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MOC: Pop-up Brass Tower

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Here is my pop-up Brass Tower, from the Pokemon games.

Inspired by 'tala's' pop-up Kinkaku-ji, I decided to make this last week as a birthday present for my brother. I finished it last Wednesday and yesterday I took some pictures.




For those of you are interested :tongue:, further information about the 'real' Brass Tower:


Getting it to fold was the most difficult. I started by watching tala's video and observed the folding mechanism. Then I made a micro model on two small baseplates to get my head around it.

Many hours later...

Essentially, two corners are hinged, two are not and all sides fold down. The ideal situation is when the baseplate fold lies along the same plane as the hinged corners (i.e. the building is at 45°). Simple! In theory. I found it difficult to place the building at exactly 45° and in line with the fold so with time running out I compromised which probably explains the flex when folding.







I'm happy with the end result. I can't believe it works! It's my first proper 'MOC' in over two years and was a lot of fun. If there is a next time, I'll try to improve the folding.

The model is now dismantled and the donor Sandcrawler is in the Works being rebuilt.

Here is a short video. Music by Scott Walker - Sons Of.


Enjoy! Feel free to comment. Let me know if anything needs explaining.

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Thanks guys.


This is the finished tower! The other eight floors were destroyed in a fire. I tried to simulate this with the holey roof and grey bricks. Well, thats my excuse - I wouldn't have enough brown bricks to build the complete tower :classic:

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