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TTCE: World's first tube train

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Here is my entry for the Train Tech Building Contest. A London Tube train from 1890:


Another photograph from the side.

The City and South London Railway was the first deep-level underground "tube" railway in the world, and the first major railway to use electric traction.

When opened in 1890, it had six stations and ran for 3.2 miles in a pair of tunnels between the City of London and Stockwell, passing under the River Thames.

The diameter of the tunnels restricted the size of the trains and the small carriages with their high-backed seating were nicknamed padded cells.

Today, its tunnels and stations form part of the London Underground's Northern Line.

This model is constructed on top of a grey era 12v motor. Now I just need to build a model of Victorian London to run it under....!

Click here to see the real locomotive.

Click here to see the "Padded Cell" carriage.

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Really nice! :thumbup: Great over all shape and colors. I don't even recognize those yellow/black panels. Very nice! The brown doors are a great use of parts. Don't think I have seen those on a train before. Yet again a great creation!

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