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Technical: Building upside-down

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So here's the problem:

I wanted to re-create in Lego a Swedish famous electric locomotiv, namely the DA-class engine.

The original engine has a small "lip" (or edge) along side its base, which covers the wheels just a little, so

the ideal lego base would be a 6x24 train base plate in dark-red (or reddish-brown), which has the same kind of lip,

when the wheel boogie is assembled under it.

But, Unfortunately a dark-red train base plate is a not-existing combination.... :cry_sad:

After some creative thinking I found out that dark-red panels 1x2x1 mounted upside down, gives the same look

and overall dimensions as a train base plate.

So this is how the upside-down built baseplate looks:


And this is the final result, a Swedish class DA engine. :tongue:


Please share your own solutions, for this kind of "problem" :

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I inverted the 1 x 2 tile modified with handle 2432.gif as a mudguard on my fire engine.


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