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Some Tiny Turbo MOCs

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I love Tiny Turbos! I also love making TT MOCs. They all have specific background stories, and it's all very complicated but I won't explain it here because I'm simply too lazy to write it all - I guess I'll be energetic enough to give you their names. ;) Here's a bunch for your viewing pleasure!

Let's start with the Rogue Sequencer GT Cruiser. A coastal cruisin' sort of luxury, well, cruiser. ;)


And let's continue with the Nar~Enneel CX10 - an Egyptian off-roader! Its name means "Fire of the Nile" in Egyptian. :)


Next, the Zuri Z3-V8 - a car from Kenya. In the future, even Africa makes supercars! :D


The rear end of a Kazufumi drifting machine! This thing will go sideways faster than if Chuck Norris punched a crab!


The Appaloosa Flame Cream - Appaloosa specializes in hot rods, muscle cars cruisers and wacky customs! My favorite. :)


And lastly, the Appaloosa GT-Delta Savanna edition. Once in a full moon, Appaloosa makes a supercars. ;)


Please, tell me if you'd like more, cause I've got tons of 'em!

Hope you enjoyed!

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I think they look great, very similar to LEGO's version btu with such small platforms that's expected.

I say post all of them if you got them.

Nice work.

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Awesome!!!!!! The best is the first one and I also like the Flame Cream Truck and the Red Supercar :thumbup:

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That is a nice collection of Tiny Turbo creations Raphy! I really like the sleek curvy overall shape of the first one. Great job on these! :thumbup:

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