Eurobricks Staff Structure, User Groups and Tags

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New Members please note!

Due to forum abuse we have restrictions that are gradually removed as you progress the "ranks". Read this topic for more details.




Root Admins manage the relationship with LEGO, are responsible for forum staffing, are actively thinking about site evolution and making sure Eurobricks stays up and running for years to come. They work closely with the rest of the staff on all these topics.

Next to the 'root admins' there are other types of 'admins' responsible for specific administrator tasks.

The Founder Admin was the one who originally started Eurobricks in 2003. If you are lucky you can see the Founder Admin reading the forums and maybe he'll honor you with a post in your topic.

The Walrus admin provides technical advice and keeps an eye on our ads. He's an expert programmer next to his many other talents.

The Scary mAdmin & Dragon Admin, aka Technology Admin, deals with site technology aspects, including skins, permissions and matters of security.

Technology Experts

Tech experts think binary. Linux, scripting and programming is 2nd nature for them.


A ‘theme moderator’ is like the mayor of a city, the city being their ‘theme forum’ and its inhabitants the members active in the ‘theme forum’. As mayor they are responsible for everything that happens in their city like organizing festivities (contests, theme months, etc.), make sure everyone behaves and the city is well organized (indexes).

Beware the Dark Lord of Denmark's Dark apprentices and their trusted bounty hunter Erdbeereis! Don't say you haven't been warned...

Likes to ride the Choo Choo Train and keeps it running.

Our Minifig Customisation Workshop moderator is really cut out for the job and he's stuck to it too. He's a real print...s.

We've still yet to confirm if he has ball joints or click joints as our LEGO Action Figures Moderator whacks anyone who tries to find out. Modesty or shame; your choice.

Marked cards? Sloped tables? Magnetic darts? Loaded dice? Be warned, the Dark Dragon of Dice will not be amused when he finds out and you'll be moderated flambé style!

The Pirate Moderators lurk in the rough seas around the Pirate Forum. Sorting out booty, looking for X's and keeping the Governor plus other scurvy dogs in line are only three of their many duties.

If you're attending an EB Event, you want to be sure to pay close attention to the Event Moderator. If the Event Moderator is going to the Legoland park, you shouldn't go off and visit some local attractions ......... like Windsor Castle!

Responsible for maintaining the archives of Eurobricks, the History Moderator has a giant gold key around his neck and isn't afraid to unlock a few dirty secrets. By some strange co-incidence of names his secondary role is managing the Historic Themes forum. This smooth lounge lizard is always watching from his lair and along with his two minions Regulators, the Historic Themes forum is in good hands.

In her Dark Days she was known as "The Queen of the Clone Brands". We tossed her underwater, made her face Ninjas, sent her back in time... but she liked it. Thus she now runs the Action Themes Forum.

Special Themes call for special people. But we failed to find someone special enough so we had to settle for less. (His reviews are pretty special though.)

Eurobricks' LDD Moderator is our devoted expert on LEGO Digital Designer and related software products! We think he's a real person but it's hard to tell these days.

Unlike LEGO City, the Eurobricks Town forum doesn't require a large police force, so they hired a fireman to keep an eye on the forum.

Contrary to popular opinion, the existence of this rank doesn't mean the rest of us are unlicensed. The "licensed" part is the job, "moderator" is the rank...

After wearing Zorro's hat for a while and realizing it just didn't fit, we found one that was BIG enough.

Another noob question? The Website & News Moderator knows just the thread to merge it with. If not, he'll add it to the Eurobricks FAQ.

You shall be friendly to other Eurobricks members or fear the wrath of the Friends Moderator. Wait, that doesn't sound very friendly. Truth is, from her home base in the Town forum, she can be found all over Eurobricks dealing with everything related to the Friends theme.

Is space and time limitless? Is the universe expanding? Does the name "Steampunk" make much sense? Our moderator knows the answers to these questions and more!

Global moderators don't have a dedicated theme forum assigned unlike all the other moderators. Their playground is the entire forum. They tell members how to behave, help keep the forums tidy, perform various member screening functions and maintain our ever-growing indices. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.


