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This is my old Backhoe, machine that I really like because of its versatility, and because it is so tricky to build in Lego, due to size limitation.

It was my first creation since dark ages...

Since I am working right now on new PF version of Backhoe, I want to present this first, older version.




Real machine (that date version)


Old BS folder with this machine HERE

It has 12 pneumatic cylinders, powered bu motorized pump in controller. It has 2 motors in tractor unit. One for drive and one for steer.

It is very basically built, without much attention to detail, and realism. I just aimed for JCB 3cx.

Loader unit is controlled by hand controller, as well as driving the steering the tractor, while backhoe is operated via 4 switches, placed where steps should be.

It has, unfortunately, wooden wheels, back then I did not have Power Puller giant wheels.

It has very slow drive, but it can carry all of its weight, loader and backhoe worked well, but doubled cylinders often rotated in both directions.

It was a good training for the machine I am working on now.

NEW one will be RC JCB 3CX, with 8 LA's and 2 new rechargeable battery boxes, as well as RC speed remote controller, and very detailed, with Power Puller back tires, 24 studs wide. I will present it here in a few days.

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Very fine loader- you hide a lot of functions in not big size, but in my opinion non-lego wheels should be banned ;P


PS:When you send me photos of your axle?

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I like your MOC. :classic:

Especially the mecanism with the rack (a bit like 8868) :cry_happy:

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Thanks for the comments, guys!

Pictures of the inside are not possible since it is destroyed...

I am very close to complete new version, which is coming together very nice, looks great and functions are working very good (that actually took most of the time).

I am working at the CAD files at the moment, to show how some of the internal works.

Final order should be here tomorrow, so I will finish it very soon and present it!

kondzios230, you have a PM!

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If you can do Pneumatics with LDraw, then you should have a look at the competition that's running at TechnicBRICKs (and if anyone else knows basic LDraw they might want to have a go as well)

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