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Matsuoka Nui

A Final Wish

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Averax Magna Chronicles

Book III: A Final Wish

Notice: This final piece of the Averax Magna trilogy will continue from “The Frozen Time”…however we will return to present time and see what lies ahead for our beloved daughter of Mata Nui and Skralla.

*This will also be my final epic in terms of entire Princess Skralla and Averax Magna series.

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The journey is far from over…at least for Sakari and her team. In the last novel, they set up traps, fates as well as the inevitable in order to “restore” Skralla’s and Mata Nui’s past. But as of current, a mysterious being named Erax appears in their way. His purpose…is yet to be seen, however he is willing to help them due to his mission.

Time is running out as our friends must prepare for “A Final Wish” that determines the broken timelines of “Averax Magna” and “Princess Skralla” arc. But another surprise is yet to be discovered. One whose storyline is almost that of this world…one whose completed mission was to change the future as well…what lies ahead for our heroes? Will Averax Magna and its people be at last free from this trapped time? Will Sakari finally reunite with her parents and her kingdom?

Notice: *A Major Crossover is yet to happen! See spoiler...



*Sakari (Clone Sakura): The daughter of MN and S and the destined princess of Averax Magna. It's been revealed that Sakari is a reincarnation of the "Clone Sakura" in which the other Sakura/Tsubasa mentioned that they were the same. Her essence was split in half; part of it was in Belirax while she had the other half.

*Syarix (Clone Syaoran): Former resident of Halan Country, now a traveler who is willing to help Sakari get her home back. He is the reincarnation of the "Clone Syaoran". Half of his spirit was split in half; part of it in Agarax and the other half within himself.

Belirax (Deceased): A female Skrall created by the Great Beings from one of Sakura's feathers. She founded the “Sisters of the Skrall”.

Agarax (Deceased): A created being who contains one of Sakura's feathers; created by the Great Beings. He became a traveler from Halan Country and left in order to prepare for his destiny.

Garaxial’s Light (Deceased): The remaining light of the Original Garaxial. He knew that in order to save Averax Magna, he forced his life to end by killing his other partner.

Erax: A mysterious warrior who was granted with the power to cross worlds, given by Yukko.

Mata Nui: The father of Sakari, ruler of Averax Magna. He and Skralla are trapped inside the Vahi in order to keep the world safe by turning back its time.

Skralla: Sakari’s mother, ruler of Averax Magna. She and Mata Nui sacrificed the last of their powers to keep Averax Magna safe from Garaxial’s invasion.

Garaxial (Deceased): A eccentric scientist who lost his light as a result of a dangerous experiment. Died when the other self attacked him and when the heroes combined their powers to kill him and his other self.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

*Syaoran (Tsubasa): The "real" Syaoran who was the son of the "Clone Syaoran" and "Clone Sakura" due to a Time Paradox. He is currently looking for his parents with Kurogane, Fay, and Mokona in order to find a way to see them again. He has discovered that Sakari and Syarix are the "reincarnations" of his deceased parents.

Sakura (Tsubasa): The "real" princess of Clow Country. Her time has been frozen (when Syaoran/Tsubasa turned back his own time to save her) before she was about to die from a seal that was implanted her.

Kurogane: A powerful ninja from Nihon Country (Japan)

Fay: A magician from Celes Country.

Mokona: A "white fluffy" creature that has the power to cross worlds.


“Separated Time BIONICLE Universe” (aka “Princess Skralla” Arc/Timeline)

Wall of Stars

-----Bara Magna

---------Valley of the Maze

---------Tesara Temple

---------Black Spikes

-----Aqua Magna

-----Bota Magna

-----Matoran Universe

“BIONICLE Frozen Time Universe” (aka “Averax Magna Chronicles” arc/Timeline)

-----Spherus Magna

----------Averax Magna

----------Bara Magna


----------Aqua Magna

----------Bota Magna

---------------The Grasslands

----------Artakha’s Kingdom

----------GB’s Kingdom

Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Prologue: The Beginning of the End

“But I’m sure that if everything goes the way it’s planned, then we won’t have to do this ever again…but it’s only up to those children…”



*Averax Magna, before the 2nd story

“I swear…we cannot let our world suffer,” said Mata Nui, “I will find a way to stop him and bring our daughter back.”

Then the two stepped back a few paces and held out their hands. The Ignika and Skralla’s necklace began to glow. Two beams of light struck the Vahi, causing the mask to vibrate. In a matter of moments, their world would be locked in time.

If you choose this wish…you will set a dangerous distortion to this timeline as well as a birth of another dimension, said a female voice inside of Skralla’s head.

Who are you, she asked.

That doesn’t matter who I am…if you do this…your daughter will be in a separate timeline from here. Both you and Mata Nui will be trapped inside of this mask…unable to do anything but wait…just like my friends…but do you still wish to proceed?

We have to…she replied…for the sake of our world and our friends, and most of all, our daughter…

Then the choice has been made, came the reply, the price will be paid.

Then the bodies of Mata Nui and Skralla dissolved into the Vahi. Their part was done…for now. As the flow of time stopped, preventing Garaxial’s shadows from invading Spherus Magna, something was about to be reborn.

They would be trapped inside the Vahi for an unknown period of time, waiting for Sakari to return to their kingdom. If she were to succeed, the shadows of Garaxial would finally be vanquished for all time, if not, then the world would end up in an endless sea of darkness, if it doesn’t fall into time-space collapse.


The timelines of the Princess Skralla arc and Averax Magna has disconnected. As a result, a new dimension was created in place…a world that had its own ruler…a world that was once a place of light…now a realm of darkness.

Their choice also caused Sakari, Syarix, Belirax, Agarax and Garaxial’s Light to be thrown into the Princess Skralla timeline, but all of the events have been erased and separated from Averax Magna Arc. In order to connect the two major time periods, the team had to rely on an ancient scroll which instructed them to do dangerous tasks; most of them were risky, due to a chance of breaking the laws of time.

But what about this new dimension, who would live in it? It would take time…but it would be home to various citizens, a world called Kotan…the twin, but yet an opposite dimension of Spherus Magna…home to the future dimension of darkness…


*Kotan World (Its foundation, around 110,000 years ago…)

A portal opened; several Great Beings soared through the empty world. They were sent by the others to prepare this world in order for the broken timelines to repair themselves. All what was needed was several inhabitants and a ruler, one that would maintain peace for some time…until the day when Garaxial would lose his light and take control of this world.

“Is this even right? A time paradox like this is dangerous…” said one of the Great Beings.

“Indeed it is,” said Agnonce, “But I’m sure that if everything goes the way it’s planned, then we won’t have to do this ever again…but it’s only up to those children…”

The Great Beings arrived at a desolated area on a gentle slope. Agnonce took a few steps foreword, then moved to the left, and continued, “We’ll have to build the fortress around here. And we must make sure that its ruler is ready.”

Setting themselves to work, the Great Beings waved their hands, using their amazing powers to create various structures. One of the Great Beings held up a glowing sphere that contained Kan’s spirit.

“Is it ready?” asked one of the Great Beings.

“Yes,” said the other one, “We will see to that he has his own body to function. Then we might as well leave, the people here will be able to complete the rest of this village.”

“And what about Garaxial?” asked another Great Being, “Does he have to be exiled to this world, when the time comes for him?”

“You know why. We cannot make a simple mistake or else, we’ll cease to exist in the next run. This is the only way to proceed,” replied Agnonce.

Once everything was all prepared, the Great Beings stood in a line, calling forth on the dimensional gates. In mere moments, they disappeared, heading back to Spherus Magna. It was around that moment, when a stranger woke up (which was Kan), who saw several beings leaving.

Kan looked around and saw several other beings woke up as if it was a long dream. They would be his friends, his people, until the day when Garaxial would take over this dimension.


Present Time Bionicle Universe:

“Averax Magna Timeline”

Kotan World (Today)

Garaxial stood alongside of the energized pool of protodermis. For the last several days, he was sending his shadow entities to invade the kingdom of Averax Magna. Then the plan was flawed as a result of Skralla and Mata Nui turning back their time in order to seal the world away.

Sarhax, Detex, and Eajax, three of his students were at the moment elsewhere. He sent the three to keep an eye on Sakari and the others, in order to make sure that his plan succeeds.

This journey of theirs…they have a new player in the game now…and it’s only going to get more intense…he thought.

He remembered well on the day when his light was drained. How it changed this world, from a place of light, now a realm of shadows.

He never told his students about his real plan, how he wanted to put all of the worlds together under one ruler. For the last several years, he sent the three to go to various worlds and observe and study and then bring the information back to him in order to record it. Already he has over hundreds of dimensions and places in a book that he also placed his steps of his plan. In order to keep it to himself, he created a decoy of the same book so the others could look at it, without any suspicion.

When the time comes…I will no longer need them, they will be extinguishing from this place as I take the steps to becoming the ruler of all dimensions, he thought.


Inside the Vahi…

Mata Nui stared at Skralla though the barrier. For the last unknown period of time, they used the last of their powers to protect the planet from being sealed away by the darkness. This choice caused them to appear inside the Mask of Time, unable to even touch their hands. All they could do was to only wait, wait for their daughter, Sakari to return and free them.

Skralla sighed at the sight. For the last few years, she remembered how everything was alright. After she and Mata Nui brought Spherus Magna back, they became the rulers of a great kingdom. Within the last three years, all was well, until Sakari came into existence.

“Do you still hear me?” she asked.

Mata Nui shook his head. He took a deep breath and fogged the barrier, then using his finger he wrote: “I’m fine.”

Skralla nodded in relief. It would be a while before Sakari would return, but after some time, she began to worry.

What if this mission was all for another cataclysm, she thought, what if they changed the timeline?

She wasn’t going to get answers; the world around them began to shake…

Is this the beginning of the end, thought Mata Nui, we have to get out of here!

Mata Nui touched the Ignika as he felt a jolt of pain, he felt something terribly wrong. He saw Skralla gasping at the sight of his mask…it was turning silver!

“Your mask!” she shouted silently, “it’s changing!”


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Chapter 1: An Unknown Stranger

As Sakari drew closer, she could make out the features of this new arrival. A tall, female being with a beautiful dress in mixed colors of pink and white, her eyes were as green as the leaves of the forest.



Time Period: 3 Years ago (“The Rising Darkness”)

The group woke up in the jungle region of Tesara, not far from the village. Well, at least almost everyone.

“The princess,” said Syarix “Is she…?”

The Light Garaxial placed his hand on her forehead and said, “She’s only asleep.”

Syarix sighed in relief and replied, “That’s fine. I was worried that it could have been something else.”

“This is Tesara, isn’t it?” asked Belirax.

“It is,” said Agarax, “But why are we here?”

“The next task…could it be…?” asked the Light Garaxial.

Syarix took out the list and read the next task. He handed it to the others, allowing them to read.

“At least this one is a simple one,” said Agarax, “Cleaning out the temple.”

“But where is it?” asked Syarix.

“It’s nearby,” he replied, “I was there during an event called, ‘The Fusion’.”

“The fusion?” said a confused Syarix.

“It’s what Skralla and Mata Nui will do, to recreate the lost Spherus Magna,” explained Agarax, “It’s to undo The Shattering.”

Erax looked around with wonder, part of him was telling that he should know this place, but he couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.


"Land of Dreams"

Sakari woke up in a darkened void. She recalled coming here several times prior to being sent back in time. This time though, she realized that she was alone.

Why am I here, alone, she thought, and the others…will they be alright?

Suddenly, she saw a portal opening. A lone stranger came out and saw her in the distance. The stranger floated in mid-air and stood as if the stranger was expecting someone.

Who is that, thought Sakari, walking towards the stranger.

The stranger could see the other person, walking towards her.

It’s exactly as what I dreamed about, I should have told him before he left with the others, thought the stranger.

As Sakari drew closer, she could make out the features of this new arrival. A tall, female being with a beautiful dress in mixed colors of pink and white, her eyes were as green as the leaves of the forest.

“Who are you?” asked Sakari.

The stranger smiled and said, “I am like you, a princess of a beautiful country.”

“I don’t understand,” she replied, “Who are you? Where are you from?”

“You will understand about everything, soon,” said the stranger, “I have four friends that are traveling from world to world.”

“And who are they?” asked Sakari.

“You’ll see them,” came the reply, “When the time comes.”

“But wait!” shouted Sakari as the world changed, “What is your name?”

“We will meet again, and I will tell you more!” shouted the stranger.


Sakari woke up with confusion. She realized that the others were awakened.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syarix.

“I…I…I saw a stranger…” replied Sakari, “And she said something about other people…”

“What do you mean?” asked Belirax.

“This person who I saw…was a lot like me…” she answered.

Sakari wanted to explain more of what she saw, but she wanted to change topics by figuring out the next task on the scroll.

“We have to head out to the temple,” said Agarax, “The same one that your parents will use to bring back Spherus Magna.”

“Wait! What’s that noise?” asked the Light Garaxial.

The group could hear something slithering across the jungle floor. A few moments later, the shadows entities were spreading their way across the forest.

“This way!” said Agarax, “We can’t let them get to us!”

The group fled deeper and deeper into the forest. It was a matter of moments to realize that the time period they were in, was the time when Garaxial was sending his shadows to take over Bara Magna. It would also be the time period when Skralla took several Glatorian with her on a dangerous journey to retrieve the necklace from the hands of Garaxial.

The group arrived at a small clearing; ahead of them was the temple; however it was full of vines and leaves.

“What a mess,” muttered Belirax.

“We have to clean this up,” said Sakari, “Before those monsters get to us.”


“This way!” shouted Gresh.

Several Glatorian fled in several directions. While most of the Glatorian and Agori escaped from the storms of shadows, several of the warriors, accompanied by Skralla, went out towards the Wastelands to regroup.

“What just happened?” asked Kiina.

“The necklace…it’s gone…” said Skralla, keeping herself calm.

“That storm…the one that stole your necklace, is it possible to get it back?” asked Tarix.

“I do not know,” she replied, “I only know that we have to get it back.”

“And we can’t get anything out of this world,” snarled Ackar, “No peace, prosperity, or equals. Just war, violence, and death…”

“Um, yeah, this is probably one of the reasons why I want to get out of this wasteland,” replied Kiina.

“The Skrall were bad enough to deal with,” said Mata Nui, “But yet, now that they’re free, will they remain like that? Or will they dare to continue with their plans?”

“We can only hope,” answered Gresh, “And yet I’m sure that there are ways.”

“But just how will we?” asked Ackar, “Who ever has that necklace now, is probably just learning how to manipulate it.”

“Kiina!” shouted a nearby Belirax, who was with Stronius, Vastus, and Gelu.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“They want you to come with them to Roxtus. To see if there are any clues in the village.”

Kiina sighed. She wanted to stay with Mata Nui and the others but she knew that the others would need a bigger group in order to fight back any of the shadows.

“And what about you?” asked Kiina.

“I have to go and find any survivors in Atero. There’s a good chance that several Agori are trapped,” replied Belirax.

Skralla came up to her and said, “Please, be careful. We do not know about this new arrival…”

“Oh don’t worry about me,” replied Belirax, pointing at her forehead, “I still have my mental assault powers if I have to.”

Skralla nodded and turned back with the others. Kiina joined Stronius, Vastus and Gelu and the four set off towards Roxtus.


“We have to get out of here!” snapped Tarduk.

The group of Agori, led by Malum was returning to Vulcanus; however the shadows were beginning to spread all over the planet.

“I can’t!” replied Raanu, “This village cannot surrender!”

Berix and Tarduk grabbed the protesting Agori leader. Raanu tried his best to break free but it was no use.

“We have to move out,” said Berix, “It’s no use to stand here.”

“I’ll take him,” replied Malum, carrying the exhausted Raanu.

“Forgive me,” whispered Raanu as he fell unconscious.

“Somebody, get help!” snapped the Glatorian, “I don’t think this one is going to make it any longer!”

Then, out in the distance, a fire Agori was arriving on a vehicle. It turned out to be Crotesius, riding on the Cendox V1.

“Crotesius!” said Malum, “Take Raanu to safety. Anywhere but here, Vulcanus has met its match.”

Crotesius placed the unconscious Agori behind the front seat of the Cendox and replied, “Is anyone else able to come with me?”

“I’ll go,” said Tarduk, “Besides; I don’t see anything else we can do around here.”

“I might as well return to Roxtus,” muttered Atakus.

“Watch out!” shouted Berix.

The Glatorian and Agori turned to see the shadows attacking them. Without a choice, the group separated, fleeing in different directions.


Berix had been running for what it seemed for years. He was running out of breath terribly and found at least on oasis not far from a Vorox’s nest. However, he had to sneak in for a drink when the coast was clear.

The Agori turned and saw several Glatorian in the distance. It turned out to be Skralla, Mata Nui, Ackar, Tarix , Gresh, and Tuma.

“Is everyone alright?” asked the Agori.

“Berix!” snapped Tarix, “Kiina was looking for you before!”

“Oh…” sighed Berix, “Well, I was with several Agori until we were attacked by the shadows.”

The last two words gave out a harsh truth, it turned out that the shadows were spreading.

“But I think there’s a way how we can get it back…” said the Agori, “I remember when I read that one book; there was something about dimensional travels.”

“Traveling, in space and time?” asked Skralla.

“Yeah, it’s the only way how you can get it back,” answered the Agori.


Tesara Temple

“There’s too many vines!” snapped Agarax, “And is it just me or won’t these thing let go of the temple?”

Agarax and the others were trying to cut down the vines and clean up the temple area, however it appears that the task could not be accomplished as easy as they expected to be.

“Are they alive?” asked Belirax, tugging another vine away from the temple. As she placed it own, the vine somehow slithered towards the temple like a snake.

“They’re not any snakes? Are they?” asked the Light Garaxial as he fend off another vine.

“I’m not sure, but whatever these are, they’re making sure that they keep a good grip on this temple,” answered Syarix.