The main job of a regulator is to keep the forum nicely organised: indexing, merging topics, renaming topics... that kind of work.

We traveled to the Land Way Down South looking for a Devil to help out in the Historic forum, but we found a Maniac instead. Close enough. And now there's a Rogue helping out as well.

Piracy is a global issue today so to tackle this we have some in our employ. Tasks are regulating the pirate forum, weeding out the rotten apples and maintaining the Rum supplies.

Due to the wonders of LDD we realised it would cost us nothing to have some help in LDD. So we just copied the LXF and renamed it. Isn't technology amazing?

The Dark Lord's apprentices needed help and they found some minions with encyclopedic Star Wars knowledge and the required indexing skills.

Under the guidance of our talented Reg and teacher your brick comics and movies will reach new levels of professionalism, humour... and gore!

When there's no Technic Moderator around the Technic Regulators are keeping a close eye on their forum.

Keeping the Train forum on track, our Regulator switches topics around the yard and builds a full head of steam in the roundhouse.

Pirate Ranks

These members primarly help out at Classic-Pirates, but respect should still be given to them wherever you see them just the same; you don't want to have The Governor bending you over the barrel...

Mister Phes holds this position. Its powers and exact role are mysteries, but if you watch any pirate movie you should get the general idea.

The Shipyard Master is the highest rank of the Shipyardigans. They have proven themselves to be a good Senior Editors and are hand picked by the staff for the job of Shipyard Master. Their role is to take care of the blog and be the big bosses of the Shipyard - well under Big Cam and Mister Phes of course. They do the rare spot of regulating when required and are the go-to guys for any technical or other questions the shipyard crew may have.

Pirate Editor is the rank of most Shipyard members. They have shown they can write a perfect article for the frontpage and they know their stuff pretty well.

Special Groups and Tags

Fellows are Eurobricks best members. Their number is limited but nobody knows exactly to how many. Usually the Fellows can be found at the "Fellowship Pub" where they drink beer and have discussions with the staff. All Fellows are granted mysterious abilities too scary to discuss openly... and this doesn't count the fact that they serve as moderators in the Community forum.

Mister Phes lent Zorro his hat (and position) while he had other empires to conquer, but upon his return it was found it shrunk and now it only fits the masked man. While he's no longer with us the hat is still his.

Reviewers Academy Instructor gold.gif Student silver.gifbronze.gif
Many of our more accomplished graduates from the Reviewer's Academy move on to serve as instructors. They can be identified by this icon in their tags and serve as moderators of the Reviewer's Academy Forum. The silver and bronze icons belong to students.

Visitors from the Holy Land of ABS are these. Praise Be. Most Blessed are these. Praise Be. Heed their words for unless they are Pulling Your Leg they speak the Truth. So say us all.

These are given to mark the chosen ones. Be careful what you say in front of these blessed members; the scrolls speak of direct contact to the Lords of LEGO. They also serve as moderators in The Embassy forum.

Are you an Adult Female Fan Of LEGO, otherwise known as an AFFOL? If so, and you want people to know it then tell us in this topic and we'll move you to this special group. There's no need to do this, but it does prevent confusion if you mention you like to wear high heels... :wink:

Classic Castler citizens are granted this special title due to a historical event. In 2006 a giant fire ravaged their country, forcing them to temporarily settle here. To make them feel home they were given this tag. The tradition has remained.

These are examples of special tags. For the most part these are given by staff to members where appropriate... but please don't feel too offended if your accomplishments are missed for a time. Normal members are limited to a total of 4 tags. Fellows may, under certain circumstances, be allowed 6. There is no limit for staff. Remember: Tags are a privilege, not a right, so don't take it too seriously. We'll do our best to be fair and provide a fun experience for you, just don't make it a hassle or we won't be so inclined.

Country Flags are awarded to Fellows and Staff.

