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Review 851847 Lego Ludo

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Lego Ludo

"Hi this is the lego police and our mission today is to get around this big board and jump into our correct places before the three other teams do it. This requires stealth, strength and most importantly the ability to think about our moves well. I shall report back as soon as we make it but until then, good bye"


Set Data

Name: Lego Ludo

Theme: Board Games

Number: 851847

Year: 2007

Pieces: 79

Minifigures: 16

Price: GBP:25,USD:40






There is a front cover as seen in the first photo and this slides straight off. Then you get this lovely box that enables you to keep the game nice and safe. What

I don't like about this set is the lack of information on the box. I mean yes TLC do not have to print it here in the UK but they should do it for our own pleasure. Everything else about the box is perfect.

The Instructions


Above is the front page of the manual. Inside are the instructions on how to play the game and it is written in 5 languages. Not too special but a necessary thing to include. Each player must choose a starting position and place the four figures belonging to that area in there. You then must roll the dice trying to get round the board as quickly as possible. A player must roll a six to allow their minifigure to come out of the area. Then they get a second turn, the player can also choose to move normally if they get a six. If a player manages to land on a square already occupied the player who was already there must go back into there area. When the player goes round the board once they may then move into the central line of squares. To win all the minifigs from one area must be in their central square line.I have added a high quality picture of the inside of the manual where you can read the instructions if you wish here.




There are four different types of figure these are then repeated four times. There is a builder, a police man, a technician and a racer. I love the fact they included some of all these figures. They can be used for anything town related or even with other themes, this would most certainly be a high point of the set.



There is a good amount of accessories in this game. You get 2 pieces of equipment per themed figure. From left to right the shovel and ground drill belong to the builders, the flag and the wheel belong to the racers, the microphone and walkie talkie belong to the police and the last two belong to the technicians. If you are buying the set for the figures the accessories are a good addition. Their were no extra pieces in this set.

The board without figures




All the pieces on the board are glued together and the complete size of the board is 32*32 studs. As you can see in picture 2 the board is put into this secondary box and is attached by sticky pad with Velcro at one end. It won't come out of the secondary box by tipping it upside down even after I have taken it out for a long time and then put it back in. In picture three you can see the board taken out of the main box.

The set complete with figures




The complete game is good. Playing the game can easily get a little boring, it is easy to carry and looks nice to display. There is not really much to this set apart from the minifigures but it's still nice to have.


Design: 9/10 (Nice design but it could be improved by only using dark grey tiles instead of a mix of light grey too)

Price: 7/10 (With the basis of normally £1 per figure (UK only)it works out okay but not great)

Minifigures: 10/10 (With 16 figures you couldn't really ask for more)

Playability: 9/10 ( This is a lovely game to play, however the repetitive nature detracts from it over time, perhaps some alternate rules would spice this set up a little )

Overall: 7/10 (Respectable score)

I feel this set is priced ok at £25/$40, however it was heavily discounted when I purchased it for £8. Either way I would recommend grabbing it for yourself as it is a great game that is perfect for the whole family.

The Brickshelf Gallery

Hope you enjoyed my review


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Great review! I would find the mechanics and the racers useful. The price, as you said, is just okay. :sadnew:

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Nice review (late post I know)

But this clearly seem a pre-Lego Board game as we compare them with the recent ones.

I love the Lego dice -that can't be found in this game- that you can build and the board seems to basic also a little

confused about the starting point directs you to the goal (same path) Could have done better or more clear.

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