Sakari stood to the side from the group. She could somehow hear a message coming from the vines themselves…

You can’t keep going like this…or else you’ll end up trapped…with your partner, never to embrace or see your family again…


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Chapter 2: The Dream’s Warning

For some reason, she somehow remembers what Erax mentioned before, that his early life was shredded in mystery, and yet this girl knew all about it?



Who are you, asked Sakari.

I am what you see…but if you keep chasing your dreams, you’ll end up in a place where someone will want you to go to…

We have to keep moving, said Sakari, my people, my parents…they’re in grave danger!

If you keep following on what that scroll says, that will be exactly what Garaxial wanted…came the reply.

“Sakari?” asked Syarix, “Are you alright?”

Sakari stood still and didn’t even turn her head. Syarix grabbed her hand and said, “Princess! Can you hear me?”

But the princess still did not hear him. Her mind was in a trance and saw a nightmarish scene in front of her eyes. It was the same dream that her mother saw…the one where she and Syarix were trapped. But unlike what her mother saw, she also saw two other figures. They looked similar but yet they were disturbing familiar as if she knew them somehow, but couldn’t figure out their forms.

Then the picture changed around her, this time she could see her kingdom for the first time, but realized that it was falling into the void. She saw the people, frozen in space and in time and cannot escape the end of the world.

Lastly, the world around her changed, revealing the chamber where she saw a mask floating. She could see her parents inside the mask, calling for her to save the future…

“Save us, daughter, please!” shouted Skralla, “Whatever you do…don’t stop!”

“Time is running out,” said Mata Nui, “You must prepare--“

Then Sakari collapsed, horrified at the sight that she was seeing.

“Mother…” she slurred as she fell unconscious, shocked.

The others turned and ran to see Syarix shouting for help, holding the princess.

“Is she alright?” asked Agarax.

“I don’t know, but whatever she saw, I think we’re running out of time,” he answered.

Erax placed his hand on Sakari’s head for a moment. Then, he realized that there was something terribly wrong about this person.

Impossible, he thought, she can’t be…is she? Is she…

“What’s wrong?” asked Belirax, “You seemed worried or something?”

“It looks like as if you discovered a secret,” added Agarax.

“I have,” replied the Glatorian, “And if I’m right, then this is going to get intense once we reach to the core of this journey.”

“What is it then?” asked Syarix.

But before he could protest, Erax placed his hand on his forehead. The Glatorian gasped at what he could read in his mind. Half of the memories laid dormant, just like Sakari’s.

“I cannot explain right now,” replied Erax, “It’s something totally complicated for me to explain.”

“What about the vines?” asked Belirax.

“They don’t seem to withdrawal easily,” answered the Light Garaxial.


Roxtus Fortress

Skralla, Mata Nui, Vastus, Kiina, Strakk, Stronius and Malum stood by the throne, preparing for its departure. Before they left, Tuma came up to Skralla, and said, “Please be careful. Everyone is counting all of you and your partners.”

“Don’t worry, father,” she replied, “We’ll find a way to get it back, I promise.”

Then the elite Skrall took a step back as he watched the seven warriors disappearing from view, heading off on a dangerous journey of their life.

“Berix, do you think they’ll be alright?” he asked.

“I do not know, but the future of this world is in their hands. If they fail, then may the Great Beings help us all,” answered the Agori, then he added silently, “If they’re still around at all…”

“Let’s go then,” said Ackar, “We have a leak to seal.”

“But what are we going to do about that?” asked Gelu, “What if this leak does create another catastrophe?”

“We won’t,” answered Tarix, “This time; we’ll make sure there’s a world to walk on after this is all over.”

Then the group left the chamber, heading towards the outside.


“There’s not much time left,” said Belirax, pointing at the sky.

The others looked up and saw that the shadows were beginning to spread in this direction. If they didn’t complete this task, then the timeline would change.

Syarix gave the princess to Belirax and said, “Hold her for a few moments.”

He went towards the central of the chamber, took out his sword and concentrated on it like never before.

“Lord of lightning, answer thy call!” he shouted.

A chain of lightning struck the plants attacking the temple. One by one, each of them exploded into pieces and charred. This time, they couldn’t take it back, nor regenerate.

How did I do that...thought Syarix,Lightning isn't really my element, yet I memorized it?

“You did it!” said Agarax, “They must have stopped growing!”

“Let’s go!” said Light Garaxial, “Before those nasty shadows come.”

Belirax gave Sakari to Syarix and the group went out, heading towards the wastelands.


Sakari woke up in the dreams once more, floating in the mid air. The last time she remembered, was when she met a beautiful girl who claimed to be a princess as well.

There, Sakari saw her again, in the distance. Sakari soared towards her, saying, “Tell me, what your name is?”

The stranger turned her head to Sakari and replied, “Welcome back, Sakari.”

Sakari gasped. Somehow the stranger knew her name!

“How do you know me?” she asked.

“That’s because you’re similar to me, young one,” replied the stranger, “Our names are similar too. My friends call me ‘Sakura’, but my real name is ‘Tsubasa’.”

“That’s not similar at all, well for the ‘Tsubasa’ part,” said Sakari.

“I know, but we are similar,” answered Sakura, “Not just our names, our titles, and our forms.”

“Eh?” said Sakari, “What do you mean? We’re not just out of coincidence, having similar names?”

“There’s no such thing as a coincidence, only the inevitable” answered Sakura, “I was told by a friend of mine, the same one that one of your friends met before he left.

“Which one?” asked Sakari at first, confused. Then she realized, “Erax?”

Sakura nodded and replied, “Yes. That Glatorian went on a dangerous journey, traveling world to world, saving lives of various people and helping the Toa Nuva, Toa Mahri and more along the way. More so, he paid a price to the witch, the life of his past.”

“Of what?” she asked.

“His memories life before he left. His life on that same Spherus Magna that all of you live in,” answered Sakura.

Sakari gasped at the revelation. For some reason, she somehow remembers what Erax mentioned before, that his early life was shredded in mystery, and yet this girl knew all about it?

“And how do you know all of this?” asked Sakari.

“A prophecy,” answered Sakura, “In my realm, I discovered that a dangerous event would take root in your origin. Your parents, they turned back their own time, just like what my other self did…”

“Your other…self?” she asked.

“It’s a long story,” replied Sakura, “My best friend and I were cloned and our other selves did a similar choice like what your parents did. But that’s nothing for you to worry about right now.”

But Sakari couldn’t believe in what she was hearing. What if her mother was a duplicate of this Sakura? If so, then why haven’t they ever met?

Then the world around them began to change.

“We will meet again,” said Sakura, “Good luck on your journey.”


Sakari opened her eyes slowly and realized that Syarix was carrying her.

“Princess, are you alright?” he asked silently, as he helped her to stand up.

“I’m fine, but what I saw was a total nightmare of the future. Then, I returned to the land of dreams and met that stranger once more.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be in the right timeline soon,” he replied, “We’ll get all of the tasks done before you know it.”

“Is she awakened?” asked Belirax.

“Yes,” answered Syarix, “She’s alright now.”

“I’m sorry, everyone,” said Sakari, “For making all of you worry about me.”

“Don’t worry about that,” replied Belirax, “Everything will be alright when the journey is over.”

Then the Skrall fell to the ground. Belirax placed her hand on her nose again; she could feel the blood coming out again.

“Are you alright?” asked Agarax.

“No, this nose bleeding cannot stop,” answered Belirax, “If this keeps going, I’ll die…”

“No!” shouted Sakari, “Please, don’t die!!”

Is it the right time to tell her, thought Belirax, that she’s part of…no, I cannot tell her. Even if what Skralla told me is true, it might drive Sakari mad.

“Not unless if there’s nearby treatment,” she replied, “You’ll have to rely on your mother’s memory to find some medicine.”

“I’ll go and find something that’ll treat you,” answered Sakari as she began to head out towards the mountains.

“No Sakari,” said Syarix, “You’re not going anywhere. The time flow might hit us!”

“Syarix, our friend is dying here. She was a good friend of my mother’s, and I cannot let this happen,” argued Sakari.

“Then I’m going with you. In case if you should collapse again…” he replied.

“I won’t,” she answered, “This time, I can get it through.”

“We’ll keep an eye on Belirax,” said Agarax, “You two go and find what you need to save her.”

Sakari and Syarix turned and left the group, heading towards the Black Spikes.


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Chapter 3: The Valley Summons

What ever happened to them, they weren’t sure, because the when they left them aside, they disappeared the next day.

---Agnonce's thoughts on a flashback


Erax and Agarax brought several logs from the forest of Tesara. It wasn’t as easy since there were several Agori villagers nearby but the two managed to steal some in order to stay warm for the night.

“How is she?” asked Agarax.

The Light Garaxial placed his hand on Belirax’s head and replied, “Alright, but she’s weakened.”

“This should be enough for us until they return,” said Erax.

“I hope those two are alright,” added the Light Garaxial.

“Should I go after them?” asked Agarax as he attempted to take out his Travel Staff.

“Don’t,” said the Light Garaxial, “We can’t go while Belirax is weakened. So we shall stay and wait for their return.”

“Sometimes, I just wonder if you’re like your other self,” growled Agarax, “But at least you’re promising unlike the other one.”


Sakari and Syarix walked silently across the pass between the Black Spikes. They were almost at their destination, though Sakari knew that the village would be destroyed already, if not abandoned.

“Where are we going exactly?” asked Syarix.

“A place where Belirax and the other female Skrall lived, called ‘The Maze Village’,” she answered, “But I believed that the village was already destroyed by the male Skrall. However, if we can find some medicine that was not destroyed, perhaps Belirax might survive for a little longer.”

As expected, Sakari at last saw the empty village of the Maze. It was destroyed as there was just about nothing left. However, she saw a secondary village that was higher up in the mountains.

“It seems that the other village has not been destroyed,” muttered Sakari, “I wonder why?”

“Sakari, look,” said Syarix.

Sakari turned to see the Maze Valley glowing.

“I hear something,” said Sakari, “The Maze Valley. It’s calling me…”

Syarix couldn’t understand Sakari. When he first met her, she was all energized and cheerful; now she’s quiet, depressed and even getting curious at places that she sees.

Sakari began to float into the air as her body began to glow.

“Sakari, what’s going on?” he asked nervously.

But the princess did not reply. Before he could ask again, she suddenly disappeared. Syarix gasped at the sight. He could only assume that she was in the Maze Valley. Taking his chances, he took out his sword, called on its power for air and soared his way down towards the Valley of the Maze.


Sakari opened her eyes and looked around. For sure, she was not in the world of dreams, but the place was awfully familiar. She used her mother’s memories but all she found that this place has not been explored by anyone. The place around here was dark as night; several walls made out of rubble and plants towered high, into the sky and it was also quite cold.

Ahead of her was a glowing sphere of light in the center of this valley. Sakari walked up to it and saw that there was a source of power inside. She took out the scroll and read the next task…

The Final Task: Prepare the “Triangle of Light” by activating the Maze Valley and the Ancient Throne of Roxtus. Your parents will activate the Tesara Temple when the time comes…

So…it’s the final task, she thought, and the most important task of all of them…the world that must come back…

She put the scroll away and took a better look at the glowing sphere. It was something that she had never seen. A small sphere that glowed beautifully yet it was bright at the center. Then ahead of her, she saw what it looked like the remains of a broken palace. Sakari decided to explore the region although she was worried that Syarix might not find her.


Agnonce sat alone by the fire in the broken fortress. For the last several millennia, the sole Great Being stayed behind to watch the Agori and the Glatorian, making sure that the world was still stable. But the reason why he stayed behind was to wait for someone to come and meet him.

This place, has memories, however, he thought, even though Skralla and Mata Nui will attempt to save this rotten world once more, they cannot complete the entire task alone. I hope that the heir will come soon…

As if a wish has come, a lone female stranger saw him in the distance. Agnonce stood up in his great cloak and soared towards her.

“You are Sakari, are you not?” he asked.

“I am, and that voice…” she began.

“Was me,” he answered, “I expected your arrival sooner, but at least now that you’re here. You have to prepare for “The Fusion” now is that so?”

Sakari handed the scroll to him. Agnonce opened it and looked at all of the tasks. Then he handed it back to her, giving her two crystals and said, “Take these. This golden one will help activate the power of the Maze Valley. The silver crystal will activate the throne. But you must use them during “The Eclipse” or else Spherus Magna will not be reborn.”

“What about my parents?” she asked.

“They have the Ignika and the Ancient Staff,” answered the Great Being, “Their powers are strong enough to activate the Tesara Temple.”

“Sakari!” shouted a voice, “Where are you?”

“Here, take this with you,” said Agnonce, handing her a vial “This will heal your friend. Go now, little one. Save your parent’s future!”

But before Sakari could ask more questions, the Great Being disappeared from view. Syarix found her and hugged her tight, saying, “Sakari, please. Don’t ever disappear like that again…”

“I’m sorry,” she answered.


Agnonce could only watch them as he slipped away from view. He wanted to tell Sakari the truth about herself, but then realized that it would only drive her insane.

The Great Being sighed and thought back. For over 100,000 years ago, even before Mata Nui and Skralla were created, Agnonce and the others discovered two powerful “objects” that came from another world. Together, they experimented with them and created two beings out of them. What ever happened to them, they weren’t sure, because the when they left them aside, they disappeared the next day.

But for some reason, Agnonce knew something about these mysterious objects. They were not part of this world, but instead, they belonged to someone else.

Maybe when this journey is over, perhaps we can all, at last, live all together once more…he thought, it would be nice to see my brothers and sisters again…

However, everything changed when a female Skrall found him here; in the exact same place where Sakari met him. But it was a long time ago though (around 85,000 years ago), after that he had not had any visitors that dared to enter in this valley. But he remembered it all well, the sole, nameless female Skrall demanded great powers for the female Skrall in order to defeat the male Skrall. But this one had to pay a price, which was her great belt that she wore which titled her as the leader. After handing it to the Great Being, she was granted with the power to access mental assault.

Eventually, the other females received their gifted powers and the Sisters began to train with them, kidnapping a few male Skrall and killing them with psychic abilities. Together, they vowed revenge one day when the time has come. With the rumor of a female Skrall living in Roxtus, they decided to wait and pray for her success. Over several millennia later, when Skralla was knocked unconscious, they heard a noise in the distance (as a result of Sakari blowing a magical horn) and took the princess to safety.

Even after all of this, they still had difficulties getting along. At least when Skralla was created, I hoped that she would be able to stop their hatred and bring peace to those people. But when Certavus died, Skralla was awfully depressed for several millennia, thus her power weakened. Now that she’s with Mata Nui, we can only hope that they will succeed and bring peace to this world…

Sometimes, he wished that didn’t want to know all of this, but as a Great Being, he had to keep the entire knowledge like the rest of his brothers and sisters.


“Sakari, what are those?” asked Syarix.

“They’re crystals of some great power,” she answered, “It’s a long story how I got them, but we need them for our final task.”

“The final…task?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, “But a difficult one; probably one of the most dangerous tasks that we have ever done.”

“And that is…?” he asked.

“To bring back Spherus Magna,” she answered, “My parents had to unleash great powers in order to bring it back. And I also found something that might heal Belirax.”

“Let’s go back then,” said Syarix, “Before we get lost in this maze. Hold my hand, tightly. I’ll use my sword to get us out of here.”

The two turned and went towards the central chamber of the Maze Valley. Agnonce hid behind one of the walls and watched them depart on the power of air.

I pray for your great success, your highness, he thought.


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Chapter 4: A New Heart

It’s just exactly like what the witch told me, it’s them…they hold the past…but they do not remember at all…



It was already early afternoon when Sakari and Syarix returned to the group.

“What kept you guys so busy?” asked Agarax.

“Now, now,” said the Light Garaxial, “They must be tired from this journey. Let them rest.”

“Is she alright?” asked Sakari.

“Not really, the loss of so much blood made her freeze. So we got some fire going on here to keep all of us warm,” he answered.

Sakari handed the Light Garaxial a vial to him and said quietly, “When Syarix and I traveled to the Maze Village, I was summoned to enter into the Maze Valley itself; and it was a Great Being that was waiting for me. He gave me this vial to give to Belirax.”

“What else did he say?” he asked quietly.

“I’ll explain more later on,” she answered as she lied down. She turned her head to see Syarix lying down next to her. Sakari snuck her hand on Syarix’s hand and said, “Just stay like that. Don’t get up; I haven’t had the chance to lie down together like this.”

Syarix almost blushed but he turned his head to her and said, “Thank you. I’m glad we are able to rest together.”

But neither of them realized that the others were watching them.

“They’re so cute together,” whispered the Light Garaxial, chuckling.

“Whatever,” said Agarax, taking the vial away, “We have a job to do right now.”

Erax could only stare at Sakari and Syarix. He knew that there was something within their hearts that was dormant.

It’s just exactly like what the witch told me, it’s them…they hold the past…but they do not remember at all…he thought, but where are the others?

Belirax could barely lift her head up. The large amounts of blood loss were killing her. It seemed that it would be the end of her life.

Agarax opened the vial and carefully poured a few drops into Belirax’s mouth. Slowly, but surely, the female Skrall could feel her strength returning. The excess bleeding has stopped.

“Stay down, keep resting. Then we’ll move out,” said the Light Garaxial.

“To where?” she asked, “In a while there’s not much of a place to hide…for when my friends use their powers to cause the world to heal. What if we are in harms way?”

“Well, the final task needs us to be in the Maze Valley,” replied Agarax.

“Maze Valley…but that’s impossible! No one has entered in there since the time before time!” she snapped, “How can it be?”

“Because I was there,” answered Sakari, who was getting up. She came up to her and continued, “I was down there. A Great Being was waiting for me…”

“You mean you found Agnonce?” asked Belirax, “But that’s impossible! That Great Being would never show his face to the people!”

