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Sidorak Reborn

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You may remember the Rakshi Hordika custom I did based off of a drawing a friend whipped up. Well she went at it again a while back, and now that my camera has been repaired, I can share both the sketch and the MOC...Sidorak Reborn


The original intent...

Kay. Kay. Kay. Outrageous explanation time. Roodaka sets up Sidorak vs Keetongu. Siddy = smushied. Vakama releases the Visorak Horde. And then they rebuild Sidorak because they're totally loyal to him. INTO THIS ABOMINATION!


So, what looked like a simple "stick Sidorak's torso on Nidhiki's legs" job became quite a bit more. The whole bottom half had to be beefed up and redesigned, and here's what I came up with...



As you can see, the basic Nidhiki legs set is almost gone and has been replaced with more robust legs and a beefed up support structure. About the only thing left of the original design are the placement of the frame and swivel sockets. Extra articulation has also been added to the neck for that sort of "hunching" posture he has in the drawing.


I think the hardest part was finding enough of the "Republic Red" pieces to make him look whole. The original Bionicle red just doesn't jive.


Once I got the legs squared away I realized I needed an abdomen, so I managed to cobble one together out of much of Toa Hordika Vakama :P


*skritch skritch*



So there you have it. Once again, the best part was the challenge of taking a very organic original drawing and translating it back to LEGO form. Personally I think he turned out well nuts.GIF

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Wow, both your building technique and your friends drawing technique have gotten even better since last time :oo

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Like most Lego created Bionicles where appearing too thin and not very structurally sound, this rendision of Sidororak addresses this issue w/ substantial beefing up. At every level this moc is so much better than the original ! I have a particular fondness for the intiminating head. Great work here my friend *satis*


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Wow those are super nice man. That is really good work keep it up, both the drawings and the bionicle are awsome..Keep it up!

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