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Cargo Train Fun

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It's a busy day in Traintown. Steam engines are pulling passengers around in luxury wagons, as cargo trains are being filled with goods and supplies for the good citizens to enjoy. A classic 12V DB Blue Shunter Engine pulls a retired steam loco to the train yard. A fuel wagon and hand car passes by on its way to the train engine shed. Yes, the proud engines of Traintown are a productive resource that the town could not do without.

What are your Cargo Train rail wagons doing to support your town?

Share an image or two of one of your train wagons busy at work.


I'll start by sharing an image of my Cargo Train Deluxe crane wagon helping perform the needed construction on Cafe Corner (as an example):


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This is a bit of a new exercise for me as I don't own any cargo trains. So I built a quick flatbed and loaded some cargo onto it (inspired by TheBrickster's Flatbed Cargo thread) and set it up in a small scene. Sorry I couldn't get better light, but I can't go outside as the weather isn't all that great.

Anyway, here I present to you my flatbed pulled by a WIP Pacific National NR-Class locomotive:

Enjoy. :classic:

P.S. Good thread idea TheBrickster. Thanks. :thumbup:

EDIT: Haha, I just realised my foot is also in the photo. :tongue:

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Good idea :thumbup:

But a bit difficult because I had to search old photo's .... and it seemed that I cannot find the one with the real action.

However, I did find this one, where the cargo train is testing the upgoing track. If you look wel, then you can see that the train shed is waiting for the track to finish and drop the car on the cargo wagon :wink:


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