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Review: 6579 Ice surfer (Arctic)

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There is nothing that grows in your arctic world (Midnight oil - Arctic world)

6579: Ice surfer

Year: 2000

Theme: Town

Subtheme: Arctic

Pieces: 43

Price: 5 USD / ?? EUR / ?? UKP

Building time: less than 10 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Box front: With set name, piece count and 4 different "building toy" languages. Box measures 140x94x45 mms or 5.10x3.12x1.12".


Box rear: two alternate models, both are missing the big sail!


Box sides: building one of the alternate models (now that's a rarity!) and lots of writings.





Random (not really) instructions page: A piece call out (for that black piece will kind of be hidden in the model)


Instructions book rear: Some real life pics. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, penguins actually live in Antarctica!


Promo poster: So, what was hot in Y2K? <insert that tiresome argument> City and KKI. Oh, please... Still, you might want to click for full-size pics.

6579-09b.jpg 6579-10b.jpg

Another promo (mini)poster: Lego club and LegoMania magazine. Also click for full-size pics.

6579-11b.jpg 6579-12b.jpg

Loose pieces: They were in a bag, which was partly open and partly glued in the box folds...


Stickers: ...and I couldn't find the sticker sheet. It was hidden in the Mania/Club poster.


Minifig and minibase: Our hero wears shades and a green outfit; below the stickered flag lies a "flight control panel" printed slope.


Ice surfer: This vehicle features some 80s space pieces like the bracket and the wings. But they come in orange for the first and only time so far. That applies to the horse hitching too (see next pic).


Ice surfer: Orange and blue are the main colors of set and theme, the rest is neutral colors.


Ice surfer: Here comes the wing (Italians would call it "vela", that literally means "sail"), this Arctic version being an exclusive to this set.


Ice surfer: Side and rear view: a radio and an iceaxe are clipped on the sides.



Ice surfer: The complete set.



What (LEGO set) can you buy with 5 bucks today? A Racers Tiny Turbo or a Creator mini. Back in 2007, a small Mars Mission AstroFighter.

A couple of months ago, I actually paid a bit more (because of shipping cost), but I'm still happy about this set.

This is a classic minifig+vehicle set, a pure "what you see is what you get".

The small base is obviously simple, but it made me think of how that machinery can work in the arctic freeze. :tongue: The flag comes in different Arctic sets with different numbers (stickers). The Surfer has some handles (like on many quads these days) and loudhailers on the sides to hold short skis (minifig sized). The wing+loudhailer combo reminded me of a space set I used to own, 6824 Space dart-I.

The big pole has a ball on the lower end for a 360° rotation (the white piece can rotate about 40° left and 40° right).

If you already have an Arctic set, this minifig has no highlights; yet those blue sunglasses haven't been around since 2005 (Scuderia Ferrari Truck). The two accessories are a good choice, but the iceaxe turned out to be a flaw: the handling was too thin to fit in the 1x1 clip piece. I was lucky to have a spare one from the Yeti's hideout. Yet this is more of a Quality control issue than a minus to the set itself (like the open bag).

No animals included, it would have been nice to have one such the trans neon orange scorpion or the trans blue spider which came with other small sets.


Color scheme: 4/5. Blue and orange are a good pairing.

Minifigs and accessories: 4/5. Too bad both smaller sets (this one and the 6577/6626 Snow scooter) come with the same minifig. The (old dark) grey radio was kind of popular between 1999 and 2002, and the only color other than black this accessory has ever been available in.

Pieces: 4,5/5. An absolute exclusive, three color exclusives and a color unusualty (I can't call it rarity) in a 5 bucks set. Isn't it something?

Playability: 4,5/5. A lot of stuff for one minifig alone. That should grant good playability.

Design: 4/5. Unusual, to say the least, but good. Too bad for that "random" white piece, a fish out of water.

Overall rating: 4/5. I can't call it outstanding, but it's very good.

The final words: One of many comet themes that briefly lighted the sky (this one, in a quite dark year).

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cool :thumbup:

I like his hat, never seen that before. Interesting for a winter outfit :classic:

These things also exist on the beach, they go really fast.

For me it is not outstanding, the combination of parts and price is very nice, but I am not sure how it would fit in my layout

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cool :thumbup:

I like his hat, never seen that before. Interesting for a winter outfit :classic:

The hat is new to this theme, and I'm not sure if it was ever used outside this theme until the 2009 Hoth set.

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I was never a fan of this line. All it really had going for it was "not as terrible as most of the rest of the year." It's very forgettable to me. I had actually completely forgotten the line existed until this review!

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