“But I was meant to find him. He gave me these crystals here, telling me that the final task requires these to be used,” replied Sakari, showing the other Skrall the two small crystals, “What’s wrong? You seemed to know something…”

“More like a memory,” she muttered.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syarix.

Belirax sighed and replied, “That’s nothing for you to worry about. I’m ready to go now.”

But before anyone could argue, the skies grew incredibly dark at first as if the shadows were about to win. The ground beneath them was about to give away. Then it suddenly stopped as the skies grew bright, signalizing the return of the Glatorian and freeing the planet of Bara Magna from the shadow entities.

“Sounds like your mother saved us all again,” said the Light Garaxial as he could recognize the events that just happened.

“Yeah, but does she love my father?” asked Sakari, “That I need to find out. I cannot let them just be friends.”

“But what about Belirax?” asked Agarax.

Sakari came up to the female Skrall and said, “I’ll be alright. I don’t think we’ll be going through another time warp until the final task is complete.”

“That’s fine…go. Go find your mother, but stay out of her way,” replied Belirax, “I’ll be fine.”


“You did it!” said Berix, “The shadows are at last gone from this world!”

“Thank you for saving us again,” added Tuma.

Skralla gave a small smile. She was happy to come home after a long, fateful journey but she still had to tell her father about Stronius’s death.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “You don’t seemed too good.”

“Stronius is dead. He died in a battle,” she replied, “Before he lost his life, he asked all of us to bury him here.”

The two Skrall came up to Stronius’s empty body. Now that he died, a funeral was necessary.

“We’ll do something tomorrow morning,” said Tuma, “For now, we should all rest here.”

Nodding, Skralla came up to Mata Nui and said, “Thank you.”

“For what?” asked Mata Nui.

“I’ll tell you later,” she answered, “By the way, from what I said earlier, I really mean it. I have this feeling that we are meant to be together.”

Mata Nui almost blushed at the message but gave a smile to her and replied, “Thank for you believing in me.”

Tuma turned to Branar and another Skrall, saying, “Take Stronius outside and prepare a burial for tomorrow morning. Make sure that his body is ready for tomorrow.”


Next Day…

Mata Nui stood outside of the Roxtus Fortress. For the last several hours, the Agori, Glatorian and Skrall were rebuilding the villages that were destroyed by the Shadow Entities. Earlier in the day, they all celebrated the freedom of Bara Magna from the shadow storms as well as performing a funeral for Stronius’s death.

He sighed to himself and thought back at the moment when Skralla revealed her feelings to him. He knew that in the past, he had no emotion to his people. After being exiled, the former Great Spirit started to regret his actions and his choices. But his sense of revenge against Teridax would not go away.

Skralla stepped outside after talking to her father. Tuma was not feeling good since the morning. At first, it started as a cold, however after the celebration; he started to have a fever. Mata Nui turned to the princess and asked, “Is he alright?

“He will be. He just has to rest and then he’ll be back into business,” she answered. Then she added, “You want to come with me?”

“Where to?” he asked.

Skralla went into the Spitik pens and took Malian out. Mata Nui was quite surprised at such creature, for it had two heads.

“It’s a surprise,” she answered.

“It’s not another dimension, is it?” asked Mata Nui in a teasing way.

“Oh don’t be silly! I had enough world to world jumping for a day!” said Skralla as she got on, laughing.

Mata Nui got on behind her and replied, “I’m ready then. Let’s go!”

The two exited the village, heading out towards the wastelands, smiling and laughing along the way.

“So where do you want to go?” asked Mata Nui as they reached outside of the Black Spikes, “The Wastelands?”

“I know a small patch of grassland that’s not far from here,” answered Skralla, “We can rest and look at the beautiful sky together.”

Around an hour or so later, the two reached at a small patch of grass on a slope that was not far from Vulcanus, ahead of them in the horizon was the fiery village.

“It’s quite nice up here,” said Mata Nui as he got off.

“Yeah, I thought you might like the view here,” replied Skralla, walking towards a thornax tree to collect some of the thornax. Then she added, “What do you think?”

“About…what?” asked Mata Nui.

“Well, back when I said thank you, I thanked you for making me feel better. Before I met you, I had an old boyfriend named Certavus. But a long time ago, he died in an Arena Match because of a plague, or something that struck him down.”

“Is it alright for me?” he asked.

“To be my heart?” replied Skralla, “Of course! I’ve been awfully depressed for the last several millennia. Why, what’s wrong?”

“My people,” answered Mata Nui, “I cannot let them suffer. They’re probably being tortured by my greatest enemy.”

“Is it alright if you tell me everything?” she asked, “I don’t mean to bother, but maybe there’s something I can do to help you.”

As soon as Mata Nui finished his story about how he was struck down into slumber, and his exiled into this world, he asked, “Is it alright if I hold your hand?”

“Why of course,” she answered, “I don’t mean to burden you, but what if we are really meant to be?”

“As long as we love each other, then I’m sure that there’s nothing out there that can stop us. After all, we saved Bara Magna twice now. What could go wrong this time?” he asked.

“My father, he’s not feeling well right now. He believed that there’s something out there that made him sick. He’s worried that either you or I will get sick next,” answered Skralla.

Then the two lied down on the grass, still holding their hands together.

“Let’s stay like this for a while,” said Mata Nui.

“Yeah, sounds good to me,” she answered.


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Notice: Happy Halloween! (Starting On Nov. 2, I'll start posting new chapters daily! :classic: )

Chapter 5: A New Arrival

“It’s them. They are the ones that the other princess told me…”



Timeline: 3 Years Ago (“The Great Plague”)

Sakari stood in the distance, hiding behind several rocks and bushes. She saw her parents at last together, resting on the beautiful grass.

I know they would at last be together, she thought, and at least they’ll be able to unleash a great prophecy soon when they go to the caves.

If only Sakari could wish that she could talk to them right now, she could, but it would screw up the time period and break the laws of time.

It’s just too bad that I cannot talk to them, she thought, but hopefully when this journey is over, I can at last return to where I belong!

Then she could hear shouts in the distance. She peaked from the bushes and saw several Agori from Vulcanus running towards her parents, stating that the Iron Canyon exploded. Sakari wanted to see what would happen but she knew that the others were waiting for her.


An hour later, she returned to the team and saw Belirax recovering.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine again,” replied the Skrall, “But not to worry, I’m sure that the medicine that you found for me should last a lot longer this time.”

Sakari nodded and turned to the others. Before she could say something, she saw something in the distance. A small flash of light soared in the skies.

“What was that?” she muttered to herself.

“What did you see?” asked Agarax.

“I don’t know what that was,” said the Light Garaxial, “But if it’s more of those shadow entities, then we might as well move out of here before they find us.”

“I don’t think that’s that,” replied Sakari, “If I am right, then we are expecting more company.”

“From who?” asked Syarix.

“A dream told me, that there might be more company that are coming. And I hope they’re here to help us…” she replied as she fell asleep.

“I’ll take care of her,” said Erax, as he picked her up.


Far in the wastelands, something glowed in the skies. A bright flash of light at first, then a gigantic swirl of light fell, revealing three young gentlemen and a white creature. The three opened their eyes and looked around; this was not a place they were familiar with.

“So, where are we now?” asked the younger one.

“I do not know,” said another, “But it seems that this place holds a lot of corruption.”

“Whatever it is, we do not belong here,” replied the third, “But the desert seems like a good place for an ambush.”

The first being sighed to himself, for the last several months, he paid a price that forced him to keep on traveling from world to world, never to stop. Before he left though, he was able to at least confess his love to a beautiful princess who wanted to share her feelings to him as well. But she stayed behind with her people in order to not cause any emotional pain.

“What’s wrong?” asked the second being, “You missed her, is that so?”

“Hm? Oh, it’s nothing, really,” replied the first being.

“Mokona knows how you’re feeling,” said Mokona, the white creature, “You’re sad, aren’t you?”

Syaoran sighed and replied, “I am, but it’s like what Sakura told me, we’ll be able to come back to Clow Country more often. But why hasn’t it happened yet? We’ve already returned to the Hasin Republic, Koryo Country, Tokyo, Piffle World, and Infinity.”

“Don’t worry Syaoran,” said Fay, “I’m sure that when the time comes, we’ll return to Clow Country for a while.”

“I’m sorry, I should have thought about your world too,” he replied, “Now that it’s no longer in existence…”

“Don’t worry about that,” replied the magician, “I can always go to Nihon with Kuro-sama.”

Then the group turned and headed towards the north, heading towards a chain of mountains.

“And what’s with your real name?” asked Fay, “Tsubasa…was it by the inevitable that you and Sakura shared the same names?”

“Probably,” answered Syaoran, “But at least it feels good to have the same name.”

“Quiet! I hear something,” snarled Kurogane, sword at the ready.


“What was that?” asked Belirax, dagger at the ready.

“Quickly, hide over here!” said the Light Garaxial, “I’ll deal with this!”

“Let me go too,” said Syarix, sword at the ready.

“Whatever it is, we have to stay quiet,” replied the Light Garaxial.

The others stayed behind while Syarix and Garaxial moved on closer to the corner of the rock wall. Taking a risk, the Light Garaxial activated his light powers and soared around the corner. Sure enough, Syarix could hear battle noises and some shouts.

Syarix turned at the corner and saw three beings fighting against what it seemed like bright light. One of them was attempting to use some powers to harness the light.

“Stop right there!” shouted Syarix, sword at the ready.

“Who are you?” asked Syaoran, sword at the ready as well.

“I am a warrior, that’s what I am,” he replied, “Now come with us or pay the price!”

“Listen kid,” snarled Kurogane, "We don’t know who you are so why are you forcing us to trust you?”

“Because, I have a friend that was saying that someone from another world was coming. And from the looks of you guys, you all must be the ones,” answered Syarix.

“That’s weird,” muttered Syaoran, “The armor on this stranger, it looks awfully similar, not to mention his sword.”

“Come with us, hurry!” snapped Syarix as he turned around and left, returning to the others.

“Should we even…” asked Kurogane, “White Manju, do you notice something about that stranger?”

“Yes, and if I’m right, then he might be the answer to why we are here. Let’s go!” replied Mokona.

Sakari woke up and saw Syarix talking to some group of beings that were quite unfamiliar.

Were they the ones that Sakura mentioned, she thought, or are they just imposters?

“Sakari, it’s good to see you alright,” said Belirax, “Now, are those people the ones that you were told?”

Sakari took a glance at them then turned to Belirax, “I believe so. I’ll have to check them and see them better.”

The princess stood up and walked and watched Syarix talking to them. Then she answered, “It’s them. They are the ones that the other princess told me…”

“You know Sakura?” asked Syaoran, “From a dream?”

“Yes,” answered Sakari, “And her name and mines are quite similar as well. I’m Sakari.”

“That is quite interesting,” said Fay, “That’s like how the names of Syaoran and Syarix are similar. Perhaps there’s a connection?”

Kurogane rolled his eyes and sighed. For the last several trips, it took forever for him to understand alternate beings. Although he finally got used to this confusing concept, he still wanted to find the clones and give them a good knocking for disappearing several times.

“What’s wrong, Kurorin?” asked Fay.

“Nothing,” replied the ninja. Ordinarily, he would go after Fay for making fun of his name, but he knew that it was just worthless to even try.

You probably just wanted a good fight, isn’t that so, thought the magician.

“So, your mission is to help restore you parents’ timeline?” asked Fay.

“Yes,” said Sakari, “My friends and I have been traveling through time in this world, restoring one event after another. Right now, we are on the final task of this list here.”

She handed the list to Fay, but didn’t understand the writing. He gave it to Mokona who translated it and replied, “A Triangle of Light?”

“It’s a special power that would help bring the world together,” answered Sakari. Then she realized that they had no clue about what it was.

“Then allow me to explain everything of what happened,” she replied.


Mata Nui, Skralla, and Tarix raced into the tunnels of the cave. Neither of them expected the unexpected as the floor beneath them gave away.

“Is everyone alright?” asked Mata Nui, stunned by the fall.

“Yeah,” answered Tarix, “That was unexpected.”

“What is this?” asked Skralla, pointing at the carvings with the staff.

“The prophecies,” replied Tarix, “I didn’t realize it but they are recorded legends!”

The three Glatorian looked at what it seemed like various pictures and messages on a wall. Some of them showed symbols of the shattering while others showed a symbol of the necklace, Mata Nui’s Ignika and a third one that looked like three circles coming back together.

“What is that?” asked Mata Nui, pointing at the picture with the three circles.

Skralla activated the staff and read the message, saying, “It’s some type of eclipse. Something that has to do with the light being blocked, as well as bringing…the world…back?”

“What could this mean?” asked Tarix.

“I don’t know, but we must find the others,” replied Mata Nui. Then he turned and gasped at the sight.

“What’s wrong?” asked Skralla, and then she gasped at the symbol. It was a shape similar to what Mata Nui was describing; a gigantic mechanical being.

“That’s…that’s me, a symbol of my world, a map of my universe!” snapped Mata Nui, “But why…why did the Makuta have to take it away from me?”

He took out his sword and tried to knock it down, seeing the map made him angry for not being able to return to his people.

“Stop this!” snapped Tarix as he and Skralla tried to drag him away.

“Wait! I hear something,” replied Skralla.

The group turned to see the Clone Malum, eyes narrowed, his right hand full of shadow.


Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Chapter 6: The Final Task

...the final task has been completed…and now the final battle will soon begin…



“So, what do we have to do again?” asked Syaoran, as he looked at a golden crystal.

“From what Sakari said,” answered Syarix, “We have to place two crystals. This golden one has to be placed in the Valley of the Maze. The silver one has to be placed in the Throne of Roxtus.”

“And that when the time comes, we must be present to activate its power,” said Sakari, “We have to make sure that it’s activated or else this world will end up shattering into who knows what.”

“And when this task is completed, we should end up in the correct time period,” added Belirax, “The world where we came from.”

“And then?” asked Kurogane, “We all just leave?”

“No,” replied Syarix, “We have these keys that we earned after completing each task. I’m assuming that after we return to our world, we have to like use them or something. Perhaps they unlock something.”

“Unlock what?” asked Fay.

“That’s what we need to find out,” answered Sakari, “Perhaps this has something to do with what my parents had done.”

“Which is?” asked Syaoran.

“My parents, from what the Great Beings told me, that they used the last of their powers to create these “barriers” in order to stop the darkness that were striking our world,” she replied.

Mokona gasped. For some reason, Mokona could feel a sense of power coming from the skies.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syaoran.

“I feel something coming from the sky!” replied Mokona.

Sakari and the others looked up at the sky, the sun was slowly disappearing. It was the day; the day of “The Eclipse”!

“We’re running out of time,” muttered Agarax, “We have to go now!”

“To where?” asked Kurogane.

“Listen! Half of us must go to Roxtus while the other half heads out to the Maze Valley,” answered Belirax, “Please help us! Perhaps your power will help us bring Spherus Manga back!”

Without further argument, two teams were created. One of them consisted of Agarax, Sakari, Syarix, Syaoran and Belirax. The other contained Mokona, Fay, Light Garaxial, Kurogane, and Erax.


Agarax, Sakari, Syarix, Belirax and Syaoran ran towards the Black Spikes, heading towards the mountain pass towards the Maze Valley.

“And what is this Valley of the Maze?” asked Syaoran.

“A special valley where it has a power of its own,” answered Belirax, “I once had a tribe that lived not far from that place, but from what the scroll says, we have to bring the crystal to the heart of this valley.”

The group turned a corner and saw the valley ahead of them. It was just down the slope and into the winding twists and turns.

“But how will we end up down there in time?” asked Belirax, “None of us has ever ventured down there.”

“It’s simple,” replied Sakari, “hold hands.”

None of the group seemed to understand but there was no time to argue. Together, they held hands and they all could feel the Valley calling their names.

“Sakari, was this how you were summoned earlier?” asked Syarix.

“Yeah, hang on, because this is going to be a wild ride,” she replied.

The Maze Valley began to glow, before anyone could react, they vanished and reappeared in the central chamber of the valley.


“This way,” said the Light Garaxial, “We must not be seen.”

“How come?” asked Kurogane, “Is this like a stagnant time?”

“More like a history that is yet to unfold itself,” replied Erax, “If we change it, then Sakari will cease to exist. That is why we are helping her; to save her parent’s history as well as her future.”

The group entered into a tunnel and crawled their way in.

“This is a shortcut to get into Roxtus. But we must be careful especially when we get into the village. There’s a plague going on,” said the Light Garaxial, “If any of us gets sick, then we’re doomed.”

The group emerged from the cave and saw a number of sicken Skrall crying for help. Several Rock Agori were on the ground, dead from the plague.

“Which way now?” asked Erax.

“As long as they don’t see us…” began the Light Garaxial when Fay replied, “Allow me.”

Fay raised his hand in the air, summoning his magical abilities. Then as soon as he was ready, he stopped the magic and took a deep breath and whistled.

“What did you do now?” asked Kurogane, narrowing his eyes.

“Immunity,” replied Fay, “One of my magical studies was immunity to various plagues and diseases. Hopefully this protective field will buy us for some time until the task is completed."

“How did you…” began the Light Garaxial, amazed at the abilities.

“I’m a magician,” answered Fay, “as well as a vampire if you really want to know. But I assume that we have a place to go to now, right?”

“This way,” said the Light Garaxial, “We can sneak around and get to the back entrance of that fortress, without getting caught,” leading the group towards the Roxtus Fortress.


Tesara Temple

Agarax (of the past), Belirax (of the past), Berix and Surel stood around the temple and watched as Mata Nui and Skralla practiced a chant in order to activate the temple.

“Keep practicing,” said Surel, “You don’t want to miss it!”

“Rise oh great necklace,” said Skralla, “Allow your powers to activate this temple.”

“And allow the Ignika to join the unleashed forces,” replied Mata Nui.

“So that the world…” began Skralla when they saw a portal opening.

“Watch out!” shouted Agarax as he saw Garaxial coming out of the portal.

