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Matt Dawson

TTCE: Light Industrial Train

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Here's my entry to category one: a small industrial train.

Many cities all over the world (even if not in the present) feature(d) small industrial railways/railroads which woulds be worked by a company diesel hauling wagons to either be transferred to the main line or unloaded/loaded from/to wagons or depots on the main line.

The train is lead by a 0-4-0 which is unpowered, but could be fitted with a PF motor, the battery and reciever for which could be mounted in a small van permenantly coupled to the loco.

The train wagons comprise a Container Wagon (a similar one but only red/black) and a small tanker. I have been rebuilding the cointainers over and over again to obtain colour schemes; one container is coloured the same as the tanker, another a modified one from the World City Cargo Crane, another the same in the same colours as the loco (but 'mirrored') and a small open container carrying used doors.

Apologies for poor picture quality - taking photos at 8 o'clock at night isn't a good idea...





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Love it. I could just imagine all the hours I would spent lying on the floor loking at that thing zoom around on track. My personal best has to be the use of the goblets as a horn.

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