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Visorak Evisceration (Halloween MOC)

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He was walking home from Trick-or-Treating. Going through the woods was creepy, but it was much, much faster, beating the long route around the nuclear power plant by at least twenty minutes. He never believed the stories about the people that had disappeared there - it couldn't be coincidence that they were only told around Halloween.

Then the rustling started. A bush twitched. The spiderwebs started to get denser aroudnd the trees. Suddenly, something smashed out of the bushes into his shoulder, spinning him around. hairs so thick that they were practically spikes slashed at his face, blood dripping into his eyes, so that he could barely see the spidery forms that swarmed over his body. He was concious of a horrible, excruciating pain. And then he was concious of nothing.





This is how it would look if you came across the scene in the forest. Creepy, huh?


I wanted to do a Halloween MOC, but I don't have enough pieces to make a big creepy castle, and didn't have much time either (it is the 30th, after all. btw, say happy birthday to my little sister), so I settled for a creepy death scene. Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

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What a gruesome and bloody MOC to get us in the spirit. :skull: The use of Anakin's head is great, as well as (I'm assuming) the Bionicle spider thingies. I also love the creepy angle on the tree.

Great work, and happy birthday to your sister!

(You may consider doing more resizing to your images.)

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Happy Bday to her :classic:

One of the scariest MOC i have ever seen. Truly a creepy MOC.

I like how you made dark pictures and dark atmosphere! Nice.

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I showed my sister this thread, and she didn't see the part where I told you it was her birthday... she thought you were just psychic and/or stalkers :laugh:

Thanks for the compliments, I really enjoyed making this MOC, even though it only took the scrawny side of 20 minutes. I'd like to do more seasonal MOCs from now on.

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