day 2 - You must learn to embrace the madness. Let it fire you.

Day 3 - between the Darkness and the Light

Day 4 - ..a bunch of misfits. You really don't have a clue, do you?

Day 5 - So much is falling apart out there.

Day 6 - it is too late for the pebbles to vote

Conclusion - Now get the Hell out of our galaxy!

Other Threads

General Discussion, Confirmation and Index

Introduction and Sign-Up


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Name: Prohibition Mafia

Hosts: Darth_Legois and Bob the Construction Man

Dates: December 2009 - January 2010

Survivors: Shadows, Big Cam, Simonjedi, TinyPiesRUs, Dragonator, WhiteFang (Scum); Dannylonglegs (Neutral)

Game Information

It is the late 1920's, and it is the start of the Great Depression. Most big cities are hit hard, however, the smaller towns aren't hit to hard economically.

However, separate mobs spring up all over the country. It is a time of total panic for law enforcement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has not yet been formed, is called the Bureau of Investigation. Still in effect is the Prohibition Laws, which the BOI is desperately attempting to enforce.

In the tiny town of Stapleton, Pennsylvania, the dreaded Mafia controls all the liquor consumption, in their speakeasy's.

Characters and Players

Lois Jackson (Chef) played by Striker

Ryan Alberts (Hobo) played by Quarryman

Jimmy Palmer (Gas Station Attendant) played by Simonjedi

Andrew Gordon (Son of Steven & Lucy) played by Shadows

Franklin P. White (Mayor) played by Zapper Brick

Martin Jackson (Chef) played by YG-49

Steven Gordon (Banker) played by The Crazy One

John Wilder (Police Officer) played by Big Cam

Mary Jackson (Daughter of Lois & Martin) played by Eskallon

Robbie Willis (Cinema Owner) played by Whitefang

Matthew Right (District Attorney) played by Sandy

Dr. Ernie Wilkerson (Private Doctor) played by Ricecracker

Lucy Gordon (Bank Assistant) played by Jim Butcher

Sarah Wolf (Dancer) played by TinyPiesRUs

Roy Orborson (Nurse) played by Inconspicuous

Louis Inglston (Gas Station Attendant) played by dannylonglegs (replaced Zepher)

Susan Webb (Dancer) played by Brickme

Mike Johnson (Police Chief) played by Millacol88

Leanne Willis (Cinema Worker) played by Forresto

Christopher Wilder (Police Officer) played by Hewkii9

Alfred Winder (Mail man) played by JCC1004

Rhonda Falzone (Farmer) played by Dragonator

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Introduction and Sign-Up


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Name: Imperial Soldier's Mafia

Host: ImperialScouts

Dates: February - April 2010

Survivors: Quarryman, Dragonator, Big Cam, Stash2Sixx, Sandy, Rick, MetroiD (Scum); Shadows (Neutral)

Game Information

It is 1806, and war plagues the vast landscapes of France, as two great Empires clash in a fight for dominance over the divided land. War has raged for many years, and the Grand Army of the Bluecoats has been on the losing end of many of the battles. After many months of retreating, it is therefore not surprising that there are rumours of desertion beginning to seep through the ranks of the 42nd Regiment. With the help of the Provost Guard, the remaining loyal troops rally to dispel these unpleasant mutterings before the ever devious Royal Army catches up with them... or before they are consumed from the inside...

