TTCE: SNCF Freight Train

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Since I allready entered one locomotive in category 2, I had to build a whole train set to be able

to compete with this French class BB7200 freight train hauler. :tongue:

The idea with this creation was to make a classic lego freight train set, like 4563, 4564 and 4565.

So in my imagination this entry is the logical "lego set 4566"......

The locomotive is intended to be a French SNCF BB7200. This is a truly classic locomotive design with that

inverted cab window, and a colour scheme of grey/dark grey/orange that is perfect to recreate in lego.

Unlike many designs I have seen before, I use a brickbuilt, tilted, cab window. Also I strived to keep

the original long and sleek proportions. (it's easy to build this loco too high and short = out of proportions).

Note the 1/2 plate (1,6mm) offset of the "dark grey grill sides", same as the original loco has.....also

special attention has been given to the roof and the snot:ed front parts, to make them look like the orignal.

But, of course, I have to compromize a lot, due to my obsession to only do MOC:s in 6-wide....

There are totally four wagons as:

A tan flatbed 6x28studs, with two SUV:s.

A brown classic open freight wagon, 6x18studs.

A container wagon 6x28, with two white "DB-Schenker" branded containers each 6x14studs.

A brown classic boxcar, 6x18studs.

And as a bonus. I also designed a special orange forklift using the new orange doors and a black cab

from power miners.

So, that concluded my SNCF freight train entry......enjoy.....


A few more 640 x 480 pictures can be found here:

Visit My Website

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Great model very nicely done! Very realistic and instantly recognisable. I really like your white container too.

Brings back some fond memories of France for me too!



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Same here :thumbup:

Very realistic train, nicely build. Also the white container is a very nice one. Good job

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Wow. For a little while there I was thinking I was looking at a new Märklin start-pack; which is obviously not the case.

Very nicely detailed train, Selander, and when one takes into consideration the restrictiveness of building six-wide, it looks absolutely fantastic.

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That's an awesome entry, Selander! :oh:

I really :wub: it!

The engine and the waggons look very realsitic!

Imo the blue and black cars and the engine should include doors. But otherwise it's perfect!

The most I like the engine itself and the DB container waggon.

If you included more accessory, some doors to the cars and the engine and some more minifigs this could well be an official Lego set which I really would like!

Very, very well done! :thumbup: :thumbup:


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Thanks for voting on my SNCF freight train set !!

I am equally surprised and happy for my third place when seeing all brilliant creations in the competition.

Also all credits to the suberb winning creation by BMW :thumbup:

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