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Mark Bellis

8866 Train Motor experiences?

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I'd like to know how everyone has got on with the new 8866 PF train motor, especially compared to the 9V train motor.

I'll spare you the details till I know your stories but my experiences compared to the 9V train motor are not good:

- 8866 is too quick at no load (light engine or down hill)

- 8866 has too little torque at high load (longer or heavier train or up hill)

This is compared to 9V train motors that have better regulation of speed under different loads.

I think the 8866 motor is too highly geared. What do you think?


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I would tend to agree that 8866 is too highly geared, but I can only compare it to power functions because I missed 9V. 8866 just doesn't have enough torque. When I run the Emerald Night and an engine powered by 8866 on the same loop, I constantly have to adjust the speeds to prevent a collision. The 8866 powered train speeds through the straight parts of my layout but slows considerably on the curves. Even with two 8866 motors powering the engine, the speed varies a lot between curves and straights. I don't have any slopes in my layout, but I suspect that it would have lots of trouble climbing.

By the way, I replaced the grey rubbers on the train motor wheels with the o-rings recommended for power functions trains on Railbricks a while ago. The extra traction seems to help, but I haven't done any side by side comparisons. Also, all of my track is the new RC kind without metal (with one or two flex pieces so I could cheat the track geometry), but I don't know whether that affects how the trains run or not.

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I to have the new RC train engine, but have never had 9V engines... Always used 12V.

I only used the engine on a small oval track (grey 12V rails), and with only the locomotive, is goes extremely quick (and derails). The moment you add a small car (2 axle wheelbase), is has traction problems, add a second, and it wont run, UNTILL, I added 2 weight bricks... It runs ok now, will have to compare with 12V engine later.

But, IMHO, it needs weight bricks to keep traction and to keep in on the track.


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