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I want to present my first creation after my second dark age.

Model of Renault Magnum truck, powered with Lego clear motors from set 4094.




As you can see on the pictures chassis is based around a six stud wide box running

most of the length of the vehicle.

This structure ended up very strong,mostly becouse of locking it by adding 1x4 and

1x6 technic bricks vertically.

No twisting or weak spots this way.



The motor from driving the truck comes from set 4094 set clear case motor.

It is mounted to be beneath the upside down (steering) motor

Reduction was 1:9

Placing the motor in such low-space frame was hard, because I wanted

that the cabine can tilt and to have detailed engine, and also the gears and

another motor for steering was needed to be placed, all that under the space

of the cabin!



The motor from steering the truck comes from set 4094 set clear case motor.

Of course, problem of no-space is still present. Solution was to place steer

motor upside down so it can cope the gears properly

and in addition, to act as a cab holder when it is not tilted.



I didn't have 2x2 corner round bricks so how to build edges?

For the first time I am building truck this size so it has to have some

slopes on sides. Solution was SNOT, with

lots of 1x2 and 2x2 sloped bricks 45 on edges. In that way I got a new

type of connecting the doors.


Doors can be opened and the whole cab can tilt. Dashboard is SNOT and curved,

steering wheel adjustable,so are the seats. Interior is finished with

gearbox stick, pedals and a bed in blue color.

This truck brought me back to Lego, for the second time, despite the limited amount of bricks and experience, I really liked how it looked like at the time.

Real truck can be seen here:

Studs cm

Width 18 14.4

Length 42 33.6

Height 28 22.4

Weight 1.6 kg

Comments are welcomed! :classic:

Edited by Milan

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Nice. First non-studless Technic MOC I've seen for a while. :thumbup:

Good that you've added more features of the engine compartment. Most models have just the engine block.

I bet the chassis is much stiffer than a studless one! Did you base it one the tipper truck, Test Car or similar chassis technology?

I hope your clear motors don't grind. More than half of mine have done so and I think one stopped altogether. I think it's the lack of proper location of one of the faster gears on its axle inside.


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Ah, studded Technic. Nice model :classic: I love this building style where all the mechanisms are hidden under the body.

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Thanks for the nice comments, guys!

Stevex, thanks, man!

Cam, actually, it can, but I don't have much of these old tires, so I can't spare them by burning them to the rims :tongue: just kidding, it can drift in place and it looks pretty cool.

Mark, thanks for the info about you having problems with grinding the motors...When I noticed that on 2 of 4 that motors, I went to the Lego store (my only non Bricklink purchase in Serbia) to argue with the salesman about that.

Chassis is very stiff, but pretty short...on longer models it tends to buckle, so I usually add one more layer of beams.

It is based on usual 6 wide box design, nothing specifically, only reference was PDF from Renault Magnum site, for proportion to be exact.

VMLN8R, this is my favorite building style, technic hidden with the model team!!!

Thanks again for comments!

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I remembered that this motor had caused quite some problems, and looking through my bookmarks I finally found the origin of my knowledge... A comment by Mark Bellis on BS ;D

There's also a gallery with pictures to show this problem (by another user)

As for the MOC. I agree that it's nice to see a 'Model Team" type MOC and al studded!

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