Characters and Players

Pvt. Alex Gierdieu played by Alex the Great

Pvt. Alain Entaine played by Alice

Pvt. Aaron Stelly played by AwesomeStar

Pvt. Bill Cartelle played by BigCam

Pvt. Bobby Camon played by Bob the Construction Man

Pvt. Geoffrey Oult played by Captain Genaro

Pvt. Dan Gale played by def

Pvt. David Reutal played by Dragonator

Drummer Boy Gace Maetan played by General Armendariz

Provost Guard Ian Des played by iamded

Captain Martin Lecoq played by Macoco

Provost Guard Mason Dalese played by MetroiD

Flag Bearer Nathan Redman played by New Right

Lieutenant Pedro Pellsan played by pedro

Pvt. Quinn Malne played by Quarryman

Pvt. Rick Aellot played by Rick

Pvt. Ron Toreil played by Roncanator

Pvt. Samuel Yellman played by Sandy

Pvt. Michel Shadón played by Shadows

Sergeant Stanely Hemphill played by Stash2sixx

Pvt. Talón Rames played by Tanotrooper

Pvt. Tom Perot played by TinyPiesRUs

Pvt. Wilson Gale played by Whitefang

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2 - Loss of a great man.

Day 3 - Next rank taken out. What will happen today?

Day 4 - Now he's really mad...

Day 5 - Redeployment in morale for the troops.

Day 6 - Cuckoo bird is gone, what will the rest do today?

Conclusion - Peaceful leaving?

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Alternative "EB News Edition" Day 1



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Name: Dystopia Mafia

Hosts: Ricecracker and JimButcher

Dates: April - May 2010

Survivors: None

Game Information

It was a lush, tropical island, that would've otherwise been a completely deserted paradise, a Utopia. A whitish sand beach was continuously drenched with the calm, rolling waves of the vast Pacific. An extremely dense jungle that occupied most of the island seemed void of human life, yet overflowing with the sound of tropical birds and other animals, as well as the beauty of palm tree and exotic plants digging their roots through the rich, dark soil. The sky was bright and clear, almost all of the time as seen from the small, unknown world. But on this day, a dark cloud rolled in, and would mark the beginning of the story of the survivors of Flight 518...

Characters and Players

Mike Collinham (Father of Zane and Pryce) played by TinyPiesRUs

Icarus Carter (Air Marshal) played by Inconspicuous

Richard Ricardo played by Rick

Ellen Allison played by Eskallon

Leo Nathans played by The Legonator

Callie Peterson (Head of airplane staff) played by CallMePie

Samantha Wonderfield (Co-Pilot) played by Sok117

Ian Denton (Steward) played by iamded

Bill Campbell (old friend of Cyril's) played by Big Cam

Zane Collinham (son of Mike and brother of Pryce) played by Zapper Brick

Bella Teller ("mistress" of Governer Brian Mason) played by Badboytje88

Ron Callister (Pilot) played by Ronconator

Deborah Fredricks (Stewardess) played by Def

Pryce Collinham (son of Mike and brother of Zane) played by Professor Flitwick

Cyril Jenssens (old friend of Bill's) played by Svelte

Brian Mason (Governer of California) played by Bob the Construction Man

Wyatt Fandorski played by WhiteFang

Shirley Dover (Chef of the flight) played by Shadows

Patricia Rockford (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) played by Pedro

Seth Diaz (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) played by Sandy

Drake Johnson (Coast Guard Officer, joined on Day 1) played by Dragonator

Game Threads

Day 1 - The Beginning of the End

Day 2 - Every Man for Himself

Day 3 - Man of Science, Man of Faith

Day 4 - Do No Harm

Day 5 - This Place is Death

Day 6 - Abandoned

Day 7 - Live Together, Die Alone

Conclusion - What They Died For

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Introduction and Sign-Up


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Name: Hogwarts Mafia

Host: Sandy

Dates: June - August 2010

Survivors: WhiteFang, Shadows, Inconspicuous (Scum); Lord Arjay (Neutral)

Game Information

It was the Easter break in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the year 2018, exactly twenty years after the historical Battle of Hogwarts. Most students and some of the faculty had gone home for the vacation, and the school was almost deserted. The remaining students were either studying for their O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. exams, or they had nowhere else to go. The whole castle was at peace, and the teachers had time to relax and prepare for the rest of the school year.

