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382nd Legionnaire


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As I mentioned when I first joined the forums, I would be doing mocs so here they are. I redid Pacman Studios' MT-RV and added my own things to it. Both tanks have armor improvements with side skirts in the back and sides to prevent missiles from penetrating. Any comments or suggestions? I am doing some attachments for next time. Sorry if the image quality is bad, but i used my iphone to take the pictures. :classic:

MT-RV Command


The MT-RV command was built to answer to the CIS Hailfire Droid. Although open canopy, the MT-RV command features 6 missiles that can be fired in full salvo. It has space for six troops including a Commander and a Gunner. The other troops are support for the tank itself. Although the MT-RVĀ© was meant to be a behind the lines tank, it can easily fulfill a support role.



The MT-RV Support was built to duh support troops on the front lines. It carries a total of 5 troops (3 Troopers and 2 Gunners). The chain gun on the right side can fire on both droids and light vehicles. Armament is standard from the original MT-RV, 2 Cannons on the front and 6 missiles in all. What sets this aside from the original is that the side skirts for the back double as a troop deployment ramp for deployment right where the battle is.



Chain Gun


Without troops


Back with Troop Deployment Ramp up


Side by Side


Why is the tank tilting?


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huh, no pictures of the back troop loading area in action?

oh, i forgot, sorry. I will post them in a few days when i finish my MT-RV attachment.

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