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Toa Velox

Tahu in the Rain

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-Author's Note-

This was inspired by Brave Dragon's Caught in a Dream painting, located in this topic. Looking at that picture before reading this really helps with the mood.

I wrote this for BZPower a while ago -- thought I might as well post it here, too [everything is just copied and pasted from the BZP topic].


.....The sky flashed bright white, revealing a scarlet-clad Toa. He crouched atop the wall of a crudely-built stone fortress, looking out onto the valley below. The rain poured down upon his body, feeling as if it was burning right through his armor. The hero looked up toward the sky, ignoring the rain drops falling into his eyes, piercing them like poison. It stung, but he endured, and watched the dark clouds moving gracefully across the sky, occasionally glimpsing the white-hued moon, trying to shine its way through the blockade of darkness.

.....The Toa cursed under his breath, wishing to be able to use his element of fire to keep the water off him. But he knew he couldn't. He had to endure. He must not show away his position. And so he looked longingly up at the moon, hoping the rain would stop. But he knew it wouldn't. It never did. Instead, even more globules of water effused from the charcoal ceiling. He finally looked down from the sky, and, closing his eyes, psychologically prepared himself for the battle to come.

.....He sighed, opening his eyes to see nothing but darkness upon the valley below. The rain poured down even harder than before. As it beat against his scarlet-colored armor, it felt as if the small driblets of water were ripping through his armor. He wanted to shout in anger. He wanted to do anything to make the water go away, but knew he couldn't. He knew that even if he tried to slightly warm his body in hope of evaporating the stinging water, he wouldn't be able to control it, and would try to extinguish all moisture around him. So he had to stand there, silently watching and waiting for the enemy.

.....He kept looking out upon the valley, trying to ignore the wet drizzle of water pounding against his armor. The look on his face would make even the most evil of beings look at him with pity. It was pitiful to see a being of fire so unable to do anything against his worst enemy. It was as if a Makuta was put into a room of light, not able to close its eyes, and not able to escape.

.....And yet, there was a look of determination in his pink-tinted eyes. A look of courage. A look of a hero. For that is what he was, and that is what he would be to his friends now. He would not betray them by giving away their position, so he would ignore the searing pain. He would do all that was necessary.

.....Another flash of lightning came, revealing the valley below him full of Dark Hunters slowly advancing toward the insignificant fortress that had been set up. The Matoran had been hidden underground, and the Toa then built a fortress over the Matoran's shelter in hope of defending them. But they knew what little chance they had. Even with a seventh Toa

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