That was, until the sudden attack of a class and the abduction Defence Against the Dark Arts professor Qubert Lastrada by the mythical cult the Deathly Hallows threw the castle into turmoil, resulting in the lock-down of the school and the start of an extensive interrogation of all those present. They would have to be decisive and fast though, for the Deathly Hallowed were there amongst them, and had big plans for the downfall of Hogwarts.

Characters and Players

Hogwarts Faculty

Brigelda Hearth, nurse played by WhiteFang

Crudo Alakhazam, teacher of Charms played by Big Cam

Eloquence Malleus, teacher of Transfigurations played by Shadows

Jingle the House-elf played by Dragonator

Neville Longbottom, teacher of Herbology and Head of Gryffindor House played by professor flitwick

Oraman Furbad, caretaker played by JimButcher

Rhubarb Uxley, teacher of Care of Magical Creatures and Head of Hufflepuff House played by Escape the Fate

Sicilia Bathory, teacher of Potions and Head of Ravenclaw House played by Eskallon

Stephanie Kingston, librarian played by Zepher

Tea Ching, teacher of Divination played by iamded (replaced Striker)

Hogwarts Students

Angela Weasley, Gryffindor played by Burman

Brandon Townsend, Hufflepuff played by Oky Wan Kenobi

Desiree Jackson, Gryffindor played by badboytje88

Francis Rowan, Ravenclaw played by ADHO15

Harriet Pewter, Slytherin played by YG-49

Jolie Jadis, Slytherin played by Lord Arjay

Loki Malfoy, Slytherin played by ILikePi

Nene Grandstaff, Hufflepuff played by Millacol88

Prion the Centaur, Hufflepuff played by Forresto

Rocky Broomwell, Gryffindor played by hewkii9 (replaced sok117)

Sheila Bones, Ravenclaw played by Matn

Todd "Bulltoad" Bulstrode, Slytherin played by Roncanator

Valerie MacArthur, Ravenclaw played by Inconspicuous

Xander Lovegood, Gryffindor played by CallMePie

Game Threads

Day 1 - Once Upon a Time

Day 2 - Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Day 3 - Third Time Is the Charm

Day 4 - Cursed to the Fourth Generation

Day 5 - Quintessence

Day 6 - The Sixth Sense

Day 7 - Lucky Seven

Day 8 - Behind the Eight Ball

Day 9 - Nine Circles of Hell

Conclusion - No More Happily Ever Afters

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation - Hog's Head

Sign-Up - The Magic Is Building


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Name: Eurodina

Host: Zepher

Dates: September - December 2010

Survivors: ADHO15 (Scum); Quarryman (Neutral)

Game Information

The town of Eurodina has been entering a period of peace. After a slaughter by the police of anyone and everyone believed to be connected in any way to the Mob, things are looking up for the citizens. They think that they may FINALLY be able to live the simple and peaceful lives that they always have dreamed of. But the Mob isn't done. Far from it. Though the goons are gone, the most fearsome and powerful members still remain. And they will not be very willing to forgive the town for the massacre of their family. Things WERE looking up. Now it seems that the blood of many will once more fill the streets. All hell is going to break loose in Eurodina.

