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Whats up guys, it's VBBN, this time with...something a little different. With Brickshelf and majhost MIA, many people have decided to join other sites. One of which, is Flickr. I have heard many people say how confusing it is, so I will give you guys a pictorial review on how to get by Flickr. Later on, I will post a video on youtube also showing you, but with more detailed explaination.


So here we have the main screen. Pretty easy to sign up, especially if you have a yahoo account. Once you are signed up/in,


We come to this. Firstly, my screen may have some things different than your, but I still have the main features you will need to uploading to flickr. Where you see the red circle, click on "Upload Photos and Videos."


Ignoring the problem I had with the screenshot here, this is what you will come to next. Yours might have an upload limit of 100mb a month, but more on that later. Click on "Choose photos and videos."


Here you can select the photos you want to upload. If you have a PC, then hit control(Ctrl) and click on various images to upload multiple at a time. At the bottom of the screen it has the option to use the basic uploader, which is kinda like Brickshelf's uploading system.


In red circle you will find what items you are about to upload. If you choose not to upload them, jjust hit the little trash can next to the one you don't want to upload.

In the green, you have the option to add more photos, and it also tells you how much space these photos will take up.

In blue, you have the option to make them public, private to you, friends, or family.

In the black circle, you will find the button to upload the photos.


Once the photos are uploaded, hit, "Add a description"


Red- Add tags to the whole batch of photos you upload.

Orange-Add the photos to a set. If you don't have a set, you can choose, create a set.

Purple- Name of the photo

Black- Description of your photo

Green- Tags for the specific photo.

You don't have to do any of this, you can just hit save and be donw with it.


After hitting save, you will arrive back to your photostream. Theres the photo! Click on it.


You then arrive here. At the top there are various Icons(I've boxed the most used ones) and to the side are fun facts about the photo and the like. Click on All Sizes at the top.(in blue)


Here is the most important screen. At the top you can pick your size. At the bottom you will see a URL and HTML code. Use the URL at the bottom of the page. NOT THE ONE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. It will be considered a dynamic page in the img tags. Just right click on the url, it will highlight it all at once, copy, and paste it in img tags here on EB, and there you go!

Non-pro users can't make collection, have a 100mb limit per month, and can't upload videos, but it's still more secure than Brickshelf thanks to being a Yahoo made company.

Hope you guys found this helpful, and be sure to add me as a friend on Flickr!


And courtesy of ricecracker, here we have a tutorial on Picnik, a program similar to photoshop associated with Flickr.

Another useful application that works alongside Flickr is Picnik. Picnik is an online photo-editing site, and while definitely not as powerful as Photoshop, it does it's job. Picnik is free.

The first thing you will see when you go to Picnik.com is this:


Click "Get Started Now", and you will get a loading screen. Be patient, as it can take a little while. Once it loads, you will get this screen:


Click "Upload a Photo".


Like on flickr, you will get a dialog box where you can choose which picture to edit. Once the image loads, this is what it'll look like:


At the top, it has five main headings; Home, Library, Edit, Create and Save and Share. Home takes you back to the main page, Library has a bunch of pictures that you can edit, Edit is where you edit your own pictures, and Save and Share is where you go once you are done. Under Edit, there are many options. Use these to enhance and modify your images. Once you are finished editing, click on Save and Share. It will take you to this screen:


It is currently on Save to Computer. Like with the different editing options, you are given a variety of places to save it to. We want to save it to Flickr, so click Flickr. It will ask to connect to your Flickr account. I believe that the first time, it will take you directly to Flickr where you will need to authorize it, but after that, a new window will briefly pop up. You don't need to do anything.


You'll now get the screen where you can save it to Flickr:


But who wants to call it by it's DSC? I sure don't. I also want to add tags, a description, add it to a group, and make it public. This is better:


It's now on your Flickr account! Ignore those bottom two pictures... for now.


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Thanks for the informative tutorial. I'm afraid I might be needing this in the near future. :grin:

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Thanks this is very helpful especially with the uncertin fate of brickshelf nowadays.

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I just joined flickr a couple of days ago because of the Brickshelf problems and I am glad to see I did it right. :laugh:

You will be invited VBBN. :thumbup:

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Oh, Flickr, how I love thee. :wub: I find it's much easier to upload pics (as a batch, rather than one...at...a...time...) as well as how nice it is to be able to save other people's pics as 'favorites' and mark them as contacts, leave a message on a model, etc....

Oh, and added. :wink:

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Oh lala, I didn't know flickr was free. Thanks foro the tutorial! I might sign up after all.

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Oh lala, I didn't know flickr was free. Thanks foro the tutorial! I might sign up after all.

It is free for basic use...for full access you need an account!

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Great tutorial VBBN, wish it was around when I joined ages ago. I think you are already added by the way :wink:

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Great tutorial! I've been using Flickr for a couple years now. I love my Pro account. :classic:

I would recommend that any Windows users try the "Flickr Uploadr" program that Flickr provides. You can use it to do all your uploading and add titles, descriptions, tags, and sets all at once.

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Everyone check the first post- a picknic tutorial is now up and running thanks to Ricecracker. :thumbup:


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