Taking a Break means that a member has done something that goes against the site guidelines: spamming, foul language, improper behaviour, underage membership, multiple accounts, or generally poor posting practices are common causes. This isn't automatically the end of your time here, but it is serious and should be taken as such. The staff will discuss the problem with you in private, make sure you understand, and if it is something that can be corrected or improved and you've shown the right attitude, you will usually be given another chance to participate as a normal member. If that happens, however, you need to remember that you've been lucky to receive a second chance and act accordingly.

Some end up here straight away as they are naughty spam bots, but in most members who have exhausted their supply of second chances join this group. In most cases we'll tell you when to come back, if ever. If you've been banned and think you deserve a second chance, don't just create another account. Contact us via this email and in time we'll get back to you.

Normal Ranks

Members of the Eurobricks Archduke rank are truly special people. For one, they've made 8000+ posts.... secondly they are at the end of the line as far as auto-ranks go. We considered adding another unobtainable rank, but all things considered (*cough* lightningtiger *cough*) we'd probably just need to make another soon after...

Max. number of stored PMs: 750
Max. number of PM recipients: 5

If you achieve the position of Grand Duke, something will happen. Oh yeah, you will say "I've made 4000+ posts! 4000+ posts!" Try to skip the "w00t" though.

Max. number of stored PMs: 500
Max. number of PM recipients: 5

There are not many Dukes on Eurobricks. The 2000+ posts required call for serious devotion. Do you have what it takes?

Max. number of stored PMs: 350
Max. number of PM recipients: 4

Counts are highly respected members among Eurobricks members. They've reached a post count of 1000+.

Max. number of stored PMs: 200
Max. number of PM recipients: 3

Knights achieved a 500+ post count and know their stuff when it comes to bricks.

Max. number of stored PMs: 100
Max. number of PM recipients: 2
At this rank, members are allowed to start polls and send PMs to more than one recipient.

Citizens have demonstrated that they haven't just turned up to promote their MOCs once in a while and have made 100+ posts. We love you all!

Max. number of stored PMs: 75
Max. number of PM recipients: 1
At this rank, members are allowed to start new topics in the Buy, Sell, Trade & Find Forum.

After 10+ posts you're no longer a newb, now you're a newbie. Actually most of our active members are Vassals, so it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Max. number of stored PMs: 50
Max. number of PM recipients: 1
At this rank, members are allowed to send PMs.

"New Member" is the rank that everyone starts at. Standing orders states that everyone is helpful to the newcomers! However due to the evil invaders from the land of SpamBoticous many restrictions are imposed on this group; for example signature editing, sending PMs, posting in some forums and viewing of profiles. But fear not; make ten good posts and the nightmare will be soon over.

Max. number of stored PMs: Disabled
Max. number of PM recipients: Disabled

You'll be automatically promoted if you reach a certain post count. Every level has unique settings, this way you will get some benefits if you reach a higher level. This means e.g. more PM storage and the like. You cannot become Staff or a Fellow automatically! Admins, Moderators, and Regulators will be promoted by the Eurobricks Staff. This means if you want to become Staff here you have to show your love and addiction to this board over time. Normally we won't promote any short-term member to staff, so don't ask us, we will ask you when the time has come. If the time comes. However, please don't get fixated on the ranks. Just try to be a good member and have fun. Excessive posting to achieve faster promotion is obvious and will result in a post reduction... or worse.

Furthermore most groups have their own icon. You can see them in the table above. Please notice that there might be some small changes in the future. Eurobricks is constantly being worked on to provide the most interesting environment for our members. So, please don't wonder when icons or group names change, just check here as this thread will be (eventually) updated with the changes.

Online List Key

When you look at the list of the members who are online you will notice that some names are coloured:

Bold Dark Blue: Root Administrators, Tech Experts

Bold Dark Red: Administrators

Bold Red: Moderators

Bold Maersk Blue: Event Moderators

Red: Regulators

Bold Regal Red: Governors

Bold Green: Fellows, Heroica Masters

Bold Gold: LEGO Reps, LEGO Ambassadors

Blue: Archdukes, Grand Dukes, Dukes, Counts, Classic Castlers, Shipyard Masters, Rebel Blog Masters

Pink: Ladies

Dark Grey: Other members

Black: Search Engine bots

If you have any questions, ask them here.

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