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Review : 6968 Wookie(e) Attack

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OK Lego Star Wars fans, here's an interesting one - a review of a set which I don't believe has ever been on sale in stores, but which I stumbled across on Brickset :

Brickset link to 6968

Is it a 'real' Lego-designed set or is it not ? If anyone can tell me I'd be grateful. I liked the look of it, however, so decided to build it, a task made much easier because there is a link to some instructions on Brickset. The link is as follows :

6968 Instructions

This set may have been given away promotionally at some point, but I've never seen a photograph of a packet to go with it or even 'official' printed instructions, so it genuinely may never have been available at all.

Name: Wookie Attack, or should that be "Wookiee Attack".....not sure

Theme: Star Wars

Number: 6968

Year: 2005

Pieces: 48

Minifigs: None

Price: N/A (parts sourced via Bricklink, total cost between £5 and £10 which I guess is pricey for a mini set)

No box, but here are the parts :


Despite the small size there are some pieces in interesting colours - I particularly like the 4 sand blue dishes in 2 sizes, a couple of dark blue tiles with Grille and a couple of transparent orange 1 x 2 bricks.

As previously stated, the instructions are available at the link above. I printed them out - 2 pages in total - and here's a shot of the first page :


No minifigs with this set, although you could always dig out set number 7190, 7258 or 7260 and borrow a Wookiee from there......

It's a quick, easy build.

Here it is from the side :


And from an angle :


And from the front :


It looks like a bug-eyed frog from the front !


Design: 8/10 (Nice - quite an elegant little model)

Price: 5/10 (Some tricky pieces to source, and hence the cost - not likely you'll have sand blue dishes or transparent orange bricks lying around......)

Minifigures: N/A

Playability: 6/10 (My boy's not too sure what to make of it, and I'm really too old to be zooming it around the table !)

Overall: 7/10 (an unusual mini set that I suspect few people have ever built, and certainly worth having, especially if you just HAVE to have all the Lego Star Wars sets.....)

Cheers and happy building,

Dr. D.

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This is one of those sets that never made it into production.

Each theme is allowed a certain amount of sets each year and that means some sets are never put into production.

The best stays, meaning that it's a hard calculation between production cost and income.

I would have loved this mini to have gone into production, but luckily we get tho have the instruction on LEGO's cache and we can make it ourselves instead.

Just like the two never released Castle Impulse sets (the ones in the new Brickmaster Book).

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Thanks, Kim.

Interestingly, I get a "set number not recognised" message when I enter the set number in the "download replacement instructions" area of the Lego site. Makes me wonder how anyone ever found the instructions in the first place, and indeed if there are any other instructions floating around in Lego's website for Star Wars sets that didn't make it into production......


Dr. D.

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