Review on retired set 4504 Millennium Falcon.

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I got this set quite a while ago and had never done a review on it. So here goes.

The falcon was released before the numbered bag system was put into place so building it took me over 4 hours, most of which was spent trying to find pieces as most are small. The base is the most interesting part of it as when you start to build it, it doesn't seem like much, but it ends up being very strong. The use of click hinges are used well in the set to create the "round" shape at the rear and front. Due to size limitations there are no hidden smuggling compartments. Also due to the fact that the landing gear is detachable there is no underside cannon.

Build 10/10 the falcon comes together easily and nicely. No getting confused with colors on this set in the manual.

Price per parts 10/10 at the time I purchased it for $150 from toyworld. I think it was the only one they had left and were just trying to get rid of it as it had been marked down a few times. It's just shy of 1000 pieces which as I said is mostly small parts.

Likeness to the real deal, 8/10 as the cargo mandibles are severly undersized compared with the rest of the ship, but everything is spot on.

By far my most favourite set/ship to date. Lego really out did themselves with this bad boy. The master builders/designers at lego made sure that they got it right. There was another falcon made before the 4504 but it was horrendous.

Not sure if you can order it via lego's site as it is now retired. You might get lucky on ebay.

For the obvious reasons it is far smaller than the UCS one, however as a result of this, it is far easier to pick up.

First off just some cross ref pics with wookiepedia and my happy snaps.

Wookiepedia info, including some history on the ship.

Top shot of mine


Opened up


Now as you can see on the opened shot there, there appears to be something on the right under the mid beam......Its an escape module. The outer hatch opens up and it comes out. Perfect way to get rid of a pesky protocol droid.

Boarding ramp in the up position


Boarding ramp lowered


Topside shot with parts removed to show the ramp in the up position


When you pull on the boarding hatch to the left the ramp lowers.


The other boarding hatch.


Oh what's this?


Oh it's the escape pod.


Topside shot with parts removed to show where the pod sits


And with the pod removed.


Topside shot of the falcon showing everything as a reference


Another topside shot with the ramp down and the pod removed.


Rear shot of the falcon showing off the engines and minor detail


Side comparison shot with the escape pod in the foreground.


The escape pod itself opened up. The top is on the right.


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Thank you for the great review. It's making me want to not sell mine. You seemed to cover the set well and the pictures are a good quality. You might want to try some box, instructions and figure pictures next time. Overall its a very good job though. :thumbup:

p.s. The 7190 Millenium Falcon was pretty good its a classic. :classic:

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Nice review. :thumbup:

I am doing a review on this one too, but got beaten to it by you.

Anyways, now I have to top this... that's challenging.

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