“Now’s the time for this?” snarled Mata Nui, sword at the ready.

“Let me,” replied Agarax, “Don’t stop!”

Belirax, Berix and Surel walked closer to the temple to defend the princess and Mata Nui while Agarax walked towards Garaxial.

“Stop them!” shouted Garaxial to his shadow entities. The shadows swirled around Berix, Belirax, and Surel. Then he turned to Agarax and said, “As long as they’re occupied, the princess and her boyfriend will be defenseless. Once they’re dead, this world will be in my hands…”

“If you do that, you’ll kill everyone, even yourself!” snapped Agarax as he took out his own sword, “If you must, then you’ll have to fight only me!”

Garaxial charged, blowing Agarax away. The traveler recovered and sent a blow from his sword to the shadow master.

“Your skills have improved, but that won’t be enough,” said Garaxial.

“This isn’t over,” he replied, as he unleashed a burst of light from the sword, sending Garaxial across the temple.

“You are just a traveler, Agarax, and I know of your origin too!” he answered, “You are not a true living being!”

“What do you know,” he replied, “I was born in Halan Country and had my own life to deal with!”

Garaxial growled and fired another burst of shadow at Agarax. He dodged and traded blows between their weapons. It turned out to be a stalemate, but then Agarax used his sword to knock down a pillar, stunning Garaxial.

“You leave me with no choice,” said Agarax, taking out his Travel Staff, “Since using this power only drains my energy, I have no choice but to use them and you’ll be sent back. Also, I’m creating a barrier that will keep you from returning to this dimension!”

“You have defeated me, but someday that barrier will be destroyed and I’ll find you…” growled Garaxial as he disappeared into the portal, “The end has begun!”


Valley of the Maze

Meanwhile, the current Agarax and Belirax, along with Sakari, Syaoran and Sakura stood in the central chamber of the Maze Valley. Ahead of them was a small sphere of light, floating in mid air.

“This crystal,” said Sakari, “It has to be inserted at the moment the light vanishes in the sky.”

Belirax looked up; she saw the moon almost covering the sun. It was only a few moments before “The Eclipse” could begin.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syarix, “You seemed worried.”

“It’s the others. What if the plague has struck them?” said Sakari, “I didn’t realize it until it was too late.”

“Let’s get started then,” replied Belirax, “Whether they’re sick or not; we have a task to complete.”

The group walked towards the sphere of light and stood, waiting a few more seconds. Then the light in the sky disappeared. Sakari placed the crystal inside the sphere and waited. At first it seemed nothing, and then the crystal began to vibrate. Before anyone could react, they felt the world shaking around them.

“Go! Go!” shouted Agarax, “the place is going to collapse!”

It was true; the mountains that protected the valley began to rumble. The broken fortress that housed Agnonce began to shake. In a few seconds, rocks and rubble began to rain upon the valley.

“This way!” shouted Sakari, heading towards north, “This has to be the way out!”

The group turned to follow her as a gigantic beam of light struck the center, connecting the Tesara Temple and the Throne of Roxtus.


Roxtus Fortress

It took several attempts but the others managed to get inside. The smell was awful as a result of the plague that struck the village. It was worse as they turned a corner and saw an empty throne.

“The crystal!” said the Light Garaxial, “That’s where it has to go!”

“And how does a throne bring a world back?” asked Kurogane.

“The powers of the Ignika, necklace, and these two crystals will unleash great forces that you cannot imagine,” he replied, “This was something that my other self desired; power. He wanted to grasp a great powerful source in order to achieve his plan.”

“I think we have to hurry,” said Erax, pointing at the skylight. The sky grew dark as “The Eclipse” was finally happening, “Time is running out!”

The Light Garaxial placed the crystal at the steps of the throne and waited. At first nothing happened, but then they suddenly heard the wind blowing. Slowly, the throne began to glow, preparing to connect its power with the Tesara Temple and the Maze Valley.

“Out of here, now!” shouted the Light Garaxial, “The throne is going to explode bright light!”

The group turned and fled from the fortress. But as they took a step outside, they saw the skies vibrating in various colors. The world around them began to shake as they could feel the rebirth of Spherus Magna.

Suddenly, the area around them grew incredibly bright...the final task has been completed…and now the final battle will soon begin…


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Chapter 7: The Kingdoms of Paradise…

The group went down the slope and saw what it looked like a pane of glass. On the other side was just the trail that led to the three kingdoms.

---A description of a "Time Barrier"


Sakari woke up in a confusing start. The last thing she remembered was running through the twists and turns of the Maze Valley, dodging any raining boulders as well as thornax traps. Then suddenly, the area grew bright and now she was resting on top of a small patch of grass. She got up and saw everyone else recovering.

“What was that?” asked Syarix.

“I don’t know, but look,” replied Sakari, as she opened her pouch, revealing the ten golden keys, “I think this is all of them.”

Syaoran got up and saw something far ahead. From what he could see, it looked like three different fortresses in the horizon. One was further out with two of its neighbors either to the left and the right.

“What is this place?” he asked.

Sakari turned and gasped at the sight. She couldn’t believe it, she was home!

“Is this…?” asked Syarix as he walked up to her.

“Yes. This is Spherus Magna. My kingdom is far ahead, look!” she replied.

The others turned and saw the three kingdoms. They were equally distanced from each other, in a shape of a triangle.

“So, this is your world?” asked Fay.

“Yeah,” replied Sakari, “This is where I was born, until I was captured. But I still can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“It’s alright now,” said Belirax, “Now that we’re safe…”

But before she could finish, they all heard a noise coming behind them. They turned to see several portals, revealing the shadow entities. But it was weird; they were not coming out at all, as if they were frozen. Some of them were sticking out but didn’t move.

“What’s this?” asked Kurogane, “A trick?”

“No,” replied Sakari, “the timeline here is frozen.”

“How did that happened?” asked Fay.

“My parents,” answered the princess, “They used the last of their powers to preserve this world from getting attacked, according to what I was told.”

“These keys,” said Syaoran, “Could they be used to unlock this frozen time?”

“I do not know,” she answered, “But it’s possible. These keys, after all, are something that has to get unlocked…

But before she could finish, Erax shouted, “Look! You all have to see this!”

“What is it?” asked Belirax.

“I saw this strange force field that’s just down the cliff!” he replied.

The group went down the slope and saw what it looked like a pane of glass. On the other side was just the trail that led to the three kingdoms.

“I tried to find ways to break it down, but it failed to penetrate. I even tried to charge at it but…”

Syaoran carefully placed his hand on the field. As soon as he touched it, he felt a burst of electricity and was thrown back, only to be caught by Kurogane.

“That’s what I encountered too,” concluded Erax.

“Watch it next time,” said the warrior as he helped him to stand back up.

“Sorry, but I don’t know how we can bring it down, perhaps we have to break it?” he replied.

“No, it’s not that,” said Syarix, “Sakari; give me one of the keys, perhaps it can unlock this force field.”

Sakari handed him a key and watched as he walked up to the barrier. He raised the key up close to the barrier, causing it to glow. In a matter of moments, the barrier dissolved. Syarix walked through and found out that he wasn’t being thrown back. The key worked, but as soon as he took a look at it, the key transformed into a purple crystal.

“What is this?” he asked as he showed Sakari the crystal.

“It’s…the crystals that contained my mother’s power!” she answered, “But how….?”

If she knew what happened, when her mother turned her time back, the ten crystals that made up her mother’s power broke free and transformed into the keys.

“That means that the other keys contain one of my mother’s powers from the staff she carries,” concluded Sakari.

Syarix handed her the crystal and she put it in her cloak. She turned to see the others who nodded.

“Let’s go then,” she said, “I do not know how long it will take, but if these keys are the path to free this world, then I’ll use them. All of you are welcomed to join me.”

“I’ll come,” said Syaoran, “Perhaps I might be the use of some help.”

“Me too,” said Fay, “If your mother possess magic, then I might as well learn about her powers and I could in return teach her some of my abilities. What about you Kurotan?”

“If this journey leads into a battle, I’ll go too,” he answered, and then he whispered to him silently, “And could you stop that?”

“Mokona is ready!” said Mokona, “Lead the way, Sakari!”

“Then, let this journey be our greatest,” she answered.

Belirax came up to her and said, “You’ll do fine, as long as you believe, we’ll believe.”

“Thank you,” she replied, “Let this journey help us save this world and its future.”

Then the group continued down the path, heading towards the clearing of Bota Magna. Their quest, their destiny, has at last begins to unfold…


Kotan World

“Has one of the fields been disabled?” asked Garaxial.

“Yes,” replied Sarhax, “One of them used the keys to open up. Should we continue the raid?”

“No,” he answered, “We must wait a little longer; let them think that this mission is simple. Besides, the barriers are too powerful so we’ll have to wait until they disable most of them. Then, we’ll strike!”

Sarhax nodded and walked away, heading towards the pool of protodermis. She found the others there, tampering with the substance.

“Do you guys have anything else to do?” she asked.

“Yes, he told us to practice using this pool. He thinks that it can amplify our armies’ power,” answered Detex.

“Has there been any data so far?” asked Sarhax.

“No, not really,” replied Eajax, “But from what Garaxial used to clone Malum and Stronius, I think it can also be used to destroy beings if they’re not meant to touch this.”

“It’s quite obvious,” added Detex, giving Eajax a dirty look, “However if we can get it to be a part of us, then we’ll be able to enhance the armies.”

Garaxial looked at the remains of one of his old projects, the space-time chair. After it was dislodged, he sent parts of it to be modified by the silvery liquid. However, most of them were destroyed while some of them transformed into useless objects.

Perhaps if I can just remake it, then…he thought, I can get it to work so I can escape from this world once more. The last time I attempted to set foot there, I was in great pain thanks to Agarax…, but once I grabbed her after I took Sakari away, I felt my strength returning as if she was healing me…

He knew that he was taking a gamble, but it would be worth it. As long as his plans proceed, he’ll be able to take Spherus Magna into his own grip and would start a shadowy spread to other worlds.

“The final moment will soon come,” he muttered, “The wish that has to be granted…once they disable the fields, I’ll continue the raid. And this time, they will fall…no matter how hard they try to resist. This is it! The last stage has begun!”


East Highway Trail, Bota Magna

The group traveled for the last half hour. There hasn’t been any sign of a new time barrier or any ambushes from the shadow entities. Up ahead was a great river that led to a gigantic waterfall.

“Where does that lead?” asked Sakari.

“I’ll go and check,” replied Belirax, “I’ve been here a few times on hunting missions.”

Belirax went out towards the river while the others waited. Then they heard a shouting, “There’s another barrier!”

The others ran up to her and saw the next barrier. It waters were frozen like ice due to the stopped time. Sakari placed her foot in the river and it didn’t submerged, instead it just stayed on top.

“That’s awkward,” she muttered.

“The key?” asked Syaoran, “Should I unlock it this time?”

“Here,” said Sakari, handing him the next key, “Be careful.”

Syaoran nodded and took a step into the river, like Sakari, he didn’t submerge as well. He walked up to the barrier and raised the key. Like the first one, it glowed, dissolving the time field. The key turned into a blue crystal. Suddenly, the time flow began to move again and he fell in the river.

“Syaoran!” shouted Mokona.

“I’ll get him,” said Agarax. He jumped into the river and swam. Syaoran was heading towards the falls, if he was too late, then he would be gone.

Syaoran struggled, but he managed to get his sword out and shouted, “Fûka Shorai!”

The power of the air spell created a platform, allowing him to escape. He saw Agarax and brought him to safety.

“Syaoran, are you alright?” asked Mokona.

“I’m fine,” he answered.

The group went towards the waterfall and saw the three kingdoms of paradise in the far distance. The vast forest continued to stretch towards the kingdoms.

“That’s a big forest out there,” said Fay.

“This section on Spherus Magna is called Bota Magna,” said Agarax, “It’s considered the greatest jungle of this entire planet.”

“It’s beautiful,” said Sakari, “The kingdoms, I cannot believe this is my home.”

“Don’t worry,” replied Belirax, “Once we find your parents, everything will be alright. They’re waiting for us.”

Then the group turned and went down a steep hill that followed the falls, resuming on the journey.


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Chapter 8: The Frozen Wanderers

“The time wave must have affected them. Whatever Mata Nui and Skralla did, they didn’t just seal the world away; everyone must have ended up frozen.”

---Agarax, after discovering a group of frozen beings


The group reached at the bottom of the hill and saw the gigantic waterfall. It was an incredible sight, a bright rainbow shined near the center of the falls.

“It’s like a world of beauty,” said Sakari, “This place. I wish I could learn more, but we have to get home first.”

“You’ll have a chance to come back here again,” replied Syarix, “With your parents.”

“My mother would come here when she was not busy. She likes to watch these gigantic falls and walk in the forest with my father. That’s a memory of what she gave me,” she answered.

Erax, for some reason, felt that this place was quite familiar. Something in the back of his mind told him that he should know it, but he couldn’t figure it out.

I must have been here, before, he thought, but I don’t know when or where was I.

“Is something wrong?” asked Belirax.

“Oh no, it’s nothing,” he replied, “other than the fact that this place looks awfully familiar as if I was here before.”

“Let’s get going then,” said Agarax, “We don’t know how much time there is left.”

The group continued on the journey. At some point Syaoran, Syarix and Kurogane used their swords to cut their way through the vines that were blocking the trail.

“It’s a pretty dense forest,” said Syaoran, “It kind of reminds me of a place I went to.”

“Where?” asked Syarix, “Was it nice like this one?”

“Yeah, but there was no one around,” he replied, “In fact it was where my other self was at.”

“Your other self?” he asked, “I do not understand.”

“I was cloned,” answered Syaoran, “From a great villain. He created a second version of me and he went with a Cloned Sakura on a dangerous journey. As for me, I was imprisoned, but I managed to use my other self as a guide to see what he was doing.”

“That must have been terrible,” said Syarix, “To be locked up and to watch your duplicate self.”

“It was, but it’s a long story, very complicated to explain,” he replied, “What about you? You lived elsewhere, right?”

“Yeah, I was born in the same country where Agarax came from, called Halan,” said Syarix, “Then one day, a terrible earthquake struck our village, and then Agarax disappeared as we were repairing the damage. Then a storm came; a rain of shadow and fire struck the village.”

Syarix sighed and continued, “Many of my people died that day; some escaped and left to the nearest village while I found someone who sent me to another world, called Mezai-Ati Country. I stayed there for the next several years; one of the people from the village taught me how to fight. And when I met Sakari, I promised that I would help her bring her back since she had no one to help her.”

“And then you went with her all this time?” asked Syaoran.

“Yeah, I wanted to,” replied Syarix, “She needed help badly so I decided to help her. I don’t know what I’ll do once she’s with her family again, she wanted me to stay, but I don’t know if I should do that.”

“You know, I did the same thing,” replied Syaoran, “I paid a price that I would keep on traveling in order to find my other self. My duplicate was actually my father while the duplicate Sakura was my mother. They died in a great battle, sacrificing their lives to save the world; saving my life with Sakura, Kurogane, Fay and Mokona.”

Sakari held Mokona in her hands. The white creature wanted someone to talk to since Mokona wanted to ask her some questions.

“So, how did you end up banished from your home?” asked Mokona.

“A great villain kidnapped me when I was only a baby. But that didn’t stop my mother who knew that this was going to happen to me. She took half of her magic and placed it inside of me, telling me that it will protect me for a while,” she answered.

“What did this villain want?”

“I cannot remember, but he wanted me to become a weapon. Something that would cause this world to collapse if his plans went the way he wanted. However the powers that my mother gave to me took me to another world before he could do anything to me,” answered Sakari.

The group continued their way across the dense forest. Then Agarax shouted something about that there were some beings frozen in place. The group ran and discovered a small team of warriors frozen in place.

“Is that; Ackar, Tahu, and the others?” asked Belirax.

“They’re frozen,” said Agarax, “The time wave must have affected them. Whatever Mata Nui and Skralla did, they didn’t just seal the world away; everyone must have ended up frozen.”

Sakari came up to one of the frozen figures. She placed her hand on the crimsoned armored being. Suddenly, the barrier disappeared. Ackar coughed and turned to see a group of beings in front of him. He looked at Sakari and asked, “What happened? Who are you?”

“My name is Sakari, the destined princess of Averax Magna,” she replied.

“That’s impossible,” said the Glatorian, “Sakari is still a baby and she’s kidnapped. I was sent by Mata Nui and Skralla to save her.”

“Ackar, you have to listen to me!” snapped Belirax, “This is Sakari, the daughter of our rulers! Skralla used her powers to turn back her age in order to protect this world. Before that, she sent me and Agarax to find her since you guys were not making any progress!”

Sakari went to the other frozen figures, raised her hand and destroyed the frozen barrier. Eventually, the others woke up with confusion.

“What happened?” asked Tahu, confused.

“Belirax, Agarax, what is going on?” asked Branar.

Kopaka turned his head and saw several figures with unknown features. Some of the weapons were nothing that he had ever seen. He wanted to ask them but for now he needed answers to figure out the current situation.

Tarix and Branar came up to Belirax and asked about the current situation. As soon as they were informed, they turned and went up to Sakari.

“It is an honor, your majesty,” said Tarix.

“We’ll do what we can to help you,” added Vastus.

Sakari nodded and turned to see a bright orange figure walking to her.

“It’s a good thing you’re alive still, princess,” said Pohatu, “Tell us what you need and we’ll help.”

“The Great Beings,” replied Sakari, “They need to be informed about the Shadow Entities. They’ll know what I’m talking about, but you must head out to their kingdom and tell them.”

“I’ll go too,” said Tahu, “It’s better if there’s someone out there.”

“Yes,” replied Agarax, “You have no idea how dangerous these beings are. They can strike without warning and kill with no mercy.”

“Then I suppose we better get started,” said Branar, “For if there’s a battle to come, then we must be prepared.”

