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Ketongu Redux

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I finally got some time to sit down and put Ketongu together, and I was quite disappointed by the finished product. His head and torso were nothing more then a hat covering an eyestalk over a spinner launcher...boring...

So, I took the torso apart while leaving the arms and legs intact and decided to have a crack at giving him a new head and body with the same pieces. Here's what I got.


Now he looks more like a bipedal dino-monster of sorts. His torso is a little thinner, but I think the head makes up for it a little more.



The ex-eyestalk has joined another stem to become dual cannons mounted on his back.


I really didn't want to give him a Bohrak-style head with that piece, but it was the best way to get it to work with the "bottom jaw" I wanted to give him. The red tabs are passable as eyes, but I'd have preferred clear pieces to use, but there weren't any :P


As I noted, the arms and legs are exactly the same as the official model...didn't have any problems with those, and the spinning shield weapon built into his right arm is fun as hell to play with


This last pic is just a play-experiment, to see if he could execute some sort of action manuver where he could crouch down and fire his back okay I guess.

Not the most creative or awe-inspiring modification, but I still like him better now then he was before nuts.GIF

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I really don't mind the proportions at all. No part of him is really too thin and the head lloks better than the standard bionicle fair.

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