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Commander Flash

Who's Who in KotOR

Recommended Posts - Chapter 1

This is the who's who of Knights of the Old Republic series, it includes information about every relevant character in my comic series (starting back up by the end of the week), up to date. It will include spoilers, so do not read before the chapter unless you want the comic spoiled.



Raven is a Republic soldier that was on board the Endar Spire, before it blew up. She narrowly escaped with Carth Onasi right before the ship was destroyed. She is kind, but is a survivalist with much experience in battle.

Trask Ulgo


Republic ensign who searched for Bastila on the Endar Spire. He then encountered a Sith, and sacrificed his life to protect Raven and allowed her to escape.



A female Jedi of importance. She recruited Raven into her mission. Bastila was on board of the Endar Spire, but escaped on an escape pod.



A Sith, who wielded a double red light saber. His name and master are unknown.

Carth Onasi


Carth Onasi is a decorated war veteran, who's home planet of Telos was annihilated by the Sith. He holds himself responsible for it, and has little trust in anyone.

That is all for now, more to come after next chapter.

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