Compairing 7778 and 4488 Millenium Falcon

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There was many an argument if stickers should be used. Being that I have both versions (actually I have all versions) of the M.Falcon that can share parts, I thought I would show you what the 7778 would look like with a sticker for the side hatch (or whatever that round cap is).

Like most of my reviews, all photos are clickable for the full size photos.

First some shots of the two together. For those that don't know, the 7778 is the larger one that was just released. The 4488 came out a few years ago.


Front view of both. I wish the cockpit on the 4488 has some sort of print for it. Looks wierd. And I wish the sticker for the 7778 cockpit matched better to the more detailed nose of the cockpit piece, which is also a sticker.


Rear shot of the two Millenium Falcons


Side profile. Hey no comment about one of the air vents being sideways on the 7778. :) This is the view you want to pay attention to. Notice how the 7778 is 2x BIGGER than the 4488. Yet, uses the same size hatch. Haha. Just by sticking the hatch into that tube on the 7778 made it look much larger than it really is.


Here are the two pieces. The one on the left is a sticker, the one on the right is a print. Notice more detail on the print. Not to mention, its straight. The sticker is stright, but the "cut" wasn't off so it's off center. I tried to correct as much as I could.


Original hatch on the 7778. Not too bad.


And here is the old printed hatch on the 7778. Looks cleaner. I wish the front hatch holes on the 7778 was printed like the rear vents. Same thing happened. The cutouts was crooked, so some of the front hatch holes look off.

So... why do you think Lego went with the stickers? Just cheaper to make? If so, I'm amazed how much printed parts they used on the 4488. And I think that was a smaller run than this new 7778.

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This a good comparison. The detailed pictures are brilliant. Keep it up.

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Very nice comparison. Great pictures :thumbup:

Like almost everybody I prefer prints before stickers for obvious reasons.

If you've got 4504 and 10179 I would love to see those in the comparison as well.

But I guess if you had them you would have done that already :laugh:

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I am not one for detail here, but there is a vast difference in regards to the scale of what these sets were released for.

7778 is midi scale

4488 is mini scale

I haven't missed the point in regards to the stickers and print plates, they do look almost the same and the midi does have more detail on it, as its meant to.....its bigger.

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Very nice comparison, I like all the different views. Really give you the right perspective.

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