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MOC: Office Block

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indexed.gif B-OV-13B

This is my version of an office block, the design is based on set 7035 and it comes complete with floodlight, solar panel (eco freindly building) and barrier in main reception as well as a gate to the car park at the rear


main building, solar panel is just out of view


top down view and you can see the helipad on the roof and the floodlight


rear of the building


main office


board room/games room/ more offices (undecided)


main reception complete with barrier


rear of gate to car park

please tell me what you think

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Good start, I am kind of wondering what kind of office block it will be. But it has great potential.

I like the idea of the carpark, I would say add it to the back :wink:

Some stairs are also nice, and please give that guy a chair :classic:

But it gives me some great ideas for all kind of offices that I can put into this one

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