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112th Leviathan

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The Leviathan was a custom-built tank used by the 112th commanders. The one of a kind tank's is armed only with a military-grade gatling gun, but uses its thick plate body and grated plow to clear most anything out of it's path. It has a observation deck, protected by a thick hatch which is usualy usualy ocupied by 112th clone commander Wrecks. It is powered by four large ion driven thrusters and can reach speeds up to 150 km/h. The interior is baren to provide space for troops or cargo, and has seats for the pilot and co-pilot.







The leviathan carries at least four Heavy Class troops when in combat.


More pictures in my photstream.

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Yet another amazing MOC, cole :wub::cry_happy:

As usuall you have the SNOT technique down perfectly :wub: and the shape is excellent!!

looking forward to seeing more from you :sweet:


P.S. the trooper is very cool btw :wub:

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