“Let’s go then!” said Tahu, “We have an army to prepare for.”

Pohatu activated his kanohi, sending himself and the other Toa and Glatorian back to the Great Beings’ Kingdom. Sakari and her allies continued their way to Averax Magna.

“Good,” said Belirax, “Now that we can get an army together,”

“We can fight back,” completed Agarax. He turned to the Light Garaxial and asked, “Are you going to merge back into your other self or will you stay like this?”

“I don’t know,” said the Light Garaxial, “If we can get him stunned enough, perhaps I’ll be able to merge back into him. Afterwards, I do not know what will happen or how dangerous it might be to even try to get back into his body.”

“I understand,” he replied, “You are his remaining light after all.”

“He wants me dead, that I know for sure,” said the Light Garaxial, “So he can prevent anyone from trying to change him back, let alone killing him.”

“And what does this other Garaxial want?” asked Fay.

“He wishes to rule all of the universes, under one shadow of his grip,” said Agarax, “Even if he has to kill everyone to do it, that’s his desire. And this world is what he needs in order to activate his plans.”

“What’s in this world that he wants?” asked Kurogane.

“The powers of Sakari’s parents; Mata Nui and Skralla,” answered Belirax, “He once stole Skralla’s magic and tried to use her powers to spread his shadows. But she took a group of Glatorian with her including Mata Nui to get it back. They succeeded, saved this world and brought Spherus Magna back and became rulers of the three kingdoms.”

“Sounds like they’re extremely powerful beings,” said Syaoran, “But why did they used their power to freeze the time here?”

“Garaxial had enough power to send his shadow entities to attack this planet once more,” answered Agarax, “In response; they sent me and Belirax to find the princess.”

“And thanks to the choice they made,” continued Belirax, “They turned back their own time, creating multiple time barriers and sealed the world away from him.”

Turning back time, thought Syaoran, that sounds like a lot of what my parents did. They turned their own time to help me in the battle for Clow Country. But I must be mistaken; they can’t be…are they?

“What’s wrong?” asked Fay.

“Nothing,” said Syaoran, “We should probably get moving before the storm comes back.”

With that said, the group continued the journey, seeking the next time barrier. Now that they found some help, there’s hope that the world might be saved.


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Chapter 9: The Two Masters

They turned on a corner and saw a gigantic beast. It was a bright red and sliver armored creature.



“Belirax?” asked Sakari.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“From one of my mother’s memories; there’s another kingdom that I do not know about, but it’s the one that only a number of matoran live in. What is that place called?” asked Sakari.

“It’s just another kingdom, called Artakha,” said Belirax, “And yes, there’s a number of Matoran and Agori living in that kingdom.”

“I want to go and see if we can ask them for help,” replied Sakari.

“That’s just ridiculous,” said Agarax, “Artakha, though he’s a good ruler, hasn’t done much with Skralla or Mata Nui or even with the Great Beings.”

“You know why,” replied Belirax, “They were an independent realm, though the power still came from Mata Nui and Skralla. Artakha is still nervous after having his original realm attacked from the Brotherhood of Makuta.”

“But that’s like a long time ago,” he said, “Why is he still nervous?”

“Miserix,” she answered, “Although he was against Teridax’s plans, Artakha still does not trust him, let alone Teridax and the other Makuta.”

“I still want to see him,” argued Sakari, “I’m sure he’ll be happy to see me, alive.”

“What about Averax Magna?” asked Syarix.

“I need him to help us,” answered Sakari, “We’ll need more than just the Glatorian or Toa to help us. If we all work together, then perhaps there’s hope on saving this world.”

But before anyone could argue, the world around them began to change. When they opened their eyes, they saw themselves at the gates of a large kingdom. For sure it wasn’t Averax Magna or the Great Beings.

“This must be his realm,” said Sakari.

The gates slowly opened, revealing another time barrier. Sakari took out the next key and raised it up. The key transformed into the red crystal and the barrier dissolved.

“Come,” said an ancient voice, “I am waiting.”

The group went through and saw a large field, filled with flora and several small trees. The Matoran and Agori settlements dotted all around like trees. Ahead of them was another gate that led to Artakha’s fortress. They reached to the gate and waited for Artakha to open the gate. But this time he asked, “Is Sakari here? Only she can enter the gates.”

“I am here,” she replied, “And why would you only allow me to enter inside?”

“You are destined to enter the fortress, your majesty. The others will do me an important favor,” came the reply.

Then the gates opened, beckoning Sakari to enter in. She took a step in and disappeared from view.


Sakari opened her eyes and looked around; she was inside of a small room. She saw a window that looked over the village. Sakari turned and saw a tall being, dressed in a white cloak. The figure removed the hood and looked at her with wonder. He wore a mask that looked almost like the Ignika along with other shapes that Sakari couldn’t recognize.

“It is an honor to meet you, Sakari,” said Artakha as he bowed to her, “Your parents are waiting for you. But I believe you wanted something, is it not?”

“Yes,” she replied, “This world is in great danger, great Artakha. Could you please help me find a way to save my people?”

“Little one,” said Artakha, “The world is a precious place I understand, but I am not a warrior. However, I know just what you need.”

He turned and went to another room. After a few moments, he came out with a small, white orb. He handed it to her and said, “This is one of my first creations that I made after my people built this new kingdom. You’ll need this orb in order to save this world’s future. However, you must know when to use it at the right time because it can only be used once.”

“Thank you,” she said, “I’m sorry if…”

“You also wanted an army, is that so?” he asked, “I can send several of my best Matoran and Agori to join you. But I’ll have them go with Tahu and the others once they talked to the Great Beings.”

“I…don’t know how to thank you,” said Sakari, “This is something that I have to do to save my people. I haven’t seen my parents since I was a baby, not counting the times I spent in dreams.”

Artakha nodded and said, “Now, the time has come, your majesty. I will send you back with the others.”

“Thank you again,” replied Sakari as she was teleported back outside.

“Good luck, little one. Go find your destiny and save Spherus Manga!” said Artakha.

Sakari opened her eyes and saw the others waiting for her. She saw several Agori and Matoran working all around, preparing for the battle.

“How did they?” asked Sakari.

“Artakha told us to explain everything to them,” said Belirax, “Thankfully they understood and they started to work immediately.”

Sakari turned and watched as several Matoran and Agori carried supplies around from one area to the next. They began to work on building weapons and armor.

“They sure work fast,” she replied.

“We better get moving,” said Agarax, “Time is short.”

The group turned and left, heading back to the forest, heading towards the trail.


The group had been walking for another couple of hours. Suddenly, Mokona sensed something powerful.

“What’s wrong?” asked Syaoran.

“Mokona can sense something. It’s really close by!”

“What is it?” he asked.

“Feathers…more of them,” replied Mokona.

“That’s impossible,” said Fay, “The feathers for Sakura have all been found, right?”

“I don’t know, but Mokona can sense two of them upon us.”

“It’s probably just me carrying the memories of my other self,” replied Syaoran.

“No, no! Two new feathers! I cannot figure out where it is or who has them,” answered Mokona.

“That’s weird,” said Kurogane, “Why would Sakura’s memories fall in this world?”

Ahead of them was the next barrier. Belirax took one of the keys from Sakari and went up to it. The crystal disabled the force field and the key transformed into the tan crystal.

“Well, that’s four of them,” said Belirax, handing the crystal to Sakari, “We still have a long way to go.”

“Which way now?” asked Agarax, pointing at the road ahead.

The group saw the path dividing into two smaller paths. One of them had to lead to the kingdom. Sakari took out her compass and saw that it was pointing towards the left.

“So we go that way?” she asked as she pointed towards the left road.

Then they heard a loud moan coming from the forest ahead of them.

“I’ll check the situation,” said Syaoran, sword at the ready.

“I’ll go too,” replied Syarix, “It’s too dangerous to work alone.”

“I’ll come,” said Kurogane, “I’m getting bored of just walking and standing.”

The three ran ahead, heading towards the left road. They turned on a corner and saw a gigantic beast. It was a bright red and sliver armored creature. It turned its head and saw the three smaller figures.

“Who are you?” asked the creature.

“Just travelers,” said Syarix, “We need to…”

But before he could finish, the creature narrowed his eyes and read their minds. Then he replied, “Where is the princess?”

“You mean, Sakari?” asked Syaoran, “She’s nearby, with the others.”

“Let me see her,” said the Makuta, “I am Miserix, a Makuta, the last one.”

“The last?” asked Kurogane, preparing his sword.

Miserix growled and used his powers to increase the magnesium of his armor. Before they could react, their weapons fell into his hands.

“No need to fight,” said the Makuta, “Unless if you wish to die.”

“Give that back you nasty beast!” snapped Kurogane.

“I will, if you show me the princess,” said Miserix, “Because I have something to show her and if you’re not so ill-tempered, perhaps all of you will get something.”


“Angonce!” shouted one of the Great Beings, “The Toa and Glatorian have returned.”

“So I see,” he muttered, “Is it because of what happened this world?”

“It’s more than that,” said the other Great Being, “The princess has returned to this world!”

Angonce turned his head and asked, “Sakari? And what about the others that went to find her?”

“They’re heading to Averax. But from what our spies saw, they need help!”

“Then let them come in. For we need to discuss,” replied Angonce.

The gates opened, revealing the Toa and the Glatorian that visited them earlier.

“So you have come back,” said one of the Great Beings, “You need help, right?”

“That’s correct,” answered Ackar, “Sakari told us that some stranger named Garaxial is about to attack this world.”

The Great Being narrowed his eyes and muttered, “That man…his plans are like dreams that just become a nightmare to others.”

“You seemed to know this ‘Garaxial’?” asked Ackar.

“It’s a long story, Ackar,” answered the Great Beings, “And from what you just said, you’ll need an army to protect Averax, right?”

“That’s right,” said Tahu, “We need your help to help defend Averax.”

“There’s only one thing we can do,” said Angonce as he came up to them. He handed Ackar a Zamor launcher with an orange sphere.

“When all hope seems lost, aim this at the top of the Averax Palace. If you aim it right, then the fortress will unleash great powers that should destroy the world that Garaxial is at,” he explained, “If so, then maybe Garaxial and his armies of shadow might be defeated at last.”

“In the meantime,” said the other Great Being, “We’ll get an army started in order to prepare for battle. You go on ahead and meet up with Sakari.”

“Let’s go then,” said Tahu, nodding to Pohatu. The Toa of Stone activated his mask and the group disappeared from view.


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Chapter 10: The Chase Begins…

If any of them turned around, they would have noticed that the skies grew dark and that a battle has just begun…



Kotan World

“That’s four time barriers down. What do you plan to do now?” asked Sarhax.

Garaxial stared at the pool and watched Sakari and the others talking to the Makuta. He turned to her and said, “Perhaps we should give them a warning.”

But before he could say more, he saw Detex running towards him, saying, “Sir, we have a chance to attack the world now! The shadows are ready to move on and attack Spherus Magna.”

“Is that so?” asked Garaxial, as he walked up to the gigantic portal with the shadows waiting for his command.

“Go,” he said, “Now that we have a new chance to attack. But make sure that Sakari opens all of the barriers before you start killing anyone. Leave no one alive after this is all over.”


Forest of Rahi, Bota Magna

As Sakari and the others discussed, the winds began to pick up.

“What’s going on?” asked Syaoran.

Before anyone could reply, some of the tress began to fall. Few seconds later, the skies began to turn dark.

“This way!” shouted Miserix, “Follow me; I’ll lead all of you to my place!”

The group resumed on the trail, heading further east. The next barrier was nearby. As soon as they saw it, Sakari ran up, and placed the next key. It transformed into the white crystal and the barrier disappeared.

“Is there even a place to hide?” she asked.

“Not exactly, but there’s a place where I can give you something,” said the Makuta, “This way. We’re not far from my lab.”

The group followed the Makuta towards a river. Across of it was a small clearing that looked some form of a laboratory.

“This is where I worked on projects for the city,” he said, “I have created some armory, weapons, and vehicles that should help you as you return to the city.”

The Makuta went into the lab and searched on the shelf to find some creations. There, he found a few modified Cordak Blasters, Nynrah Ghost blasters, and some Rhotuka Launchers.

“It’s alright, do come in!” he replied.

The group went inside and saw Miserix searching around. After a few moments of search, Miserix found what he was looking for; three Thornatus-based vehicles with three Rhotuka Launchers, and two Rockoh-based flying vehicles with two Cordak Blasters.

“These five should help you reach to the city faster. Traveling on foot takes several hours, if not a few days to get there, especially when you’re on the run. These vehicles will help you get there within an hour,” he explained.

“You made them?” asked Belirax.

“I didn’t, not really; it was Perditus, Crotesius, Nuparu and Onua that helped made these modifications to the vehicles a while back. They only asked me to store them here until it was needed,” answered Miserix.

“We’ll take them,” said Sakari, “If that’s alright…”

“Of course it is your majesty. Now that we are about to face a storm, you have to get home as quickly as you can, take all five of them if you must!” said the Makuta.

Syarix, Syaoran, Sakari, Belirax, Agarax, Erax and the Light Garaxial got on the three Thronatus vehicles while Kurogane and Fay got on the two Rockoh aircrafts. The vehicles activated and they rode off, heading towards the city.

“I pray for your success!” said the Makuta as he watched them leaving. He looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting darker. He could only hope that they succeed but he also feared what the future would be if anything were to happen, should they fail this quest.


Outskirts of Averax Magna

“It’s sure a nice view from here,” said Fay as he saw the kingdoms from the sky.

“Mokona is scared, Fay, please be careful!” said Mokona.

“Don’t you worry, we’ve been on vehicles like this on Piffle, remember?” he replied.

“Yeah, but that wasn’t as dangerous as this!” replied Mokona, pointing toward the shadows behind.

“Looks like it’s time for a fight,” said Kurogane, grinning.

“Not yet,” said Fay, as he soared his way down, “We have to protect the others before we can do anything.”

“Watch out!” shouted Belirax.

Agarax, Syaoran, and Syarix pulled the brakes as they arrived at the next time barrier. If they kept going, they could have been smacked by the force field and be thrown back, or worse.

“I’ll take the key!” said Agarax as he got off the vehicle.

Sakari tossed the next key to him and he unlocked the barrier. The key transformed into the orange crystal. He tossed the crystal back and they resumed the chase. Not far away, the shadows were slithering their way.

“Look! It’s the village!” shouted Belirax.

At the bottom of the hill was the great kingdom of Averax Magna. It looked as if nothing happened to it, but there were at least three time barriers that covered the village itself.

“Looks like the village is important,” said Syaoran, “Is this what Garaxial wants?”

“More than that,” replied Sakari, “It’s what’s inside of the village.”

“We have a problem here,” said the Light Garaxial, pointing at the skies above. The shadows began to crawl closer and closer to the kingdom. If they get there first, then all hope would be lost.

“Hang on!” shouted Syarix as he flipped the controls on the Thornatus. The vehicle sped up, heading closer to the gate. The others followed as they fired their weapons at the sky, hoping that it would buy them time to reach to the gate.

“Jump! Now!” shouted Agarax.

One by one, the group jumped into the grass. The three Thornatus vehicles crashed into the barrier and exploded into pieces. Fay and Kurogane soared their way down and got off.

“Is everyone alright?” asked Fay.

“Here! Take the next key!” shouted Sakari as she tossed the magician the next key.

Fay ran up to the barrier and raised the key. The force field dissolved and the gates opened. He handed the crystal back to Sakari.

The group ran through the gates and at last arrived in the village.

“This must be the residential area,” said Sakari, “Look! The Palace is ahead, but it’s a bit far…”

As they ran, they saw several Matoran and Agori recovering from being frozen in time. Neither of them could understand the last thing they remembered. The group explained the best they can to warn them about the shadows coming.

“A storm?” asked Tarduk, “Of pure shadow?”

“Yes,” said Belirax, “Go warn the others and make sure there armed. There’s help coming from the other kingdoms.”

“Mata Nui! Is that the princess?” asked Kapura.

“Yes, it is I, Sakari,” she replied, “But you must hurry. Gather as many Matoran as you can bring, tell them to prepare for the fight. There’s help coming from the other villages.”

As soon as the Matoran and Agori went on with their tasks, a group of Toa came by. The leader came up to them and asked, “Agarax, What is going on here?”

“Jaller, there’s a storm coming!” he answered, “We need you to find the Glatorian and the other Toa to prepare for the fight!”

“Belirax!” shouted Kiina, “Are you alright? I haven’t seen you…since?”

“It was just yesterday. But for now, find anyone that is ready to fight,” she replied.

“What about the princess?” she asked.

“Sakari is alive and ready. She’s back!” answered Belirax as she showed her the daughter of Mata Nui and Skralla.

“I don’t believe it, she’s already grown up?” she replied, “The last time I saw her…”

“It’s a long story. For now, we have a war to prepare for,” said Belirax.

“Is it true?” asked Stronius, “That the princess is alive?”

“Yes,” said Agarax, “She’s healthy as a Matoran. Now could you find your troops? Better yet, warn Tuma for he knows what to provide for the war.”


Sakari, Syaoran, and Syarix ran towards the next barrier. They agreed with Kurogane, Fay, Belirax, and the others that they would head out to the fortress to find Mata Nui and Skralla while they would bring up the defenses.

Sakari placed the next key on the barrier. As soon as it was dissolved, they continued to run, heading closer and closer to the palace.

“You know,” said Syaoran, “This kingdom reminds me of another world.”

“Really,” replied Sakari, “What was it called?”

“Clow Country,” he answered, “This kingdom reminds me of this place. It’s where my love, Sakura is at.”

“Sounds like a nice place,” said Syarix, “I would like to see it sometime.”

Suddenly, they felt the ground beneath them shaking.

“What’s going on?” asked Sakari.

“I don’t know, but this can’t be good!” replied Syarix, taking out his sword.

