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Esben Kolind

MOC: InterCity Train

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Hi all,

My latest creation is a European style InterCity train mainly inspired by current Danish rolling stock.

This 6-wide train features three cars (one bilevel), removable roofs, full interior and close coupling.

Building this train has been a study in the use of curved bricks and cheese cakes to obtain a "clean" curvature of the front. The cheese cakes are truly a great addition for any train builder.

All images on BrickShelf after moderation




The assembly of the SNOT front. Notice that pretty much all of the train sides are SNOT.


To obtain a smooth slope of cheese cakes, every second cake must be offset by a half plate. Can you figure out how it is done here?


A few pictures of the close coupling, a pretty standard technique:




All comments are welcome!


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Thanks for showing the SNOT techniques and that linkage system is so simple yet so effective!! The shape and colors are gret too really well done! I will check out the video now. :classic:

Post video viewing EDIT: WOW that is pretty quick! Sounds quick too. :sweet:

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This is nicely done !

I like your modern-looking train sets.

Also I paid special attention to the close-coupling technic. I gather some ideas for making something

similar one day. So special thanks for showing it so clearly.

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He that looks really good, nice to say how you worked out the SNOT and explained the building techniques.

A small point of criticism is the line from the front steering capartment to the passengers part. Because you reused the bic white panels, it doesnt fit nicely, maybe you could think of other solutions. I don't know any, except maybe not using the big white rood panels.

The coupling btw is very nice, simple but so effective :thumbup:

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