Characters and Players

Chief of Police Drake Nader (Police) played by Draganator

Police Man Hans Keen (Police) played by Hewkii

Police Woman Carrie Price(Police) played by CallMePie

Police Man Abe Hollis (Police) played by ADHO15

Police Man Erik King (Police) played by KingoftheZempk

Detective Quinn Man (Police) played by Quarryman

Mayor Flint Wick (Governor) played by professor flitwick

Secretary Bert Bennett (Secretary to the Governor) played by badboytje88

Ivan Cons (Bodyguard) played by Inconspicuous

Ben Becker (Street Vendor) played by Becker

Mr. Alex Burr (Lawyer) played by Burman

Mr. Mike Collins (Lawyer) played by Millacol88

Mr. Frank White (Restaurant Owner) played by Whitefang

Chef Kevin Juan (Chef) played by The Crazy One

Ron Adie (Waiter) played by Admiral Ron

Thomas Bricks (Waiter) played by ThatGuyWithBricks

Mrs. Frankie Keen (Stay-at-home mother) played by Fugazi

Susan Keen (Student) played by Surius Black

Mr. Craig Boy (Firefighter) played by Cralegoboy

Mrs. Janice Boy (Banker) played by Capt.JohnPaul

Prof. Shaun Dows (Teacher) played by Shadows

Dr. Horace Leg (Doctor) played by Legonator

Erwin Long (Bar Worker) played by Eskallon

Gen (Bum) played by Genaro

Sean (Bum) played by Sok117

Mr. Brian Quest (Pet Store Owner) played by BrickMe

Mrs. Sandy Quest (Business Woman) played by Sandy

Rick Russian (Mechanic) played by Rick

Dick “Defiant” Dillard (Biker Gang Leader) played by Def

Ian Deed (Biker) played by iamded

Harold Hiker (Biker) played by HouseofH

Bob The Biker (Biker) played by Bob The Construction Man

Red (Biker) played by General Redwater

Kung Pho Master Jim Butcher (Kung Pho Master) played by JimButcher

Walter Kovacs (Student of Kung Pho) played by Walter Kovacs

Mr. Ron Canter played by Roncanator

Benjamin Gershwin (Construction Worker) played by Bendy Badger

Mr. Ari Jay (Mortician) played by Lord Arjay

Mr. Percy Nutter played by Peanuts

Mrs. Alice Nutter (Artist) played by Alice

James Nutter (Student) played by JCC10049

Stash The Stylist (Fashion Designer) played by Stash

Game Threads

Day 1 - The Blood Bath

Day 2 - Enter the Briefcase

Day 3 - From Russia With Love

Day 4 - The Night Where Nothing Happened

Day 5 - Three Dead

Day 6 - The Man With No Luck

Day 7 - Death's Revenge

Day 8 - Night of the Neutral

Day 9 - Trade-Off

Day 10 - The Grind-house

Day 11 - Getting Ahead

Day 12

Day 13 - Constance's Mansion

Day 14 - Sudden Death


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Sign Up


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Name: Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum

Host: def

Dates: December 2010 - January 2011

Survivors: Dragonator, Ricecracker, Lord Arjay, Rufus, Scouts, CorneliusMurdock (Scum); badboytje88 (Neutral)

Game Information

From the files of Dr. V. Blutziegel, January 1, 1961:

In the east ward of the hospital, shortly after the new year was rung in, a patient’s corpse was discovered. The body belonged to one Fred “the Walrus” Siggy. His body was hung on a hook in a broom closet, throat slit...I have demanded the east ward be placed on lock down. No patients or staff will be allowed to leave until the killers are discovered. I cannot have the police investigating this ward. There is too much of a risk that all I’ve worked to create will be torn apart.

I’m giving the staff and patients incentive to work together to clean their ward of this nastiness that has entered it.

Characters and Players

The Staff

Dr Blutziegel (non player character)