Cracks began to emerge from the ground. A few structures began to collapse.

“Watch out!” shouted Syaoran.

Syarix turned and grabbed Sakari and the three dodged the oncoming rubble from one of the houses. The winds began to pick up as more debris fell, causing a blockade on the road.

“Which way now?” asked Syarix as he saw the path ahead blocked.

“This way!” said Sakari, “There’s a short cut to get to the palace. We have to head out to the temple!”

The three turned right and headed south, the temple was nearby. If any of them turned around, they would have noticed that the skies grew dark and that a battle has just begun…


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Chapter 11: The Battle of Averax

“He’s going after the princess! He says that he’ll stop her from freeing her parents."

---Light Garaxial


Ackar, Tahu, and the others emerged from the forest; they saw their friends battling against a number of shadowed-like beings.

“Well…should we be late let them have all the fun?” asked Tahu.

“I'm ready. Let’s go then!” shouted Ackar as he ignited his Flame Sword.

The Toa and Glatorian charged, heading into battle.


The Light Garaxial fired several beams of light at the shadows, dispelling them. He turned to see a few more emerging behind him. He soared into the air and fired spheres of light from his hand.

“You are a disgrace,” boom a voice from above, “You must be eliminated.”

The Light Garaxial looked up and saw his other self. He was in a portal, preparing to jump out for the first time since he fought Agarax back at the temple years ago.

“Don’t you remember who you are?” asked the light counterpart, “You were a scientist! A hero to your people, but yet you disgraced Kan…”

“Don’t you dare talk to me about Kan!” he growled.

Garaxial fired a beam of shadow towards his other self. The other one dodged and fired his powers at him. Enraged, the Light Garaxial charged towards his shadow self, he was not going to let the other one enter in this world.

Kurogane was having fun. He enjoyed using his sword to create shockwave blasts at the shadow entities. However, the waves seemed to have no effect which started to frustrate him after a while.

“Down already you worthless mass of nothingness,” he growled.

One of them charged behind. The ninja turned and sliced through the shadow entity. This time the entity fell to the ground and exploded. Now, he found a weakness.

They’re just like those warriors back in that battle in Clow Country, he thought, but they’re totally made up of pure shadow, unlike the other ones.

Fay turned to see several shadow entities coming from his left and right. He jumped into the air and somersaulted a few flips. The shadow entities kept crashing into each other and exploded on contact.

“Sorry to say this, but your tactics are boring, which makes this fight so much easier for me,” said the magician, “But wait till you see what I got.”

One of the shadows charged. Fay turned and prepared his Vampire Talons. He slashed one of them into pieces and watched as it disappeared from view.

“Which that reminds me…” he muttered as he turned to Kurogane, “I’ll need some more blood soon.”

Kiina, Belirax, and Gresh ran across the villages, the shadows soared behind them. As soon as they reached a certain spot, more Glatorian, Toa and Matoran appeared, firing their elemental blasts while the matoran fired kanoka disks.

“Where’s Sakari and the others?” asked Kiina as she dodged another shadow blast.

“They’re heading to the castle,” replied Belirax as she fired another mental assault at the shadow entities.

“But where are Mata Nui and Skralla?” asked Gresh as he sliced down another opponent. He turned to see another one and fired a blast of air to send it away.

“They’re inside the Mask of Time, how many times do I have to tell you?” replied the Skrall.

“That makes no sense,” said Kiina, “How could a mask imprison them?”

“If we win this war, we’ll get answers,” growled Belirax as she knocked down another shadow being, “If not, then we’re might as well dead.”


Sakari, Syarix, and Syaoran ran for their lives. Behind them, more buildings collapsed as more shadows continued to spread through out the city. If they took over the village, then chances are that they will spread through out the entire planet.

“There!” shouted Sakari as she saw a small entrance, “That has to be the entrance for the Temple!”

The three ran inside as a few boulders collapsed, sealing the exit from them.

“Sounds like we won’t get out of there soon,” said Syarix.

“Sakari, are you sure that there’s a secret tunnel that leads to the palace?” asked Syaoran.

“I’m sure. It’s part of my mother’s memory, she knows how to reach here and back without having to go outside,” she replied.

Sakari took a few paces foreword and moved to the left, heading towards a small room. The chamber was filled with ancient artifacts. One of these artifacts was a decoy and covered a tunnel that lead to the palace. However, there were traps that were built inside the tunnels such as false paths and others with laser beams and sharp weapons.

Sakari looked at the Skrall shield. The design was awfully different compared to the original one. Using all of what she had for strength, she managed to move it, revealing a dark passage.

“They won’t find us in this tunnel,” said Sakari as she stepped inside. She turned to the others and said, “Let’s go. There’s really not much time left.”


Agarax ran across the village. He saw several Matoran being dragged away by the shadows. He took out his travel staff and sent the shadows away.

“Thanks for the save,” said one of them, relieved.

“It’s nothing, really,” he replied, “If you’re not fighting, go find the Toa Mahri in the town square. They’ll send all of you to safety.”

The Matoran nodded and said, “Thanks, but my friends and I are ready to defend this village.”

“Then may your skills bring hope to this world,” he replied as he turned and continued his way towards the fortress. He saw Garaxial heading towards the fortress as well.

What happened to the other one, he thought, when he heard a moan of pain nearby. He turned and saw the Light Garaxial stunned on the ground.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My other self…” he replied, “He’s going after the princess! He says that he’ll stop her from freeing her parents. I tried to fight back but his shadows kept coming and overwhelmed me.”

“I’ll go fight him,” answered Agarax, “As long as I can fight him, it’ll buy time for Sakari to save her parents.”

Agarax turned and continued his way, hoping that he wasn’t too late.


Tanma, Kirop and several other Av-Matoran fought.

So far, there was little progress made, but with the help from Takanuva, they managed to back away several shadow entities. The Toa of Light wanted to unleash a nova blast but he was worried that it might blind the others.

“There’s too many!” shouted Kirop, “If they keep coming, we won’t be able to fight them all back!”

“We’ll stop them,” said Takanuva as he fired another blast of light from his Power Lance.

The Toa of Light turned and saw another shadow being soaring down towards him. But before Takanuva could fight it off, a few Nynrah rockets struck the shadow entities, encasing them inside a sphere of light energy. Takanuva turned to see Gali and Onua, aiming their Ghost Blasters at more shadow entities.

“Thanks for the save!” said Takanuva.

“Where are the other Av-Matoran?” asked Onua.

“They went towards the town square. The Toa Mahri were going to evacuate the Agori and Matoran that cannot fight,” he replied.

The Toa turned to see Tahu and Pohatu flying towards them.

“There’s trouble going on at the gates,” said Tahu, “It seems that the shadow beings are trying to seal the gates from allowing the other armies from the other kingdoms to join the attack.”

“The Great Beings?” asked Onua, “They’re on their way?”

“More than that,” replied Pohatu, “Even Artakha has brought several of his matoran to join the battle.”

“Where are they all now?” asked Gali.

“They’re at the edge of the forest, waiting for the best time to strike,” said Tahu, “If we can get those shadows away from the gates, then we’ll be able to open it and allow them to get inside.”

“I’ll stay and help the Av-Matoran,” said Takanuva, “All of you can go on ahead.”

The others soared into the air as Takanuva and the Av-Matoran went the opposite direction.


Sakari, Syarix and Syaoran carefully went through the tunnel. At times, they reached a fork and had to figure out which way was the real path to the fortress. A single mistake and they could end up as dead.

“This way,” said Sakari, after using her mother’s memory about the tunnel.

The tunnel itself was as dark as night, a few light stones were light from certain areas. It was also awfully cold as if they were in the Northern Frost.

“Are you sure this is the right path?” asked Syarix as he grew suspicious.

“It has to be, otherwise we would have been dead already,” she answered, “But there is something not right about this place. It’s not meant to be this cold. Could it be…,”

But before she could finish, they heard a howling wind from behind. They turned to see several shadow entities heading towards them.

“Let me handle this,” said Syaoran as he took out his sword, saying, “Raitei Shôrai!”

A gigantic blast of chain lightning struck the shadows, dispelling them. However, the ceiling above them began to give away.

“Hurry!” shouted Sakari, “The ceiling is going to fall!”

The three raced across the tunnel and found the exit. It was only just a few yards away. Behind them, the ceiling collapsed, heading towards them.

“Jump!” shouted Syarix.

They jumped through the exit as the rubble sealed the tunnel completely. Neither of them was hurt but the journey was very long and tiring. At last, they reached their destination, the Averax Palace. Now the hunt has begun, but who will find the Vahi first?


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Chapter 12: The Two Hearts

“When the danger comes, you must send two of your trusted friends to go find your daughter, for she will be captured by your worst enemy…”

---Unknown Character telling Skralla about the future


Not far away, Garaxial watched as the three began to look around in the Averax Palace. His attempt to trap them in the tunnels failed, but it didn’t matter, as long as they lead him to the place where he had to go, then we would be able to execute the plan and complete it.

As long as the others do not get in my way, I’ll be able to get this task done as soon as they find the Vahi. I can sense where it is, but they’ll find out I’m here if I try to go and find it myself.

The three walked across the corridors of the palace. It was like nothing that they have seen. A huge hallway that glowed various colored lightstones. Ahead of them was a gigantic multi-purpose hall that could almost house over hundreds of Matoran and Agori.

“I seemed to remember this place,” said Sakari, “Before I was captured. But why? The only place I remembered was a beautiful room with a gigantic bed…”

Before the others could ask, Sakari ran up the stairs, heading towards the Grand Bedroom. As soon as she found it, she stood still. The memories came back; it was the place where her mother held her when she was born.

“This place, I know it, it’s my parent’s room,” she muttered as the others stood behind her.

Ahead of her was a desk that held a series of tablets that had written messages. Sakari picked one up and tried to read it. Although she couldn’t translate it, she somehow knew what it was according to her mother’s memory.


Flashback: 1 Year Ago

Two strangers…both of them were absolutely alike…Skralla could only watch as she saw them talking to each other. For some reason, one of them was exactly what she dreamed of. As soon as the other disappeared, the stranger turned to her and said, “You must name your daughter Sakari…for she must be able to understand the future…”

“Who are you?” asked Skralla, “And what do you know about my future?”

“The answer lies in the choices that you must make,” replied the stranger, “But it also lies in the destiny of two other beings…”

“What two other beings?” she asked.

“When the danger comes, you must send two of your trusted friends to go find your daughter, for she will be captured by your worst enemy…”

Skralla woke up with a gasp. She was back in the bedroom at least, but the prophetic dream shook her as if it was a sign of warning. She turned her head to see Mata Nui waking up.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mata Nui as he turned on the lights from the lamp.

Skralla took a few deep breaths and said, “Wait here. I need to go and find something.”

Before Mata Nui could protest, Skralla got up, took a cloak and a small lamp, and ran down the hallways, heading towards the temple. She turned to the tunnel and opened the passage way, making sure that no one was watching, she closed the gate and continued.

After a few minutes, she arrived in the temple and saw that the Chamber of Prophecies was glowing. She walked in and saw something on the carvings. There! She saw that there was a new prophecy that was just written. Skralla took out her lamplight and read the message. The carving was proven shocking. She read it again to make sure it wasn’t just her eyes playing tricks.

She saw two triangle-shaped objects that contained great powers. The next picture showed two beings, one that carried a staff, and the other that looked like a Skrall. Then it showed how the two sets of pictures were connected. From what she observed, these two beings were not real! They were created by the power of these objects.

At the bottom, there was a single phrase: Ignite the Two Hearts to save the future.

This is horrible, she thought, why would they…be only a source of power? Do they even know that they’re just creations? And what could this mean?

Puzzled, and yet shocked, Skralla turned and left, the knowledge that she read in the carvings was driving her mad, but yet she somehow understood.

I have to tell her, but what will she think, thought Skralla, will she accept the truth or will she just not believe me?


Present Time:

Sakari walked by the desk and looked at the carvings. For some reason, she somehow knew the two figures that were on it. But the other pictures, they were unfamiliar.

“Sakari, what’s wrong?” asked Syarix.

Sakari turned to him and replied, “What do these characters look like to you?”

Syarix took the tablet and looked. With a gasp, he replied, “Belirax…and Agarax?”

“The shapes, the forms are just like them,” she answered, “But I do not understand, could they…?”

Suddenly, the windows exploded, glass shattered everywhere. The three ducked barely in time as they got minor injuries. They looked up to see several shadow entities crawling their way in.

“Let’s go!” said Sakari, “We have to find my parents!”

The three turn and ran out of the bedroom, running across the corridors.

“And just where are we going to find them?” asked Syaoran, “This palace is huge!”

“I don’t know. The last memory that my mother gave me was that she sent Agarax and Belirax to find me. After that, it’s all a blank,” she replied.

“We do know one thing,” said Syarix, “That they turned back their own time to preserve this world. If they done such a thing, then it means that they would have done this in a secret room.”

“He has a point,” added Syaoran, “If your parents really did turn back the time, then they would have done this in a secret chamber in order to not let anyone know what they were doing.”

“I don’t know where we’ll find it, but perhaps we need to find a place that is fake,” answered Sakari, “A place where they would have made in case of something bad was about to happen.”



Belirax, Agarax, Erax and Gresh stood back to back, fighting off the shadow entities.

“Did the others get inside?” asked Belirax.

“The last time I saw them, they were heading towards the temple,” answered Agarax, “I tried to go after Garaxial but the roads were blocked by debris and several shadow entities.”

“You guys go on ahead,” said Gresh as he fired another burst of air, “We’ll be alright.”

The two turned and ran off. Erax jumped into the air and fired a stunning blast from his tri-claw sword. The shadows that were struck by it were fused into a solid mass. Erax fired another blast and the mass exploded.

“Nice one,” said the Glatorian, “Where did you get such weapon?”

“Long story,” replied Erax as he dodged another blast, “I got it from another country.”

“But you look like a Glatorian yourself,” answered Gresh, “The armor, the mask; it looks like you were part of us or something.”

“Not really,” he replied, “Other than the fact that I paid a price to some female being. After that, I’ve been crossing worlds to help save people from dangers.”

Is it just me or from what Vastus told me, is he the lost Glatorian, he thought.

He wasn’t going to get answers as another shadow entity charged. Gresh responded by slashing the monster with his blades.


Belirax and Agarax ran across the streets. The palace was nearby but as they drew closer, they saw tons of rubble piled up, blocking their way.

“What happened here?” asked Belirax.

“Garaxial was here,” muttered Agarax, “I tried to follow him but he saw me and cast me into an illusion. By the time I broke free from it, he disappeared.”

“The children; I hope they made it there,” she replied.

“Look!” he answered, “Footprints.”

Belirax turned to see several foot marks. They lead to the temple nearby.

“Let’s go. We have to find them,” said Agarax. He walked a few steps when he heard her coughing.

Belirax coughed and started to puke. She could feel the pain running through her face. She covered her face with her left hand.

“What’s wrong?” asked Agarax.

Belirax looked at her hand and gasped, there was some blood on it.

“Activate the portal, now!” she growled, “Get us to the fortress quickly!”

Without another word, Agarax summoned the travel staff, hoping that it would work. A portal opened and the two got in.


Sakari, Syarix, and Syaoran ran for what it seemed for eternity. Almost every corner they turned, a shadow entity attacked them.

“Take the princess to her parents,” said Syaoran, “I’ll fight these guys off!”

“Syaoran, don’t!” argued Sakari, “We need you to help us!”

“I’ll be coming,” he replied, “Just go. I’ll buy you time!”

The two turned and ran, continuing the chase. After a few turns, they found themselves at a dead end. But something about the wall, it didn’t seem stable.

“This might be the entrance,” said Sakari as she placed her hand on the wall. No sooner when she touched it, a panel slid open. A series of stairs was all she could see.

“They have to be in there,” she muttered, “This must be the way!”

Without further questioning, the two entered the tunnel. Not far behind, Garaxial watched as he saw them entering.

The last move, the last phase of the plan has begun, he thought, they’ll lead me to them and when they do, they’ll be disposed and erased from this world.


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Chapter 13: The Final Secret

"Go…You and Syarix stand together and receive your power. We are proud of you…now go and save this world!”

---Belirax's Final Words


Inside the Vahi…

Mata Nui couldn’t believe what was happening. The Mask of Life was turning silver. If it went black, then the world would cease to be, whether it was in his robotic structure Matoran Universe or Spherus Magna. The failsafe carried the same consequence if the Ignika ever turned black.

And the fact didn’t help if they were inside the Mask of Time. They knew that if the Ignika turned black, the Vahi would unleash its powers, destroying the entire time and space. Mata Nui began to worry that all hope might be lost, since there has been no sign of Sakari’s return.

Skralla on the other hand, was not ready to give up hope. She knew that as long as she and Mata Nui believed in their people, they were sure that everything will be alright. She raised her hand on the barrier and tired to use any remaining magic that she had, but it failed. The ten crystals were not with her, thus her powers were too weak to even break the barrier between. Mata Nui’s Ignika was now turning gunmetal and he had no control to even turn it back to gold.

The area around them began to shake again, this time they could hear someone, or something coming from the outside.


Sakari and Syarix carefully ran down the stairs, making sure that there were no shadow entities along the way. The stairs itself seemed like a long chain that would just never end. At some point, there was a twist in a circle that would seem like the world spinning.

As they drew closer to the chamber, they could feel a strong sense of power coming from the bottom of the steps.

“This is it,” said Sakari, “They’re down there! I sense something powerful.”

“What about the others; Syaoran, Belirax, Agarax…?” he asked.

“We can’t go back, not when we’re at our destination,” answered Sakari, “We can’t let that man get to my parents first. If he does, he’ll do anything to keep them from allowing us to save this world.”

Syarix hold her hand and replied, “Sakari, I don’t want to lose you again. We have shared our feelings, our hopes, and our fears. And what do you plan to do after you save this world?”

