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Nice. It wasn't what I was expecting form the thread title. I like how you've done the camo cargo net and mini radio dishes. The extra aerials are great details too.

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You really like army, don't you. :thumbup:

Not exactly, I've always been impressed by military stuff and, of course, when I was a kid, I played "war" a lot, but I didn't have enough LEGO parts or imagination to make some military vehicules, that's why I just started to create some 2 years ago and continue to improve. I am not that kind of guy thinking that war is "cool", not at all :sadnew:

Oh! And the other reason that makes me create some military MOC is a "big" project (that will end someday... or not :hmpf: ). (sorry if it wasn't "english" :tongue: )

EDIT: also, making military stuff is a little challenging because of the difficulty (color, design, no appropriate LEGO parts, etc.)

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