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Review 7749 Echo Base

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It’s the 10th anniversary of LEGO® Star Wars, and Imperial forces are invading the Rebels’ secret base on the ice planet Hoth! As Han Solo leaves for a mission on his tauntaun, snow troopers attack with their heavy repeating blaster. Its up to the Rebel Alliance troopers to fight back with their missile-firing defence turret and trench with figure-flinging battle action.


Set Data

Name: Echo Base

Theme: Star Wars

Number: 7749

Year: 2009

Pieces: 155

Minifigs: 5

Price: GBP:21.49,USD:25,EUR:27



The Box



The box has a nice big picture of the set inside on the front which attracts people to buy this set. On the back of the box they show you the many features of this set and also a picture of the new Taun Taun.


On the box you can see the old drawn picture of the main figures. Adding this to the set made it just that little bit more appealing to me.


Upon opening the box you would find it was almost completely empty. Really these bags could have been put in a set the size of the battlepacks. This made me upset as the set is expensive and it contains such few pieces.




The front of these instructions simply shows the same image as the front cover, the back of the manual has the win free lego promotion that is very commonly found.


Random Instruction page




These minifigs are lovely to own. The rebel troopers are good because they have a detailed torso and the helmet goes well with their faces however they could be improved by giving one of them a face expression as at the moment they are both smilies. The are also great for me as I have wanted one for a while, their helmets are nicely done, on the back of them they have a backpack or jet pack attached to their helmet. Han Solo is also a good fig to include as it is a chance to get him in Hoth style, you can never have to many Han's. I like him because he is just one of the main characters in the film.




The Taun Taun has been wanted for a long time by lego fans and finally here it is. Many bought the set for the Taun Taun but for me he is more of a special extra. He looks good, stands up well, arms can move up and down and he can also carry a gun if you add on the saddle.

(A Taun Taun is in no way a grey kangeroo or a large squirrel coming to eat you :tongue:)

Accessories And Extra Pieces


The accessories are just the normal guns and a pair of binoculars. The binoculars are not a nessccery but it was nice of TLC to add it in for us. The guns are good but the accessories would be better if we got an extra gun so when no-one is manning the E-Web they can still fight.


The extra pieces are always great to have incase you lose a piece. As normal these are mostly small pieces as these are the ones likely to get lost.

The Build


Here is one of the early stages of the build. You can start to see the trench coming together.


The beggining of the turret build.


Here the top of the turret is nearly done.

Overall the build was fun, it was rather short and easy though. This set takes about 15 minutes at the most and 5 minutes at the least. I would say I enjoyed the fact their was no boring repetition or confusing instructions.

The Complete Set Without Figures


The set without figures looks decent on its own. My favourite part being the turret.


Nothing special here, just showing you the side of the set.


Here is the back of the set where you can see a lovely looking crate. I really hate those brown plates inside the trench though as it makes the area a little too packed for me.


Here you can see the lovely looking E-Web. It is lovely to own and as you can see there is a wire leading to the box.


The back of the E-Web is also lovely and here you can see the controls which the snowtrooper has to hold on too.

The Complete Set With Figures


Here you can see it from the front with all the figures. I would say it looks like a good set with lots of playability.


The E-Web looks great with the figure. The pieces all work well to make it so a 10/10 for the E-Web fro me.



Here You can see how the flick fire missile system works.


If a figure stands on the brown plate and you press it down the figure goes flying into the air.



A figure fits snug in the turret and one can also sit at the top.


Design: 8/10 (Good design for the turret and the E-Web)

Price: 6/10 (A little overpriced, would be better at a much lower price)

Minifigures: 10/10 (With five minifigures the set is great and these are also more uncommon figs which makes them even better)

Playability: 8/10 (Lots of cool features makes this set great for playing with)

Overall:8/10 (A good set that you should pick up if you can)

Edited by Eskallon

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Great review for a great set! I thought this was one of the best sets of 2009 considering piece to price ratio. First of all it's the cheapest way to get snowtroopers, hoth Han Solo, and the only set so far you can get a Taun-taun. By the way am I the only one to have noticed that the top of the turret looks like a smaller white version of the AAT's gun turret.

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Thanks for a good review.

I really like this set because of the Taun Taun and Han. When I first saw this set I thought its quite expensive for a glorified BP but after I bought one and had the Taun Taun in my hand my view changed.

It has good play features and a much better repeating blaster than the Hoth set. This set won't be the cheapest source of Snowtroopers for long with the new Hoth BP just around the corner but being the only source of a Taun Taun should keep it popular.

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