Dr Ballbricker played by Ricecracker

Dr Rajim played by Admiral Ron

Nurse Pendleton played by Zepher

Nurse Pepper played by Bob the Construction Man

Nurse Penny played by Yumiyoshi

Monkey Room

Sparky Trucks played by TinyPiesRUs

Perry Noid played by ADHO15

Salvatore Ricardo Samuels played by Dragonator

Cameron 'Big Cam' Oaktree played by Big Cam

Señor Canny Bolero played by iamded

Bear Room

Ryan Catchers played by Rick

Ted Nathan Tompkins played by Whitefang

Sandy Craws played by Sandy

Cat Manuel played by The Penguin

The King of Delaware played by KingoftheZempk

Rabbit Room

'Mr. Nowhere' played by Scouts

'Lupo' played by Rufus

Chief Washing Bear played by JimButcher

Dougie "Jesus" Douglas played by Hinckley

Petey Pirowski played by Peanuts

Chicken Room

'Timtam Timmers', Spacetwin #1 played by Lord Arjay

'Tamtam Timmers', Spacetwin #2 played by Quarryman

Professor Diem played by Walter Kovacs

Kevin 'Shadows' Mitchell played by Shadows

Misty 'Mrs' Monroe played by badboytje88

Spider Room

Martin Century played by Stash2Sixx

Stanley Spussemmin played by CorneliusMurdock

Dudley Eisenhower played by MrLegoNinja

Cookie Custer played by Roncanator

Havel Pavlov played by Sok117

Game Threads

Day 1 - That chewing gum you like is going to come back in style

Day 2 - Lo, Giants Walk Here No More

Day 3 - War and Pieces

Day 4 - In which our heroes begin to realize where they are

Day 5 - I Spy!

Day 6 - And Here My Troubles Began...

Day 7 - ¡Ay, Caramba!


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation - One of us! One of us!

Introduction and Sign-Up - He was the Walrus, goo goo g'joob!


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Name: Werewolf Mafia

Host: JimButcher

Dates: February - March 2011

Survivors: WhiteFang, Alopex, Hinckley, Fugazi, iamded, Professor Flitwick, Admiral Ron, Lord Arjay, CallMePie, Sandy (Town)

Game Information

During a particularly cold autumn in Victorian-era England, the small town of Blackwood is struck with fear. Recently, several disfigured bodies of murder victims, members of the village, were uncovered in the woods surrounding the town. Now, the villagers are taking extra measures to protect themselves from the man or beast that could've done this. Extra police help has been brought in from London. No one goes anywhere alone. No one goes out after dark. Doors locked, curtains pulled.

Who will be next? When will this monster be slain? Will anyone survive?

Characters and Players

Ignatius Conan (Wealthy businessman) played by Inconspicuous

Daniel O'Donnell (Restaurant Owner) played by def

Benjamin Cobb (Citizen) played by Bob the Construction Man

Harriet Clive (Cheap Whore) played by Hinck

Sebastien Vaughn (Rick Bachelor) played by Shadows

Angela Fairfax (Duchess) played by Alopex

Archibald Rynne (Waiter) played by Admiral Ron

William Fairfax (Duke) played by WhiteFang

Beatrice Synclair (Housewife) played by Badboytje88

Zed Phillips (Novelist) played by Zepher

Walter Knox (Librarian) played by Walter Kovacs

Samuel Synclair (Family Man) played by Sandy

Adam Sokern (Policeman) played by sok117

Charles Synclair (Professor) played by CallmePie

Arianna Jacques (Citizen) played by Lord Arjay

Dacius Nathans (Policeman) played by Dragonator

Terence Lyons (Pub Owner) played by TinyPiesRUs

Quinn Synclair (Student) played by Quarryman

Penelope Fletcher (Servant) played by Professor Flitwick

Fiona Gates (Servant) played by Fugazi

Reginald Greyson (Retired Admiral) played by Rick

Ruben Roland (Teacher) played by Rufus

Ebenezer Hewitt (Chief of Police) played by Eskallon

Isaac Edgar (Baron) played by iamded

Phillip Peers (Detective) played by Peanuts

Raleigh Clifton (Detective) played by Ricecracker

Game Threads

Day 1 - The past is a wilderness of horrors

Day 2 - When death comes like a thief

Day 3 - What goes around...

Day 4 - Breaking Benjamin

Day 5 - Witch Hunt

Day 6 - Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead

Day 7 - Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?


Other Threads

General Discussion, Introduction and Confirmation



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Name: The Forest

Host: Hinckley

Dates: March - April 2011

Survivors: Rufus, WhiteFang, Fugazi, Inconspicuous, CorneliusMurdock, Stash2Sixx (Town)

Game Information

Once upon a time, in the world of FABULAND, deep in the Dark Forest, was the little village of Spring Haven. Spring Haven was a peaceful, happy place where the Sun always shone and the flowers always bloomed. All of the residents of Spring Haven were happy...and adorable. But the Dark Forest surrounding them was steeped in legends of deadly other-worldly creatures that enjoyed feasting on adorable happy anthropomorphic beings. As our story begins, the people of Spring Haven were about to find out the source of those legends...

