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Rolling Stock Undercarriages

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As I was looking through a number of Lego train instruction scans, trying to create my own 12V train MOCs, I noticed a number of different undercarriage designs. It got me thinking, sharing some of these might make good building tips for aspiring train builders.

For lack of a better name, the undercarriage is that section between the two wheel sections of a train. For those of you who have a better name for this, please share.

I picked a useful design from three different train eras (12V, 9V, and RC) and have pictured below.

The first image shows a nice basic, yet elaborate design used for the boxcar in 12V set 7735 Cargo Train; and a more simpler, yet sturdy design used in 9V Classic Train 3225:


The third illustration shows a simple, yet effective use of side tiles used for many of the wagons in 7898 RC Cargo Train. I like this design which is clean and affords the opportunity to add decals.


These are three simple, yet useful designs when creating your own rolling stock undercarriages.

If you have one you'd like to share, or find yourself using often, please share here.

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