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Pepa Quin

TTCE: Daylight Special passenger car

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Hello, all.

Here is my submission for Category 2 of the contest:


At a recent train show, a friend of mine spotted a vendor that was selling old or broken scale cars for very cheap. He had the idea of buying a few cars and using them as models to base a Lego creation off of. I followed his idea, and this is the result.

3961832722_a5e6549fa1_s.jpg 3961832126_09fe929cd1_s.jpg 3961830780_f437d804c9_s.jpg 3961830278_8012849c33_s.jpg

Not being much of a train guy, this is my first 'real' train (my

trains are more fanciful.) This is the first car I've built for the full train.

I've done a small bit of research on the Daylight Special, and this color scheme does not fit any train company that I could find (in a two minute search :wink: ). These colors are based on the model I got (third picture). If anyone knows any more details as to the coloring, please let me know.

I decided to do this train in 6-wide instead of 8, due to the length of the cars. At 50 studs long, it just barely fits within the maximum space limits for NILTC's layouts. If it were 8-wide, and/or longer, it would not be able to be run at our shows.

There are a few more pics in the gallery, plus a short video I took of the car 'in action' this weekend at my club's train show.

As an aside, this is my first posting on Eurobricks! I love the idea of having a train forum here and I hope it will really help promote one of the more exciting aspects of the Lego community.


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Nice design!

And I love the colors which you used.

The color below, is that sand green? And the one above is dark green? Fantastic new(er) colors that I try to use myself more and more.

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Pictures are great, but this thing is a beauty in person! :thumbup:

What PQ didn't tell you all was that he took the car home one night and by the next day had this beauty running on the rails! On the other hand, it's three weeks later, and the guy who have him the idea (yours truly) still hasn't even started building the car he bought.

Oh the shame... :cry_sad:

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Eilif ? Hey... its modular Carl ! Get working on yours too. Matt (PQ) did such a nice job on the trucks and windows. You might be able to beat him to the engine... but you will ahve to work fast.


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