Characters and Players

Becka Bulldog (Beautician) played by Rick

Benji Bulldog (Hat Maker) played by Walter Kovacs

Booker Bear (Garbage Man) played by Dragonator

Brigit Bunny (Florist) played by Sandy

Bristol Bunny (Seamstress) played by Bob the Construction Man

Bruno Bear (Watch Maker) played by Scouts

Cameron Crocodile (Carpenter) played by Rufus

Cara Cow (Doctor) played by badboytje88

Edgar Elephant (Fisherman) played by WhiteFang

Felix Fox (Farmer) played by Shadows

Gabby Goat (Dairy Operator) played by Ricecracker

Gilbert Goat (Schoolteacher) played by Fugazi

Helen Hippo (Cook) played by def

Horace Horse (Blacksmith) played by iamded

Kaley Cat (Mill Operator) played by Lord Arjay

Kenda Cat (Baker) played by I Scream Clone

Lauren Lamb (Gardener) played by Zepher

Lazlo Lion (Butcher) played by TinyPiesRUs

Marcus Monkey (Apple Seller) played by Inconspicuous

Mindy Mouse (Accountant) played by professor flitwick

Pennie Pig (Spring Haven Mayor) played by Eskallon

Portia Poodle(General Store Operator) played by CorneliusMurdock

Sheldon Sheepdog (Toy Maker) played by Quarryman

Wendell Walrus (Librarian) played by Stash2Sixx

Game Threads

Day 1 - The Hearts & Minds of Men

Day 2 - Hell is empty and all the devils are here...

Day 3 - Every day has its own evil, and its good too

Day 4 - Evil is just a point of view

Day 5 - No rest for the wicked

Day 6 - The evil that men do lives after them

Day 7 - Evil brings men together

Day 8 - There has to be evil...

Day 9 - Endgame

Day 10 - The devil is the author of confusion

Conclusion - Evil in reverse spells live

Other Threads

General Discussion, Introduction and Confirmation



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Name: Mafia School: Escape from Isla Paradisa

Host: Sandy

Dates: March - April 2011

Survivors: Brickdoctor, KartoffelViking, Cutlass Iz, KielDaMan, Baylego, Capt. Redblade (Town)

Game Information

Ten years ago, a man called Mr. Crusoe founded the Paradisa Holiday Romance Resort to the recluse Isla Paradisa using money he stole from the mafia. Now his past has come back to haunt him as vindictive mafia goons have infiltrated the resort's staff and guests, and begun to kill off innocent people one by one until Mr. Crusoe returns the money. Overnight, the paradise island has turned into a deadly prison filled with suspicion and despair.

Characters and Players

Paradisa Holiday Romance Resort Staff

Claudia Toscana, the Lifeguard played by Captain Tamamono

Danielle Barrie, the Janitor played by Dan the Brickman

Dreo Jacmel, the Bartender played by dr jones

Geert Rotterdam, the Personal Trainer played by Gregorovich

Raquel Benito Juarez, the Maid played by Raven Brickroft

Ravi Bombay, the Chef played by RvB

Paradisa Holiday Romance Resort Guests

Bridget Darwin played by Brickdoctor

Casey Roswell played by Capt. Redblade

Colette LeMans played by KielDaMan

Cruz Fortaleza played by CommanderFox

Erin Ennis played by Euvor

Keith Worthing played by KartoffelViking

Kylan Ise played by Cutlass Iz

Panda Panjin played by Pandora

Siegmund Freiburg played by smittyfan

Vanya Livny played by Baylego

Game Threads

Day 1 - When A Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

Day 2 - When Things Weren't As Simple As They Seemed

Day 3 - When Reality Bit Hard

Day 4 - When There Was Still Hope

Day 5 - When Heads Started Rolling

Day 6 - When Things Were Falling To Pieces


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation

Introduction and Sign-Up


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Name: Mafia School: Fabuland Housewives

