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Review: 7259 ARC-170 Starfighter

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Lego 7259 ARC-170 Starfighter

by Lego Builder

Theme: Star Wars, EpIII

Released: 2005

Pieces: 369

Price: £40

Minifigs: 4

Welcome to my first review. Today I am reviewing the Arc 170 Starfighter.


To start, Unfortunately the box and instructions are long gone so I am using images of Peeron. The box is an average size with the usual Darth Vader Mask in the corner.


Sticker Sheet

Fortunately no sticker sheet in sight.

Pieces of Interest

There are some rare printed pieces:



Thank You TLC for including 3 clone pilots which is the first set they are featured in the only other being the V-Wing. Also included is an astromech droid which is included in only a few other sets including the original B-Wing. The pilots also have back printing!!!


Also a place to place the droid:


Play Features

One of the best play features in this set are the wings which can go up and down just like the X-wing.



There is also a nice cannon on the back which swivels so you can blast those droids apart.

And a shoot that can drop bombs to the battlefield!!


The build is excellent and not a lot of repeats. Also the ship including the wings are very strong having never broken on me even under pressure.

Final Verdict

Design: 8/10 This set is well designed but could have been better.

Build: 9/10 Good as I said earlier but some things were repetitive.

Playability: 7/10 Great playability.

Minifigs: 9/10 Would be 10 if they had forgotten about one the clone pilots and added oddball. Droid good.

Parts: 7/10 Good selection of parts. No seriously rare but good printed pieces.

Price: 9/10 really really cheap for a set this size and quantity.

Overall: 10/10 A must have sets for any collector. Greta detail and great features. Good minifigures and nice colours. Nothing bad.

by Lego Builder

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Thank you for a good review Lego Builder. You can tell there was a lot of work and thought put into this one. :classic:

The set itself is pretty good. I'm not a fan of the elastic bands (tend to stretch out) but the printed pieces make up for that. The wings and bomb functions on the ARC-170 make the ship really stand out.

Thank you for sharing :classic:

Edited by Rocky

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Thank you for the great review. I was thinking of doing a review of a set in a few days and this one would have been my choice. :classic:

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I missed out on this set in 2005, and I even remember that I looked for it with intent. I always enjoy reading reviews about sets I don't have as some sort of compensation... Hopefully next year the Clone Wars version wil be as good or better, but I can already expect fewer minifigs and a less reasonable price...

Great review, I appreciate it!

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Nice first time review. Just a couple of friendly suggestions. You should make sure your pictures are high quality and can be posted a bit bigger so that they are easier to see. Try ones that are a bit less grainy. Also, a few more pictures would be great. I like how you broke down your score.

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Good review, but I wouldn't mind seeing a few more pictures. The cockpit interiors, the turning mechanism and the bomb dropping mechanism in particular.

I wonder how similar in structure the clone wars ARC-170 is going to be...

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Thanks for the good review. This is a nice set despite some of its shortcomings. Will be interesting to compare it to the new one ... assuming the rumours are correct.

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