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REVIEW: 7740 Electric Inter-City Train Set

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Name: Electric Inter-City Train Set

Set No.: 7740

Theme: LEGO / SYSTEM / Trains / 12v / Train Set

Year: 1980

Pieces: 746

Minifigs: 10

Price (when it was in stores): USD 160$ (which equals about EUR 113€)

Price nowadays (2d hand): USD 290$ (which equals about EUR 200€)


This is actually one of the first 12v train of the grey area. It had a little circle of track with it and also a little station, where minifigs can go and off the train. Also the front and tail lights are real working. It's a great set to start with, only you had to add a 12v speedregulator.

The front view of the train:


Click on pic for bigger one

The right view:


Click on pic for bigger one

The left view of the train:


Click on pic for bigger one

You can also make a second model of this train:



The first time I saw this train as a child, I wanted this train too. But when I started seriously with 12v trains, this train wasn't for sale anymore. I didn't knew how to get this 2d hand. Nevertheless, after my darkages I discovered internet and this train arrived as 12th in my collection. What was I proud when I had this one.

I have replaced all damaged bricks with new ones, repaired the 12v motor and put some new stickers on it.

Let's see the inside of the train. The locomotive:


Click on pic for bigger one

The first wagon:


Click on pic for bigger one

In dinerwagon, I added a fridge in it. So the minifigs can enjoy cold drinks or ice-creams during the journey:


Click on pic for bigger one

In 1983 you could buy 2 great wagons in the colors of this train:


Click on pic for bigger one


Click on pic for bigger one

And the inside of those wagons:


Click on pic for bigger one


Click on pic for bigger one

When you put it behind this train, you get this wonderfull picture:


Click on pic for bigger one


Click on pic for bigger one

I had to make modifications to this train, otherwise one single 12v motor could not pull all 4 wagons. I added a second 12v motor to it, connect both with eachother with a wire. Disconnected the lights. Very handy, when track is a little dusty. It has 4 pair of sleepers, which get power from the track. It runs very smooth now. All the wheels of the 4 wagons are replaced by 9v ones, cause this one has less friction. In this way those 2 12v motors have nog problem to pull all 4 wagons. It also pulls the whole train nicely through the switches.

Playability: 10/10 (With adding sets 7815 & 7819, you have a great train)

Design: 10/10 (It look very realistic, colors are good chosen. Somewhere in Germany this train runs for rail.)

Price: 6/10 (It's very expensive, while this train is properly the best grey 12 train sold by LEGO. I guess it's very popular.)

Overall: 9/10 (It's the best 12v train you can buy, what else can I say about it?)

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This set is amazing! I'm really enjoying your reviews of these classic 12V sets Panda. I like the split red/yellow color combination as well as the classic yellow train windows. The set even has the split color doors, how great is that? I wonder what a set like this costs MISB? I would imagine that it goes for a pretty hefty price.

1980 was probably the best "single year" for Lego trains with all of these fantastic 12V sets. Thanks for resurrecting these classics! It looks like you've got superb collection. :thumbup:

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Thank you very much for this great review, Panda9001100! :thumbup:

I voted for

Above Average


-the platform is too small

-only very few minifigs

-the seats in the passenger car should be in one line :sadnew:


-the exterior looks very realistic :oh:

-the interior is perfect - mainly the one in the dining car :wub: where the bar and the tables look even better than in the awesome Metroliner


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