“I do not know,” she answered, “I guess it depends on what the future lies ahead for us.”

“I’ll be with you to the end,” he added, “No matter what happens to us. I want to share our love together.”

He came up to her and kissed her cheek. Sakari looked into his eyes and kissed him back, on the lips. The two held their love for mere moments.

“Me too,” she replied, “But, for some reason, I think we know each other, from another life entirely. I don’t know how…but this feeling…”

“I know what you mean,” he answered, “But I don’t remember how we met each other before…it was like a different world?”

Then the two heard someone running down the steps. Syarix took out his sword but realized that it was Syaoran. He had some minor injuries but he looked at them and said, “Well, are we ready for the final battle?”

“Yes,” she replied, “Off we go and face our destiny!”

Then the three turned and reached the bottom of the steps, entering into the chamber…the final moment has arrived…


Back outside, the battle has grown more violent. More shadow entities appeared as well as some several creatures from Kotan World.

“There’s too many!” shouted Kiina as she fired another burst of water.

“The others, where are they?” asked Gelu as he turned and froze another shadow entity.

But before anyone could reply, several portals opened above the village. The Glatorian, Toa, Matoran and Agori braced themselves for more shadow beasts, but it turned out that there were several beings from other worlds. Several of them were confused at first but as they were told by Sakari and Syarix, these beings were the ones they encountered a while back. With their aid, the tide of the war changed.

Aeran and his troop of men fell into the battle ground and sliced several shadow entities. Elia and several of her friends fired beams of bright energy from their weapons.

“We meet again,” said Aeran, “Haven’t seen you for a while.”

“Indeed it has been,” replied Elia, “How are your men?”

“They can hold up for a few hours,” he answered, “But hopefully Sakari and Syarix are alive still.”

Elia nodded and turned to see another shadow entity attacking a group of Matoran. She fired her staff and unleashed a blast of light, dispelling the shadows away.

Erax saw several Shadow Entities heading towards the palace. Taking careful aim, he fired a burst of a gigantic air blast at a nearby structure, knocking it down on top of the shadows.

“Erax!” shouted Kurogane, “Where are the others?”

“I saw Belirax and Agarax heading towards the fortress,” he replied, “And what about Fay?”

“He’s busy right now,” he answered, “We need to regroup and find Syaoran and the others.”

Erax nodded as he dodged another attack from one of the shadows. He fired his own blast and ran with Kurogane to find the others.

Fay was busy dodging several attacks and used his talons to slash back. Mokona was trying to scan in order to find where Syaoran and the others were at.

“Any sign of them?” he asked.

Mokona nodded and replied, “They’re at the fortress! And I can feel the feathers again!”

Fay turned to see Kurogane and Erax heading towards him. Fay sighed and whistled, creating a chain of magic that turned the shadow entities into rocks.

“Let’s go,” said Kurogane, “The others are at the fortress.”

The three turned and ran, though running away from the fight wasn’t their nature. They had no choice but to find Syaoran and the others and hoped that they were alright.


Sakari, Syarix, and Syaoran stepped into the chamber. It was a large sized room, filled with strange symbols and carvings like the temple. However, on the floor there were strange markings that represented several beings. From what Sakari could recognize, two of them represented her parents.

“Look, there’s another time barrier!” said Syaoran.

The others saw a small bubble that covered a small object within. It was the Kanohi Vahi which housed Sakari’s parents. Sakari took a few steps foreword, holding the last key at the ready when a portal opened. A gigantic hand of shadow grabbed the key away from her.

Syarix and Syaoran took out their swords. Then the three saw a stranger in which they hoped they would never meet…Garaxial!

Garaxial laughed as he showed the last key to them, stating, “Whoever opens the last barrier is able to grant a wish. Now that I have it, I shall at last fulfill my task!”

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY PARENTS!” Sakari screamed as they all charged, determined to grab the key back. Garaxial fired a blast of shadow, but it never reached them. Another portal opened, and the shadow blast struck the ones that were coming out.

Sakari gasped at the sight. It was Belirax and Agarax! Both of them crashed into the floor as they could feel the shadows stabbing them like swords.

“Belirax! Agarax!” she shouted.

The two groaned in pain as they could feel the shadows killing them, but both of them didn’t attempt to fight back at Garaxial.

“No, no, no!” said Sakari, shocked.

Syarix ran up to her, dragging her back.

“Don’t get too close,” he said, “They’re…”

“No…” said a weakened Belirax, “Sakari…come here…quickly!”

Sakari came up to the female Skrall. Belirax turned her head to her and said, “I am just like your mother, I’m not a real Skrall.”

“What?” she gasped, “You’re…?”

“Yes, I am part Great Being as well, but I am a different type of a ‘Great Being’. That’s why I was able to use the Mental Assault more powerful than the other female Skrall can do. It was I that asked Angonce for that power…”

“As for me,” said Agarax, “I am also a created being, but I’m not like your mother or Belirax.”

“The stranger that you saw in your dreams,” continued Belirax, “She’s knows the truth…about you, of who you really are and how you and Syarix came to be and why.”

“As soon as we die, our essence shall give you the other half of your true form, use it well,” finished Agarax, “And thank you…for bringing us together.”

“That is insane!” snapped Garaxial, “If you two possess such powers, then you could have defeated me!”

He turned and walked towards the barrier, time was measuring in seconds now. If no action was taken, then Garaxial would be able to steal the Vahi and make his wish. But before he could raise the key, one side of the walls exploded. A blast of rubble knocked the key off of his hand, falling on the floor. From the rubble were Fay, Kurogane, Erax and Mokona.

“Sounds like were just in time,” said Fay, talons at the ready.

Mokona gasped and said, “The feathers! I can feel them! They’re in here!”

“But that’s…” began Kurogane when something disturbing happened. The bodies of Agarax and Belirax glowed and slowly began to dissolve.

“Go…” said Belirax to Sakari, “You and Syarix stand together and receive your power. We are proud of you…now go and save this world!”

The two nodded and stepped back a few feet and watched as the bodies of Belirax and Agarax dissolved. When they were no more, all that was left behind were two feathers, the essence that housed Agarax and Belirax. Now, these feathers are able to return to their rightful owners.

Everyone watched as the two feathers floated towards Sakari and Syarix. They closed their eyes as the feathers were absorbed into their bodies. At first, it seemed that nothing happened, but then, the bodies of Sakari and Syarix began to change. Their cloaks, weapons, and armor changed along with them as they began to glow bright.

“It can’t be…” said Garaxial in disbelief, “Are they…?”

As soon as the light disappeared, everyone was shocked to see what they were seeing…Sakari and Syarix…the two greatest heroes…have changed, forever!

A legend is at last reborn!

Next Chapter: The Revelation of Sakari and Syarix! Find out who they really are as the next chapter will include an exclusive artwork!


Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Chapter 14: A Final Wish

“And in which everyone shall live together! That is our wish…”

---Clone Sakura/Sakari and Sakura/Tsubasa


The Clone Sakura and Clone Syaoran opened their eyes and looked around. At last, after a very long time of waiting, they were reborn!

“Mother, father?” asked Syaoran/Tsubasa, confused, “Is that you?”

The Clone Syaoran/Syarix turned and said, “Yes my son, my other existence. It is just us now.”

Garaxial growled and went to grab the key. The Clone Syaoran narrowed his eyes, raised his hand and summoned a ring of fire around the key.

“Impossible,” growled Garaxial, “You’re Syarix, a citizen of Halan Country with Agarax! How can this be?”

“True, I was Syarix, but my conscience was Syaoran, my real form. It was dormant when Agarax was alive. He was created by the Great Beings by the power of the feathers. Same with Sakari, whose other half of the essence was inside of Belirax,” he replied.

Garaxial fired a shadow blast at them, saying, “Whatever it is, as long as you disappear, you and the princess won’t be able to save this kingdom! It shall belong to me!”

Before the blast could hit them, a disk of light appeared, blocking the shadow. Garaxial turned and saw his other self, standing nearby.

“You are a nuisance,” said Garaxial, “Be gone or else...”

The Light Garaxial shook his head and said, “I will not. You and I are the same beings. I will fuse myself back to you like what you once were.”

“I said you’re in the way, be gone now!” snapped the other Garaxial as he fired a blast of shadow at his other self.

“What about the other princess?” asked the Clone Sakura/Sakari.

“She’s on her way,” said the Clone Syaoran/Syarix, “It’s going to be us four again if we are to save this world...”

“You cursed beings!” growled Garaxial, “I would’ve been done with my plans if it wasn’t for your interference!”

Without further speaking, he turned and went for the key and grabbed it, despite the heat that was burning his hand. The other Garaxial fired a blast of light to knock it out of its hands, but it missed.

Garaxial placed the key on the barrier just as everyone charged to stop him. He unleashed a solid wall of shadow to block them. The Vahi began to glow, at first dimly, then bright. At last, he was able to grab the Vahi into his hands and was prepared to make his wish.

When the shadow wall disappeared, everyone saw Garaxial holding the Vahi in the air, saying, “As long as I hold this, you cannot free your parents! The barrier that’s holding them will not shatter! And as soon as I can get my wish granted, all of the universes will have a new law in place!”

He looked at the Vahi and said, “As of you two, I will cease your existence first in order for my plans to proceed, and then your daughter or whoever she really is will die next along with everyone here and outside!”

The others were ready to fight back when the Clone Sakura heard a voice behind her. It turned out to be the other Sakura, who held out her hand to her.

“We can do this, together,” she said, “Hold my hand and prepare the orb that you received.”

The other Sakura nodded and held her hand to her while carried the white orb on the other hand. The two began to float in mid air, unleashing their powers once more. The White Orb that Sakura/Sakari carried glowed, summoning the ten crystals.

Two great wings appeared as they chanted, “Powers of the Ignika and Powers of the Necklace, if you can still hear us along with everyone that’s fighting for you…return to your masters!”

The Vahi snapped away from Garaxial and floated in mid air. It began to spin, unleashing its powers once more. The ten crystals orbited around the Vahi with the white orb, returning its powers to their master.

“STOP! What are you dong?!” shouted Garaxial.

“We hold the power to cross worlds. It’s what we each have if we are to save this world,” said the two Sakuras, “Mata Nui and Skralla must be free!”

Garaxial prepared to fire another blast of shadow but his other self charged and punched him through the solid mass, trying to fuse himself back into the original body.

“No!” said Garaxial, as he tried to hold back, “You’re too late…your revenge will not help anyone!”

“You cannot exist anymore,” growled the Light Garaxial, “The time has come to rejoin ourselves.”

“No…if you do this, then the whole world will fall,” he answered, “You’ll only end up killing everyone!”

The Two Syaorans, Kurogane, Fay, and Erax (with all of his own powers from the worlds he traveled to) combined their powers of their weapons, preparing to unleash their final blast. Their weapons glowed as their combined powers transformed into a sphere of light, growing bigger at the second.

“This revenge cannot be reversed, you powers will only cause great forces unleashed!” snapped Garaxial, “You’ll only cause the world to end!”

“We shall move on no matter the danger!” shouted the two Syaorans, “The power that lies in Averax lies in the princess and her parents! The future shall be saved!”

Garaxial screamed in agony as his other self was still trying fuse back to him; the pain was killing him. He tried to fight back, but it was no use. His body began to explode electrical sparks as the shadows in his body began to disappear. Then the world around them grew suddenly bright as the Vahi once more activated its power with the ten crystals.

The Vahi began to vibrate, faster and faster, spreading waves of radiation across the room. It seemed as if the flow of time was out of control but the only way in hopes to stop this was to work together.

“Now!” shouted Erax. The group unleashed the great blast at the two Garaxials. The final strike now determines the future for Averax Magna…time was measuring in seconds now…

“Let’s go…” said Sakura/Tsubasa, “And build the world…”

“Where we belong!” said Sakura/Sakari, “And in which everyone shall live together! That is our wish…”

The blast struck the two Garaxials dead on, incinerating them. In a heartbeat, another explosion of bright light from the ancient power of Averax has been unleashed…blinding everyone in the way. No one could tell exactly what happened at that moment…


Outside, 5 Minutes Ago…

The battle outside was only getting worse as the skies were completely dark. Everywhere, the combatants were having difficult finding their enemies.

Kiina knocked down another shadow entity and saw Ackar and Gelu surrounded by several of them. She turned to see Vastus nearby who was fighting another one.

“Vastus! The others are in trouble!” she shouted. Vastus turned and escaped the fight, and said, “Are they surrounded?”

“Yes, we need to fight back,” said Kiina as she extended her trident. Vastus extended his spear and the two combined their powers, unleashing a small storm at the shadow entities. Most of them scattered from the storm while the others were struck down.

Ackar and Gelu turned to see Vastus and Kiina coming towards them.

“Thanks for the save,” said Ackar.

“No problem,” said Vastus, “But where are Gresh, Tarix, and Tuma?”

“I saw Tarix and Gresh heading towards the front gate of the village,” said Gelu, “As for him, I do not know. Perhaps he’s finding Sakari?”

Ackar wanted to say something when he heard a voice inside of his head.

Hurry, the power of Averax is about to unleash, you must use the Zamor Sphere that I gave you, said the voice of Angonce.

Ackar turned and ran towards the fortress.

“Where are you heading?” asked Vastus.

“He somehow knows something,” said Kiina, “Let’s go. He might need our help.”

“But what about the others, the Toa, Matoran…?” asked Gelu.

“No time, I think whatever is about to happen, it might start soon,” she replied as she ran ahead.


Tuma tried to go around the rubble that was blocking the way to the Averax Palace. He had to find Sakari and apologize but as he got closer, he saw a wall of shadow blocking the entrance.

He turned to see Ackar running towards the palace.

“What are you going to do with that?” asked Tuma.

Ackar took aim on the Zamor Launcher as he replied, “For the future of this world…if I don’t use it, the world might cease to be.”

“I don’t get this,” he answered, “Is my daughter alright? What about Sakari? I have to find her; I know that she’s back!”

“You’ll see them again,” said Kiina as she arrived with Vastus and Gelu, “We’ll find a way, together.”

Ackar fired the launcher and watched as the zamor sphere soared into the sky, heading towards the top of the Averax Palace. Then the palace began to glow as the ancient power was about to unleash.

“Move, Move!” shouted Ackar, “This palace is going to go!”

The five turned and fled, heading towards the village. Several buildings began to collapse around them as the ground beneath them began to shake.

Back in the battlefield, everyone stopped as they felt the ground shaking and the palace glowing. At first, it seemed as if the entire world was about to end, but then the palace glowed brighter. Everyone heard several voices, saying, “Let’s go…return to the world where we belong!”

“Was that, Mata Nui?” asked Tarix as he could recognize the voices.

“More than him, that was also Skralla and Sakari,” answered Gresh.

No one was going to get answers, as the world around them continued to glow brighter than the stars. It felt like as if another shattering was about to happen, but this quake was not a sign of disaster.

The Zamor Sphere finally struck the target. Its power unleashed with the combination of the Averax Palace. As its powers radiated the entire planet, the shadows began to disappear from view. The world around them began to change as it freed itself from the bonds of Kotan World. (though no one knew what it was exactly.)

“The world…” said Ackar as he looked at the sky which was still glowing.

“Is it…coming back?” asked Kiina.

“It seems like everything is returning to its normal state,” answered Vastus as the bright lights began to disappear.

As soon as the last shadow entity was gone from existence, the skies began to glow in the east as the morning sun began to rise, signalizing that the battle has ended. At first, everyone was all silent at the sight, but then they all cheered at the sign of victory!

The Final Chapter: The Future of Sakari, Skralla, and Mata Nui! Will the family at last reunite for the first time?




From left to right: Sakura (Clone), Sakari, Syarix, Syaoran (Clone)

Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Chapter 15: A Royal Family

Standing together in the clear, morning skies on Spherus Magna, these incredible, memorable stories of a mother and daughter has at last mark the conclusion of the great journey.



One Minute Ago…

Mata Nui and Skralla panicked as Garaxial was preparing to make his wish. They tried their best to stay at the barrier, but both of them started to vanish. Mata Nui’s mask was about to turn black as well.

“No!” shouted Mata Nui, as he was losing his grip on the barrier, “Skralla, don’t disappear!”

As their bodies slowly vanished, the world shook around them once more. It wasn’t a sign of danger but hope. Then the world around them began to explode bright light.

Skralla could feel the power of her ten crystals coming back to her. With them, she was able to use her magic with Mata Nui to escape from the mask.

The two placed their hand on the barrier and summoned their power once more, hoping that their energy will bring them back home.

“Now!” shouted Mata Nui, as his mask turned back to gold, summoning the Ignika’s energies.

Skralla and Mata Nui activated their powers once more. The world around them began to vibrate, faster and faster. It seemed that the world would collapse but then a sudden burst of light grew.

Then both said, together, as they disappeared into the light, “Let’s go home…and return to the world where we belong!”


The Two Sakuras, Syaorans, and the others woke up and found themselves in the Grand Hall. The last thing they remembered was a gigantic blast that struck the two Garaxials and great explosion of bright light.

“Garaxial…is he?” asked the Clone Sakura.

“Yes,” said the Clone Syaoran, “Gone now…he’s no more, both him and his light self.”

Then the bodies of the Clone Syaoran and Sakura glowed, transforming them back to Sakari and Syarix. As soon as they were themselves again, they each had a necklace on with a “wing-shaped” pendant.

“No!” said Syaoran/Tsubasa, “My parents…?”

“Not to worry,” said Sakari, “I’m still your mother. I am still Sakura as long as I am bond with this necklace. I remember what happened now; all of my memories are back.”

“Your mother and I are proud of you,” said Syarix, “We thank you for helping us bringing the world back together.”

“Mom, dad,” replied Syaoran/Tsubasa, “Back when we saved Clow Country, we all agreed that everyone will live together, but then both of you died…”

“Yes, that is correct,” said Sakari, “However, even though our bodies were destroyed, our spirits were still alive. When we disappeared, we actually had two feathers for you and the other Sakura, however the other two were sent to this world in hopes of having us to come back, since we were only creations.”

