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5912 Hydrofoil Review

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So it has been my misfortune both, to decide that I love the Adventurers Theme, and that I am over fussy with my Used Lego (especially the MiniFig's, which tend to come of the worst from play). What attracted me to the Adventurers was not the sets, but the Minifig's, and to be specific the Torso, to be honest I am not a great fan of their faces.

When I first encountered the Adventurers Theme a little bit of me wished to have been born a decade later, and then I would have lived their adventures as a Child, but now as an Adult I can still appreciate them in my own way.

So to gain my palette of Adventurer Figs I have started to buy some of the smaller MISB sets, and to fill a few holes in the excellent Review Index, I will release these pieces from thier unhealthy captivity and so I present my first Adventurers Review:


The front of the box showing a small set with a great character...


The back of the box, showing how you could combine several sets to create a really crazy and unusual aeroplane!

And now to the best bit...


Now obviously, a character called Mike is going to be close to my heart!

Nevermind the excellent print of the Torso. Or the VERY usefull Brown Kepi Hat.

Now of course we do not see a Printed Back, but with the Front so good, who cares?

This set is from the Sub Theme, Dino Island, where I believe the Adventurers Cast meet Dinosaurs in a sort of Jurassic Park spin off way (without the License Fee!)...


So we get a Lego Pteranodon. Which I happen to really like, although I'm not quite sure how I could ever use it!

So now to the Set:


All 15 pieces! This is an impulse set, so lets be fair and not expect a particulary long building process...


OK, approximately 1 minute later we have a very basic Hydrofoil type boat.

If you felt you needed assistance building the 'model', Lego helpfully provided some instructions...


They even included a small comic, which I thought was a nice touch:


which includes instructions on how to combine a few of the sets to create this:


which is just crazy...

Now I am somewhat mocking towards the Model, but I did not buy the set for that. To be fair as an impulse it is OK, you get your basic model, a dinosaur, and a MiniFig.

What more could you expect?

I will not try to rate with statistics, because I was not intrested in the set really, just the MiniFig, I will leave with saying that I was more than happy buying this, for probably double what it retailed for back in the day.

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Great review of a great impulse set that I never knew existed until now!

When compared to today's impulse sets, it may not look as good, but it does include one rare piece, something that most impulse sets do not include: a pteranodon, which was only included in five sets, three of which were dark orange! That one piece mold is very cool, and the studs make it even better - you can have your minifig ride on top of it!

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