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I am happy to present my entry in the contest, a California Northern GP15-1. These locomotives come through my town 6 days a week, so I see them on a regular basis. There are 11 units, numbered 103-113, with the majority of them being ex CNW. My model is most closely based on #108, it is 34 studs long and seats one minifig. More pictures on my flickr account here.

Entry Pic



Another comparison shot:



A little about the CFNR from wikipedia: The California Northern Railroad (reporting mark CFNR) is one of several Class III short-line railroad companies owned by RailAmerica, Inc. It operates over Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) tracks (now Union Pacific Railroad) under a long-term lease. More here.

More prototype pictures can be found at rrpicturearchives

Thanks for looking

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This looks very good :thumbup:

I must say you realized a lot of details in the MOC that are also on the original one.

Only 2 comments would be, is there a darker green to build it with ? and would it maybe look even better 8-wide ?

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Thanks for your feedback awwsum, I definitely tried to bring out the details as best I could.

I suppose I could have used the dark green as seen in the BNSF, but I feel the regular green is a closer match. Seeing these engines up close, in person, and in the sun I didn't think twice about the color.

As far as 6 versus 8 wide, I prefer 6 wide, but to each his own.

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This little train is a stunner. I really like the colors on this and I think your choice of green was a good one. You really did capture the details well too. It wouldalso look good in 8 wide, but it would have a different character. I like this one as it is. Looking forward to seeing your next MOC!

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