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Matt Dawson

30001 Fire Truck Review

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Pieces: 40; 1 spare

Cost: Free with paper: 65p if you buy the paper just for the set

Release Date: 24/10/2009

I got two today - for some of the spare parts...

As usual for a promo, comes in a sealed platic bag, with a picture of the completed truck and it's driver:


There are quite a few small parts for this set:


And sorted:





And as usual, a bit of advertising:


During building. You can see the model (at build step 4) in the top left corner, the remaining parts in the middle. And no, I DIDN'T build the fig first! after all, who does't have a fire fig that looks like this one? Also note that there are 3 blue 1x1 round trans blue - one of these is the ONLY spare!


The fig:


The completed model:




And with the fig/canister loaded:




Overall: A nice exclusive set. For 65p each, they're not bad at all. Plus you get a nice set of parts which can be used for other models.

Edited by Rick

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The more I look at it, the more I think it should be white instead of red, with an ice-cream vendor instead of a fire-fighter.

Thanks for the review.

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It is a real bargain buying this set. It has smoe nice pieces. And it looks cute. Overall nice one!

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