“Those feathers were then used by the Great Beings to create Belirax and Agarax,” explained Syarix, “They were created to guard those feathers for us until they died. Once they were killed, the feather returned to us and granted us a renewed life.”

“But how did your bodies?” asked Sakura/Tsubasa, “Reformed?”

“It didn’t just simply reformed” said Sakari, “That’s why it was the inevitable that my mother and father were meant to be together, in hopes that I would be reborn as a different character, yet I would one day return to the being I once was.”

“However,” continued Syarix, “Even as we were granted a new life, a price was paid. We would lose our memories of our old adventures for a while until the feathers came back to us.”

“Whatever,” said Kurogane, “Even if that is all true, both of you deserved a good knocking! Quit disappearing!”

“Now, now, Kurorin,” said Fay, “Just because they disappeared didn’t mean that it was their fault.”

“Yeah, Kurotan,” agreed Mokona, “You don’t have to be so violent.”

“Shut-up!” growled the ninja.

Everyone else cracked a laugh for a few moments. Sakari turned her head and saw in the distance for the first time since her disappearance, her parents: Mata Nui and Skralla!

“Mom, Dad!” she shouted as she ran to them, bursting with tears of joy. She ran up to her mother and hugged her first then did the same with Mata Nui.

“Welcome home Sakari,” said Skralla.

“Thank you, I’m glad to have made it back” she replied, as she tried to wipe her tears away, “I missed both of you; I was worried that I would never see either of you again.”

“But you did; you saved this world, and defeated Garaxial at last. He was proven difficult, even your father and I couldn’t fully stop him,” she answered, “Now that he’s completely gone, the journey is finished.”

“And no matter who you really are,” said Mata Nui, “Always remember that your existence is very important to everyone.”

Sakari nodded as she turned to see the others watching them. Syarix, Syaoran/Tsubasa, and Sakura/Tsubasa walked towards them.

“We thank all of you for protecting her,” said Mata Nui, “If it wasn’t for your actions, we would probably have never see the light of day again.”

“Mother, did you know that this was all going to happen?” asked Sakari.

“Yes,” she answered, “That is why we sent Belirax and Agarax to join you on the journey, for we knew that their destiny lies in all four of you.”

“A while ago, before you disappeared,” said Mata Nui, “she had a nightmare about the dangers that you and Syarix were facing. However, you and the others changed the future of this world and managed to bring it back. She also knew that you and Sakura were the exact same beings.”

“But why didn’t you tell me, back in the dreams?” she asked, “I would have understand better.”

“We feared that the truth might burden both you, Agarax and Belirax,” answered Mata Nui, “Even though Agarax and Belirax knew that they were going to die someday, they did their best to keep it down and not tell anyone.”

“Mother, you once told me that this ‘Garaxial’, lived in another world,” said Sakari, “What happened to the world that he ruled?”

“Gone, everyone from that village disappeared,” answered Skralla, “Angonce told me a while back that in order for this world to stay alive, the world where Garaxial lived at had to be destroyed.”

“And one last thing, did you knew that I set your destiny, such as when I planned Certavus’ death and the prophecies in the cave?” asked Sakari.

“Yes. As soon as your father and I were free from the bonds of the Vahi, we were granted that knowledge now that your destiny has been completed,” she answered, “…even though my life was in misery for a long time, I understood why these events were happening; to bring back the world that was dying.”

Skralla turned to the other three and said, “All of you are the same, but I believe that you must depart soon?”

“Yes,” said Syaoran/Tsubasa, “But now that I found my parents, thanks to all of you; my price is paid off now. That’s the reason why I wished to find my parents, and in return I had to keep traveling from world to world until I found them.”

“That means that you can live with me?” asked Sakura/Tsubasa, “In Clow Country?”

“Yes,” he answered as he held up her hand, “We can at last live together.”

“Before all of you go,” said Mata Nui, “We have something to give you.”

He turned to Skralla who held out her hand forward; a sphere of light formed on top of it. When it disappeared after a few moments, two chains of necklaces were left. The pendant on it represented the wings of Sakura and Sakari.

“This is for you and the other princess,” explained Mata Nui, “If you have the need to contact Sakari and Syarix, their necklaces will let them know.”

“Thanks,” said Sakura/Tsubasa. She took it and put it on; sure enough she could feel its power within. Syaoran/Tsubasa placed his on and the two turned to Sakari and Syarix.

“As for you two,” said Mata Nui, “Both of you have the ability to transform into their other selves as well as remaining your current forms, all of your powers are intact no matter what form you are in.”

The others walked towards them. Sakari and Syarix turned and were expecting a knocking from Kurogane, but the ninja grunted and said, “Just don’t disappear anymore, okay? I’ll let you guys go this time…”

“I don’t think that will be a problem anymore,” replied Mata Nui, laughing to himself.

Everyone chuckled as they heard the cheers coming from outside. Once they got out of the front entrance: hundreds of Matoran, Agori, Toa, and Glatorian stood outside of the palace, cheering for the greatest victory. Everyone was even more excited to see Sakari alive after the news of her disappearance.

Tuma walked up to them and said, “Is it over? Are we are all safe?”

“Yes,” said Skralla, “Sakari has fulfilled her destiny. Now this world can at last move on without having to look back.”

He nodded as he turned to see Sakari. The last time he saw her, she was only a little baby. He turned to see several other beings he couldn’t recognized.

“Who are they?” he asked.

“It’s a long story,” answered Mata Nui, “But for now, let us celebrate the freedom at last!”

“Thanks, mom, and dad,” said Sakari, “For everything.”

Syarix took her hand and said, “I know I mentioned this before, but: I love you, Sakari!”

“I love you too!” she said as she kissed him on the cheek. Syarix was about to blush but he turned to her and they kissed. Then they turned and watched the beautiful sunrise that dawned the new day.

Standing together in the clear, morning skies on Spherus Magna, these incredible, memorable stories of a mother and daughter has at last mark the conclusion of this great journey.

~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~

Epilogue: What will the future bring for our friends? Find out in this extra-long epilogue of this incredible series: “The World Afterwards”.


Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Epilogue: The World Afterwards

The four turned to each other and held hands, concentrating on the power of their necklaces. At first it seemed that nothing happened but they all felt a shift in the universe as a new bond was put in place.



The Next Day...

Sakari and Syarix stood on balcony of the Averax Palace, watching the view around them. To Sakari, it felt like as if she has been gone for many years of her life, however it was only just several days ago since her disappearance.

“It’s hard to believe how long it’s been,” she said, “It feels like we’ve been away even longer than what we were told.”

Syarix turned to her and replied, “You know, I feel the same way. I thought that I only lived in Halan Country, but now, I realized that my life began before that.”

Sakari turned and went inside; she wanted to see something in the temple.

“Where are you going?” asked Syarix.

“To the temple,” replied Sakari, “Several Glatorian are setting up a memorial for Belirax, the Light Garaxial and Agarax.”

Syarix turned and followed her to the temple. There, they saw several flowers and a few statues that represented Agarax, Light Garaxial and Belirax.

Sakari tried her best to hold back the tears, but couldn’t. Ever since she was taken away, Belirax and Agarax were sent by her parents to guide her through the scroll. She also remembered the Light Garaxial who was separated from his original self and how much of an effort he made to help them return home.

“They must have known that they were going to die someday,” said Syarix, “But why? Didn’t they want to live longer?”

“I’m sure they wanted to,” she answered, “But when a person dies, he/she cannot return no matter how much their friends ask for.”

“But as of us…?” asked Syarix.

“We’re creations, true, but our deaths were different than theirs. When we died back in Clow Country, we still had our spirits remaining. However, when they died, they sacrificed both body and spirit in order for us to become the Clone Sakura and Syaoran once more,” she replied.


Erax stood in the Grand Hall with Mata Nui, Ackar, Vastus, and Kiina. Erax wanted to ask if they somehow remembered him from the past.

“You know, I do seemed to know you,” said Vastus, “But it’s been a long time if I do recall.”

“I’m sorry, if I am mistaken, I should just go,” replied Erax.

“No, don’t just leave if you’re unsure,” said Mata Nui, “Perhaps if you surrender your weapon or something that’s precious to you, maybe you’ll receive the knowledge about your past.”

Erax took out his compass and looked at it. This compass was used for his travels when he completed a task in each world. It was glowing now which stated that he was ready to move on. But the Glatorian extended it out and said, “For the price of this compass, I wish for my memories to come back!”

The compass began to glow, in a matter of seconds, it disappeared from view. Erax then saw a series of flashbacks from his memories. He saw himself fighting in a war with several other warriors. He saw himself obtaining the sample of energized protodermis and how the Skrall wanted to steal it. Then he remembered what his price was in order to cross worlds.

A tear began to roll from his eyes; he remembered it all for the first time since his departure.

“Easy now,” said Kiina as she tired to comfort him, “I’m sure you know all of us now, right?”

Erax nodded and replied, “Yes, I remember my life on this planet before I left. I paid my memories as a price in order to obtain new weapons and help save lives in each world that I traveled to.”

Erax held back the tears and concluded, “Thanks to all of you, I have made my decision. I am here to stay.”


Skralla stood outside by the front entrance, looking out at the sky. For the last half hour or so, she was thinking back about all of the adventures she went through. From her first meeting with Mata Nui, her journey to save her people from taking Bara Magna, the birth of Sakari, and all of the dangers that her daughter faced along the way.

She sighed and watched as several birds chirped and tweeted. Several of them were flying all over, a sign of happiness and peace in the kingdom. All around, several Agori and Matoran went to repair the damages in the village.

She turned to see Mata Nui, who walked up to her and said, “Erax is from this world. He was part of us until he left.”

“So he is,” she replied, “For some reason, Syarix mentioned that he saw him fighting in the Core War, but disappeared.”

“He paid the price of obtaining his memories back and he’ll stay here now,” answered Mata Nui, “And where’s Sakari?”

“She went to the temple with Syarix,” said Skralla, “She wanted to show him the memorial statues of our lost friends.”

“I see,” he replied as he sighed, “What about the others?”

“They’re out in the village, helping the Matoran and Agori. They’ll leave in the late afternoon by sundown,” answered Skralla.


In the streets of Averax, Syaoran and the others were busy helping the Agori and Matoran repair the city.

“I want to go see my other self,” said "Sakura", “I need to talk to her.”

“By yourself?” asked "Syaoran".

“You can come, if you want to,” she answered, “They’re your parents after all.”

“Mokona wants to come too!” said Mokona.

"Syaoran" turned to the others who nodded in agreement. He turned back to "Sakura" and said, “Let’s go then.”

The three turned and ran towards the palace. But as they arrived, they saw Mata Nui and Skralla talking. "Sakura" came up to them and asked, “Where did our other selves go?”

“The Temple,” said Skralla, “They’re checking out the memorial stones of Belirax and the others.”


Tuma, Stronius and Branar along with several other Glatorian were busy at the moment, setting up the memorials to their lost friends.

“I cannot believe she’s gone,” said Tuma, “Belirax was the one who united the Skrall together.”

“It’s been tough for her,” added Stronius, “as well as Agarax.”

The three turned to see Sakari and Syarix who were coming from the palace.

“How’s everything?” asked Sakari.

“We’re almost done,” answered Tuma, “The memorial service is supposed to start soon.”

Sakari nodded and turned to see the three statues that represented Belirax, Agarax, and the Light Garaxial. Each of them had some background history on the bases along with some flowers and thornaxes for decoration. The statues themselves were made out of a mixture of rock protodermis and some golden elements that gave a small glow in the sunlight.

“Sakari,” said a voice. She turned to see the other "Sakura" and "Syaoran" who were talking to Syarix. Sakari walked up to them and asked, “What is it?”

“We all agreed that we’ll live in a world together, right?” asked "Syaoran".

“I have decided,” answered Syarix.

“So have I,” said Sakari, “It was a promise, after all.”

“Then let us live together,” replied "Sakura".

“Mokona knows how!” said Mokona. They turned to see what Mokona was talking about. Mokona replied, “It’s easy. We can set a bond between Averax Magna and Clow Country. It’s just like how Averax Magna was bonded with Kotan World, before it got destroyed at least.”

“And just how are we going to do that?” asked Syarix.

“Your necklaces; combine your powers with them,” answered Mokona.

The four turned to each other and held hands, concentrating on the power of their necklaces. At first it seemed that nothing happened but they all felt a shift in the universe as a new bond was put in place.

“What just happened?” asked Sakari, “It looks like as if nothing…”

“You just set the bond between Averax and Clow,” answered Mokona, “Now that you did that, you’ll be able to visit each other anytime without having to ask me to send you. You four can cross this world to Clow Country and back.”

“What about the other worlds?” asked "Syaoran", “The ones that we’ve all been through, at least?”

“It’s possible, but it’s more difficult,” replied Mokona, “For now, I believe that there’s a funeral going on soon?”

“Yes, it’s to honor Belirax, Agarax and the Light Garaxial for their efforts,” answered Sakari.

“Sakari, Syarix, is that you?” said a voice.

The four turned to see Aeran and Elia, friends of Sakari and Syarix from other worlds.

“How did you?” asked Sakari.

“We were summoned to join the fight,” answered Elia, “When we found out that this world was in a battle, we gathered up our armies and managed to arrive in this world.”

“Thank you,” said Syarix, “For helping us.”

“But thank you, Syarix,” answered Aeran, “For helping all of us back in Kenax City. I owed you one back then, so we came here to help your people.”

“So, it’s true then?” asked Elia, “That all of you…?”

“Yes,” answered Sakari, “We are all the same.”

Elia nodded and replied, “Well then, it was a pleasure to see all of you again. But now, it is time for me to go now.”

“Me too,” said Aeran, “My people are waiting for myself and the rest of my army to return to the city. We’ll see you soon, Sakari.”


“So what you’re saying is all true then?” asked Kurogane as he lifted up another hunk of metal to one of the Agori.

“It is,” answered Fay as he handed the matoran some rubble. He turned back and replied, “From what we had experienced, it seems that the spirits of Sakura and Syaoran did not die, instead they disappeared into another world.”

“Which was this one,” answered Kurogane, “This place, it’s just like Clow Country, but different.”

“That’s true too,” answered the magician, “Averax Magna is like a twin to Clow Country. However the compositions for both worlds are different. Spherus Magna was shattered, split into three pieces which destroyed a lot of resources for Bara Magna. But it was Skralla and Mata Nui that brought it back together. And that scroll that Sakari carried, it was the only way she could help to her family’s future.”

Fay turned and walked towards the palace, he knew that there was a memorial ceremony coming.

“Are you heading to the temple?” asked Kurogane.

“Yes, the others are there,” he answered, “We should get going and see if they started yet.”


The memorial ceremony was brief, but it lasted for an hour. Several Glatorian, including Kiina, Ackar, Stronius, Gresh, and Branar brought some thornaxes and flowers to the statues. Hundreds of Matoran, Agori, and Toa sat in rows of chairs, watching the ceremony about to begin. Skralla went up to the stage and began the speech.

“Today,” she began, “We honor our friends who died to save this world. If it wasn’t for their choices they made, we might have not lived to see this day. For now, let’s bow our heads and give thanks to our friends.”

Sakari continued the speech, saying, “We give thanks to Belirax, Agarax, and the Light Garaxial, who all sacrificed their lives to bring this world back together. Their decisions helped brought a better future for this world as well as the citizens who lived in it.”

Then several Matoran and Agori got up and brought more flowers and thornaxes. The Glatorian helped decorate the statues and everyone bowed their heads once they finished.

After a moment of silence, Skralla finished the speech, saying, “For the last several years, the Garaxial that had revenge against us kept an eye on this world, watching all of us. He dared to take another gamble and tried to kill all of us. However, the other Garaxial sacrificed his life to stop him in the end and now we are at last free from our greatest enemy.”

She turned to Sakari, saying, “Thank you, for saving all of us. Your choice also brought hope to this world.”

Sakari hugged her and replied, “I always believed that I will one day return to Spherus Magna. Now that I am home, I can at last stay.”



Mata Nui, Skralla, Sakari and Syarix stood at the front gates of Averax Magna along with Ackar, Stronius, Kiina and Erax. They were making their final words with Syaoran/Tsubasa and the others. The sun was heading out to the west as the day was almost over.

“Thank you again,” said Sakari, “For helping us.”

“You’ll be alright now, mom, dad?” asked Syaoran.

“Don’t worry,” answered Syarix, “We are safe now, my son.”

“Promise that you won’t disappear again,” said Kurogane, “Or else…”

“We won’t,” said Sakari, “So don’t bother beating.”

“Yeah, don’t be so violent, Kuro-pou,” added Mokona, “You’re only scaring the children.”

“By the way, thanks for the basket of these fruits. We’ll plant these seeds when we get to Clow Country,” said "Sakura".

"Syaoran" came up to Sakari and Syarix, saying, “Mom, dad, I’m sorry for all of the trouble back then…”

“That’s nothing,” replied Syarix, “The past is behind us.”

Syaoran nodded and took a few steps back as Mokona activated the wings. The winds began to howl around them as they disappeared from view.

“We’ll meet again soon!” said Sakari, “Perhaps we’ll come over to Clow Country some day!”

“Sounds great!” answered "Sakura", “Come on over any time! We’ll be waiting for your visit!”

Sakari and Syarix waved a good bye as their other selves vanished from view. The sun was finally settling in the west as the evening arrived.

“We will meet again,” said Sakari, “Soon…”

After a moment of pause, she turned to Syarix and said, “Thank you for being with me.”

“You too Sakari,” he replied as they held hands, “We’ll see them again soon.”

Sakari, her parents, and all of her friends turned and walked back to the Averax Palace, each of them carried a smile on their face. A new reign of peace has begun as the great journey finally reaches to an end.


Edited by Toa Syaoran

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