Host: Hinckley

Dates: May 2011

Survivors: Donut, Fuzzylegobricks, Ro87n (Town)

Game Information

Fabuland is the land of happy and innocent little animal creatures. This has long been a place of adorable and wholesome families living care-free lives. However, nothing perfect stays perfect forever and crime and sadness began to creep into the innocent and happy town. It started with simple greed and adultery, and eventually led to the formation of a power-hungry, murderous mafia. The streets of Fabuland are no longer safe and it's possible the law enforcement and government have been corrupted. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is take matters into your own hands...

Characters and Players

Betsy Bunny (married to Randy Rabbit) played by MetroiD

Bianca Lamb (married to Evan Elephant) played by fuzzylegobricks

Chief Brody Bulldog (ex-boyfriend of Payton Pig) played by Waterbrick Down

Doctor Candace Cow played by Masked Builder

Evan Elephant (married to Bianca Lamb) played by MacK

Franklin Fox (married to Helen Hippo) played by Alopex

Gavin Gorilla (boyfriend of Gregor Goat) played by Dannylonglegs

Gertrude Goat (mother of Marcus and Payton) played by Scorpiox

Gregor Goat (boyfriend of Gavin Gorilla) played by Rumble Strike

Holly Hippo (married to Franklin Fox) played by KingoftheZempk

Hunter Horse (married to Piper Poodle) played by Ro87n

Lily Lamb (married to Marcus Mouse) played by Sirius Black

Marcus Mouse (married to Lily Lamb) played by Bricks2000

Payton Pig (ex-boyfriend of Brody Bulldog) played by Pandora

Piper Poodle (married to Hunter Horse) played by Donut

Randy Rabbit (married to Betsy Bunny) played by Alex the Great

Game Threads

Day 1 - Once Upon a Time in Fabuland

Day 2 - Mean Streets

Day 3 - Running Scared

Day 4 - Shadows and Lies

Day 5 - Out for Justice

Conclusion - Reservoir Dogs...and Lambs and Elephants

Other Threads

General Discussion




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Name: Belville Mafia

Host: Quarryman

Dates: July - August 2011

Survivors: Rufus, Ricecracker (Scum)

Game Information

Quentin de Belle-ville had it all; tons of money from a business empire dealing in chocolate and perfume, more power than any sane man would want, and a loving and caring family to share it all with. Except.. they were perhaps not all as loving and caring as they would like to pretend to be.. in his later years it became more and more obvious that some members of the family were Not Loyal and plotting to take control of the family business empire. So in an attempt to solve this problem once and for all Quentin has gathered the family for one last reunion at his splendid mansion.

Characters and Players

Game Threads

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation



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Name: The Baritones 3

Host: Hinckley

Dates: August - September 2011

Survivors: CallMePieOrDie, Dragonator, Fugazi, Pandora (Scum), Rick (Neutral)

Game Information

Ivan had lived in Moonlight for a very long time. He had loved and lost here and he was determined to keep the city thriving. He had lost his wife, his sister-in-law and many friends over the years, but that wouldn't stop him from living the American dream right here in Moonlight. The town, for some reason, was a draw for gangsters and mafia families. The Baritones crime syndicate had terrorized the town for years until Ivan almost single-handedly stopped them.

In September of 2008, Ivan and a small group of friends had stopped The Baritones from bulldozing the town and replacing it with casinos and strip clubs. They lost many innocent citizens of Moonlight along the way, including Ivan's beautiful wife, Florence. He would never love again...

Shortly thereafter, in January of 2009, Iris Baritone returned and rallied the family into a hostile takeover of the town. Ivan went undercover and single-handedly murdered every last Baritone. Well, there was some help along the way, but since he's the only survivor, he tells it however he wants.

