TTCE: EMD Class 66 653-05 TRAINSPORT

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My entry for the contest. Only finished it just in time, but have been working on it for a while.

It's a model of the famous EMD Class 66, it's 8 wide, and thus very close to be exact minifig scale. For more pics and info:

Visit My MOCpages site

It's non-powerd right now, but is designed so that PF can easily be installed. This one is going to stay a display model, as it's the locomotive I drive in real life. Another Class 66 is under construction that will be PF from the start, but it won't change the design.

Features: V-12 engine with turbo, removable hood, build-up trucks (three axle, but able to negotiate curves/switches) and turning "timkin" bearings, detailed fronts, look-through radiator "mesh" imatations, uneven length cabs (as per original), all prototypical decals (self made), sand boxes,...


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Very nice. I like the ladder grills. I do envy you though since you can roam through the prototype while I have to guess at details and dimensions from a photo or two. Again, nic :thumbup::classic: e work!

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