Unfortunately for Moonlight, two well-televised and infamous Mafia wars made people wary of moving there. A few people returned in 2009, but it wasn't until Ivan started contacting family and friends back home in Mother Russia, that the town began to flourish again. With the promise of a prosperous community where they could pursue the American dream, Ivan's relatives and other relations came and re-populated the town.

In August of 2011, two years after finding a way to make Moonlight a successful city again, Ivan was meeting at his own deli with his old friend, Agent Sky. Agent Sky had first come to Moonlight in 2008 on the trail of a deadly serial arsonist. Agent Sky had fallen in love with Ivan's sister-in-law, Darlene (who consequently went to jail soon after they were married for murdering a garbage man named Pete. She also murdered the arsonist Sky had been chasing, but they sent her to jail anyway...) who was murdered by Iris Baritone after the two escaped from prison. Agent Sky has a dire warning about the Baritone family's return to power. Will Ivan listen before it's too late? And if it's too late can Ivan save the city a third time from the evil Baritone Mafia family?

Characters and Players

Barbara (yoga instructor, married to Boris) played by Bob The Construction Man

Benji (businessman, married to Irene) played by Big Cam

Boris (pawn shop owner, married to Barbara) played by Brickdoctor

Catya (college student, engaged to yan) played by The Crazy One

Denis (construction worker) played by def

Dmitri (highway patrol officer, married to Raya) played by Dragonator

Donil (a police officer, brother of Nika and Timur) played by Waterbrick Down

Elena (college professor) played by Inconspicuous

Eugene (manager of The Green Door Tavern) played by Eskallon

Falicia (delivery woman, married to Patrick) played by Fugazi

Irene (artist, married to Benji) played by iamded

Max (lawyer) played by Masked Builder

Nika (firefighter, sister of Donil and Timur) played by CorneliusMurdock

Patrick (firefighter, married to Falicia) played by Pandora

Petr (construction worker) played by Zepher

Petra (nurse) played by Peanuts

Polina (Moonlight Transit Authority (MTA) employee) played by CallMePieOrDie

Raya (real estate agent, married to Dmitri) played by Rick

Ruslana (chief of Police) played by Quarryman

Ruxana (pilot) played by Roncanator

Samuel (retired mechanic, married to Sarah) played by Sandy

Sarah (retired piano teacher, married to Samuel) played by Sirius Black

Stanislav (brewery manager) played by Shadows

Timur (firefighter, brother of Donil and Nika) played by Captain Tamamono

Vera (highway patrol officer) played by KartoffelViking

Wilem (Moonlight Transist Authority (MTA) employee) played by White Fang

Yan (college student) played by Jim Butcher

Yuri (personal trainer) played by badboytje88

Game Threads

Day 1 - Moonlight Fights Back

Day 2 - Drugs are bad, M'kay?

Day 3 - Fool Moon Festival

Day 4 - Now it's personal

Day 5 - Things that go "Boom!" in the night...

Day 6 - Fool Moon Fever

Day 7 - Endgame?

Conclusion - Go with your gut...

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation



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Name: Fraulein Bloodbrick

Host: def

Dates: September - October 2011

Survivors: Dragonator, Shadows, WhiteFang (Scum)

Game Information

Twenty-five years have passed, and the Blutziegal Institute for the Mentally Unhinged is now The One Brick at a Time Clinic. On the anniversary of that night the Walrus was killed, the lights go out. Someone has returned...

Characters and Players

Game Threads

Day 1 - Let it flow

Day 2 - The day the music died

Day 3 - Girls, girls, girls!

Day 4 - Fishy Business

Day 5 - An end to the freaks

Day 6 - Goodbye moon

Day 7 - Walrus dreams

Day 8 - Don't want no more of the crying game

Conclusion - Anybody got any leads?

Night Thread - While the cat's away...

Other Threads

General Discussion and Confirmation



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